What to do when you’ve got a lot of chef knives? Compare them, of course. My personal opinion on a bunch of blades in varying budget categories, and as much fun as I had making these videos, I still recommend you hold the knife yourself before you buy one.

Mercer Renaissance:
Dalstrong Knives:
Sternsteiger Achilles:
Victorinox Fibrox Pro:
Suisin: (Amazon) (Korin)
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Narendra Singh Chouhan says:

PLEASE. MYmo no 9414103132 India.

Itcanbegreat says:

I want the gladiator
Or the kiritsuki good review how did you get into getting free stuff I love chef tools. I also have a channel called the Chemtrail Chef. But awesome work.

franzb69 says:

include lefty friendly knives

Ashish Zachariah says:

Someone should make a diamond knife. Hardness level 7 million

Russ Redman says:

Dude good info well presented.
Zoom is too much.
Your face in my face is a turn off.
It’s too intense and I want leave your channel.
Consider backing the camera off…
Thanks for your reviews.

Daniel Ball says:

Do the custom knife!

dillbill2A says:

The Mercer knife is the culinary school student starter pack? My culinary school gave us a full set of Wusthof classics for $150 tacked onto our tuition.

Toby Cortina says:

I’ll like the victorinox

Zachery Koerper says:

Sous chef here from compass group I went through Henckels from victorianox, to Mercer to dalstrong and dalstrong shogun series has been great for me

Rodney Brown says:

I’m Interested in any free knife I can get, because I am just starting, but it does look attractive!

mad thumbs says:

First review of Dalstrong that I’ve seen the balance, and wavy blade issues addressed. The Shogun 8″ chefs knife I almost bought but couldn’t get over the German profile on a hard steel narrow edge angle knife. If people want good cheap Japanese knives; I’d recommend Tojiro DP (except the Sujihiki). -No frills, poor F&F (that can be fixed) and great blades!

bomaite1 says:

Give me the Achilles, please. It looks really cool and I know the Germans generally make good stuff.

Steve Stevie says:

damascus knives are really attractive.. I just wanna mention that I really really love your honest reviews like totally .. also just can`t help but wanna mention that your voice cracked a lot of times ……

Seth Chick says:

Where did you get that magnetic leather scabbard? I’ve been looking all over for one for my own kit but to no avail.

Ossamakilla says:

Dalstrong for the win!

Eddie Y says:

Would love to hear your two cents on the Yaxell Dragon Fire Chef Knife with BD1N steel!

joe tiller says:

I would take any of them, I like the vivtoronox

WithMyAcoustic says:

Mercer Renaissance or Victorinox Fibrox???

Joao Pedro Akermann Vieira says:


Andrew Bae says:

I want the gladiator knife

George Stobbart says:

Get on with it bro

mike smith says:

Last yr there was a rosewood set for 60 that I sanded and polished to a great looking set it was at Walmart and like Paula Deen or something

steven moreno says:

You should try out sabol Brothers custom kitchen knifes

mepicaeltrasero says:

Where can I get a leather saya like thatcher?

Solor Flare says:

I just want a good knife lol

Steve Stevie says:

damascus knives are really attractive.. I just wanna mention that I really love your honest reviews like totally.. also just can`t help but wanna mention that your voice cracked a lot of times

Bryan Liang says:

Thought you were advertising AliExpress, but checked the info and you’re not! Thanks for the tip to check the site out

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