Equipment Review: Best Carbon-Steel Chef’s Knives & Our Testing Winner

Best carbon-steel knife:
Best stainless-steel knife:

Full review and results chart:

Carbon-steel enthusiasts have long considered these knives sharper and more durable than stainless. But do they really perform better—and are they worth the upkeep?

We tested 8 carbon-steel knives to find the best one:
Bob Kramer 8″ Carbon Steel Chef’s Knife by Zwilling J.A. Henckels
Tsukiji Masamoto Gyuto, 8 1/4″
Togiharu Virgin Carbon Steel Gyutou, 8.2″
Misono Swedish Carbon Steel Gyutou, 8.2″
Masamoto Sohonten Virgin Carbon Steel Gyutou, 8.2″
Messermeister Park Plaza Carbon 8 Inch Chef’s Knife
R. Murphy Chef’s Select 8 Inch Carbon Steel Chef’s Knife
Sabatier Mexeur et Cie 8″ Chef

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Voqlo P says:

I would like to see a review of the Sabatier knives. Because these are french heritage knives. The name Sabatier is thrown around by many French manufacturers but the one with seemingly the most trusted was K Sabatier. This might justify why the Sabatier in the video was not up to par.

garrity5 says:

beautiful cake analogy!

Huadong Feng says:

I like how she at the end compared the victorinox with the $300 knife. Not getting a carbon steel it is.

Kyle Kelly says:

The Japanese make amazing knives out of Cobalt alloy. They are the best one can choice. imo

BenRangel says:

“Some chefs even wipe the blade between each cut”
Sounds like an insanely inefficient way of cooking. Is this true?

Grizzly123_ says:

its also ease of sharpening

Infin1ty says:

I actually have the opposite problem with my Victorinox knife. While I absolutely love it, compared to my Kohetsu AS knife, the edge just doesn’t hold up and I find myself having to do a sharpening on the Victorinox way more often. That said, you can’t beat the price and that thing is a major work horse.

Aaron James says:

I have a Tojiro with a sandwiched 2 type of steel blade, a high cobalt edge. I thought i saw some Tojiro there, but they did not have the 3 layered steel.. also, typically the knives are sharpened to about 20degrees from factory to keep and edge, 15 to 10 is tight and loses its edge quicker….despite feeling sharper.

Benjamin Mcfadden says:

It wasn’t mentioned one of carbons steels greatest strengths, sharpen-ability.

Gillenz Fluff says:

I have been using the same Sabatier knife for 20 year’s it stays razor sharp for months, but if the woman uses it then it’s blunt in 1 chopping session!

Peter XYZ says:

One can buy stainless with Rockwell 62+ rating.

Martin Netušil says:

carbon steel KRAMER only avalaible in MURICA 🙁 can’t find any store shipping it to europe 🙁

Rokmononov says:

I’m an engineer and I was blown away by the accuracy and conciseness of this review. A chef talking about SEMs? Magic.

David Mihai Chira says:

This channel is amazing 🙂

knife sharpening norway says:

you should test the takamura r2 migaki chef knife love it cuts better than anything else

R. Fair says:

Have you tried Cutco?

Nick B says:

Great review, thanks!

CSGraves says:

Surprised the Victorinox’s edge lasting as long as it did… they must use a harder heat treat for their kitchen knives than on their notoriously soft Swiss Army Knife blades.
Anyone looking to get into knives… learn to sharpen, and you can make even the cheaper blades perform well, and compensate for steels with lower edge retention through maintenance.

G5 says:

Doesn’t a “nice smooth” handle mean it’s slippery? Or are you one of those rare chefs whose hands are always dry while prepping?

kwyjibofusion says:

what about home sharpening when the knife is slightly blunted. ie. cutting on glass. Can stainless be sharpened at home with stone?

cityandcolourftw says:

your best buy option is a masamoto…

Bathy Gao says:

That is a masamoto knife…. how can I trust your review if you mix them up…..

Peter Camper says:

One of the best layman’s explanations of steel I’ve seen.


djmocok says:

Togiharu my ass.

GabrielKnightz says:

You guys should do a video on Ceramic Knives.

Dominique Vidrine says:

I love my 32 piece knife set from big lots for $13.00 Its carbon steel and cuts great, I ani’t gonna spent $300 for 1 knife.

Bon Jovi says:

That was an awesome, straight up assessment. Loved it.

lyngsdk says:

No sound…

nabilags says:

you guys really don’t play around do you? the level of your experiment method is excellent! loove iit!!

Timothy Dingman says:

Since I graduated from my super cheap Chicago high Carbon, I have taken to the Victoronox. I intend to will them to my Grand children

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