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Some knife blocks just can’t cut it. Here, we pare it down to the essentials.

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Radu Savutiu says:

Where in the world does a set of knives cost 400$…..come on….

D Vid says:

Why, in all of your clips, a brand is always present?

nmb247 says:

Ya cutco is pretty sweet but for chefs not as much . They need to be able to sharpen them all the time. . . Double d edge is super duper ! & ya the shears can de testical many buffalo’s very quickly!

Pete Zereeah says:

That woman behind her left shoulder @3:26 is hot!

amoralis123 says:

The function of a knife needs two aspects: Material it is made of and sharpness. Of course, other attributes do provide ease and precision. The weight and balance of European Knives (France) is far superior than the Japanese. I have tried Japanese knives. They are like Japanese Cars, Toyota, reliable, functional and less expensive to maintain. Whereas Rolls Royce, MB, BMW or Volvo are miles ahead. I am not anti Japanese, I just prefer European Cars and European Knives.

Scott's 100 lb Vlog says:

How about an under $100 set. Yes this would be tedious and difficult but there should be something for the newlyweds out there.

The SeeeTeee says:

Please tell me that they use the food for something after testing the knives on it.

Learner-Learns says:

Excellent video review with sage advice.

guguigugu says:

eight inches IS too short

dave12546 says:

that’s way too much money for an average house to spend on  knives, just a chef and a paring knife is what most homes use and then they only use then a couple times a day for a few minutes. 30 bucks . tops

iloldirl says:

Too bad you can’t see their alacarte set on their website without signing up.

hawaiidispenser says:

@Chilax Good question. At 4:30, it looks like the carving knife, chef’s knife and boning knife are all Victorinox. The serrated bread knife and paring knife are Wusthof.

What’s good to keep in mind is that their 7-piece a la carte set costs $309, but since even they say you only need 3 main knives, that should cut the price in half roughly.

Bellz says:

After looking around their site for way too long, I found the list:
Bodum Bistro Universal Knife Block
Victorinox Fibrox 8-inch Chef’s Knife
Wüsthof Classic 10-inch Bread Knife
Wüsthof Classic 3 1/2-inch Paring Knife
Victorinox Fibrox Granton Edge Slicing/Carving Knife
Victorinox Fibrox 6-inch Straight Boning Knife: Flexible
Shun Classic Kitchen Shears

foxybiroxy says:

What about Cutco Knives?

Michael Stoddard says:

Your links need updating. Thanks.

ch282 says:

you don’t even need a chef knife, just a paring knife. you can do everything with it, except slicing bread. if i was only allowed to have one knife, this would be it.

NoAH'ArK says:

chinese chef.use only one knife to do.all the work

Tiger Queen says:

I use my knife block set all the time. I only use the serrated knifes as those seem to cut the best.

daveheel says:

although i enjoy watching their reviews, if you bought all the equipment they recommended, you would spend a fortune–something the average household can’t afford for kitchen utensils, cookware, and equipment.

Dru Millerwise says:

A honing steel is an integral part of proper knife maintenance. Saying that the typical home cook is too ignorant to know how/why to use one doesn’t negate it’s necessity.

dannydebonis says:

OMG-why is this 60fps? No one wants that!

Robin Chen says:

what’s wrong with santoku knife? I use santoku knife almost exclusively, it’s sharp, and I actually prefer the 7-inch blade over the usual 8-inch chef knife

Faith Ellen says:

A big middle finger to the A-holes with the completely useless links that force you to sign up for a NOT FREE TRIAL of Cook’s illustrated when I just wanted more info to purchase the knives.

Dan Carpenter says:

I use my santoku knife more than I use any other knife in the kitchen, the only time I grab the chefs knife is when mincing herbs, and most of the time I will use the santoku for that as well. It basically comes down to personal preference, and that is what the block sets are for. They give the beginner a chance to get a variety of knives to see which one he, or she prefers. My choice is a good bread knife, a good santoku and a paring knife, I could totally live without a chefs knife. I have a friend who grabs his Chinese butcher knife (looks like a clever) first, and can cut uniform and faster than anyone I’ve ever seen. Best thing is to try out an assortment of knives, before buying anything.


this is great, give it to me free now, k bye thx

Paul Ryan says:

Another awesome review from the test kitchen! Thanks guys.

SuzyQ Florida says:

What do we suggest??? Well, I suggest you tie your hair back, while you are anywhere in the kitchen… Please stay away from the food, also!!!!

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