Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Kit | What You Need To Be A Better Chef

You don’t need to break the bank to make great food. Here, Gordon explains the core essentials of what you need in the kitchen, and what to look out for when making purchases such as kitchen knives, frying pans and many more.

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Fluffymiyster says:

Over time, my family has collected pretty much all of these things, but when my brother and I moved out together last year, we had to sort of start from scratch. You don’t know how much stuff you have until you no longer have it, lol. Also, we have a grater just like what was shown here but we alway reserved it for those rare times we wanted to grate cheese, lol. What a time saver had we considered it for other things like onions! Also, I need that peeler. We always get the cheap kind that inevitably hurts and indents my finger.

Joey Kits says:

Grind away. The more confidence it gives you when you’re pounding.

xdzik84x says:

and what when my fruit is a banana??

renogiza - says:

I’d rather have a japanese chopping knife with a solid stainless steel handle for the weight and a nice sharp fillet knife in addition to his adviced knives + sharpening rod

Anakin Sepherd says:

Sir how about marbel chopping board? It wont make dents by long use of knives and will be more stable cuz of its weight

Antony D'Andrea says:

These comments are making me laughing so much

Pablo Horteg says:


The Deamon says:

I love my wok, my cast iron pan, small sauce pan, cleaver, and your standard kitchen knife. That’s what I use the most.

SuperAwesome Cake says:

We asians only use kitchen knives…..for every thing even cutting cake

killer prime says:

How are you so smart when it comes to cooking

MatthewNJDavis says:

I also like to tape over the Salter label on my scales.

Eddie Barley says:

[Stand Master]: Gordon Ramsay
[Stand] Absolutely Essential Versatile

LaserPenguins says:

If its versatile it’ll do

Bone Doc says:

“Easy thing to have in the drawer, costs nothing and is so effective with Bacon. With these two things in the kit, you’ll definitely be on the road to Bacon like a pro”. Bacoooon!
I’m going shopping for them right away.

GDT - Y96 says:

He missed the olive oil. Versatile AF

shadowmech says:


Whatastic says:

The confidence you get when you’re pounding ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Gail Patrice Lockert Anthony says:

What’s the deal with all the “versatile” jokes? Don’t y’all get it? The point of this video is Gordon teaching that we don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a well-equipped kitchen. The more VERSATILE your equipment, the fewer pieces of equipment you’ll need to showcase your cooking skills. You DO know the MEANING of the word, right? LOL

wheresbicki says:

i don’t think all the kitchen items were spinning enough

Karen Yang says:

Gordan: you’ll only need all these kitchen utensils to make anything
Asians: yeah…..imma stick with my wok and chopsticks

Abu Meme Al Australi says:

Personally, no knife beats a cleaver

Zac Golus says:

This video is Essential because it is so Versatile!!

Derakel says:

Tools for the Kitchen have never sounded to badass before rofl

chailey norton says:

I love how jumpy and excited he is about cooking in all of his videos! Like a kid in a candy shop!!!

Fun Ghoul says:

thanks for making this video!
I’m about to move in with my boyfriend and rent out an apartment with flatmates pretty soon this year. Buying the essentials and not the flashy trinkets that says they do things but take up space is appreciated

Arren Pineda says:

“The heavier the more durable they are, the more confidence it gives you when you’re pounding”

Sex tips from Gordon Ramsay

devo andare says:

Does he have to pee or is on cocaine?

White Power says:

1. Olive oil.

François Caron says:

The only items I’m missing are the casserole dish and the roasting pan. I’ve had everything else for many years.

Jonathan Ierawan says:

What I hate about Ramsay is he’s rude to person but another can’t disturb Ramsay cause he is better

Jenzo Fly says:

The only question I have is for the wooden chopping board. The cuts from the knife is visible. From I’ve seen in most wooden chopping boards. I am a person who greatly values my kitchen stuff. I want it to look good and function great. Any tips on wooden boards? Reply from anyone would be appreciated. Also, why is it that most chef prefer wood than those plastic ones (I’m not sure if it should be called that way. Lol)

N. R. says:

These brilliant, easy, incredible, absolutely, conducting, versatile, “friends for life” are really essential…

Dan Kp says:

can I replace an iron cast casarole with a ceramic pot?

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