How to Buy Quality Kitchen Cutlery

Let Chef Tony teach you the important aspects to consider when selecting a quality set of kitchen cutlery and knives. A quality knife set is key to keeping your time spent in the kitchen efficient. Links to Cutlery Products below in the Show More section or Info Button in the video.

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Hi, I’m Chef Tony Matassa with, today we’re talking about some of the different things to consider and look for when purchasing a quality cutlery set.

The first thing to consider is what you might be using your cutlery set for. What types of food do you like to prepare, how many people do you like to entertain at one time, and how often you plan to use them.

With that in mind, you can decide if you are looking for just a basic all around set, which usually contains a chefs knife, paring knife, serrated bread knife, a carving knife, and generally a steel hone and a storage block; since their is no use to purchase quality cutlery if you don’t plan to maintain or properly store them.

Or, do you enjoy entertaining a good bit and would therefore prefer the ease and efficiency of having some of the other variations of knives designed to handle various chores.

Now that you’ve decided the type of cutlery set that best fits your needs, remember, a quality set is a good investment into saving money and years of kitchen headaches. Begin searching with a budget in mind, and buy the best quality set within your budget.

So, you’ve decided what types of knives you want and how much you’d like to spend; but how do you know which knives meet your quality standards. Well, here are some of the main things to look for.

Construction, what are the knives made of and how are they made.

Better cutlery is generally crafted of high carbon stain resistant steel and is usually forged not stamped. Forged knives a created by heating one solid piece of metal and hammering it into the shape of a knife, while stamped knives are cut out or stamped from a piece of metal then fitted into it’s handle; therefore, not considered one fluid piece of equipment.

Forged knives generally have the sharpest, longest lasting blades and always have a bolster, which provides weight, better balance, and more maneuverability. The bolster also adds safety to the handle of the knife.

Stamped knives generally cost less, but are usually thinner, lighter, and lack overall balance, because they require a firmer grip and more force for chopping. Stamped knives also usually require more frequent sharpening due to their thinness.

The last features of concern are on the back end of the knife. This area is the tang, which can be full or half; with full being ideal. And finally notice what material the handle is constructed of and how it is fastened. Molded or riveted handles are preferred for their better hygiene and sanitation qualities.

You may also want to consider the reputation of the manufacturer and their warranty.
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THE Justin Schmidt says:

buy custom and never look back!

Danvil says:

Japan makes the very best knives and their best knives are forged out of Hitachi carbon steel, like White #1,2 and Blue #2 and Aogami Super. However, you can’t use a steel of any kind to sharpen them. You must master freehand water stone sharpening or send your knives out to a professional to sharpen them. You will never look at a European knife, after using a good Japanese knife and I’m not talking about a Shun or a Global. 

KingCodeTV says:

Anyone ever check out Keramikos Ceramic Blades?

nuttynut242 says:

wusthof classic ikon is bolsterless yet he said it is

Exclusive Travel says:

Great viewing 🙂

AlittleSmokey says:

Has anyone tried the Schmidt Brothers?

dimmacommunication says:

whustof are a “bit” overpriced,but you can’t find a better knife maker in europe.
anyway the best knife steel type price/performance is the VG-10,and you can only find it in japanese knives.
I didn’t said it’s the best,but it’s not hard to sharpen and don’t cost a fortune.

Cooking Outdoors says:

Thanks for the great tips! Of course I now want to go buy new knives Grrrrr…

Fishhunter2014 says:

Both of my parents love to cook and I was thinking about getting them a high quality cutlery set for christmas this year. That being said, as a college student with limited funds I don’t want to go over $100. Can anyone think of a set that might fit?

Getting Healthy With Mary says:

Choosing the right knives for your personal needs won’t up your ante in the kitchen if you’re using sub-par equipment. I’m not a professional chef but swear by WUSTHOF, a German brand that uses the best of Western and Japanese technology. I use their Classic line and these are seriously the best knives I’ve ever owned…professional quality handmade forged stainless steel with a laser-cut blade that maintains it’s edge and cuts through anything with ease. They’re a bit on the pricey side but will last a lifetime and are well worth the investment for anyone looking to improve their performance int he kitchen. You can see more about WUSTHOF here:
Or get more info here:

Videoscord says:

I think wusthof classic 3 piece knive set is best

Jeffry Elliot says:

Impressive knives! 😉

Ashish TiwariQuerevalú says:

Wonderchef Sabateir Trompette 5 Pc Knife Block Set I want to buy this set is really this knife is reliable and and good performance  because I want to buy but in my budget and specially which really value for money please help me and sugges me

A Serious Salamander says:

Hi Chef Tony Matassa 🙂

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