Knife Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Knives | Price Points | Epicurious

Epicurious challenges knife expert Geoff Feder to guess which knife is more expensive. Feder breaks down paring knives, chef knives, boning knives, and serrated knives. For each type, the connoisseur looks at and tests each knife before guessing which knife costs more. Once the prices are revealed, Feder explains why a specific knife costs more and dives into specifics on how each knife is made.

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Check out the Damascus Knife:

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Knife Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Knives | Price Points | Epicurious


mukkaar says:

Comparsions were just super obvious 😀 Almost fasepalmed when he said first one is little more expensive. It was quite obvious it lot more expensive.
I get its for educational and enterntaiment purposes though, so they probably want to drag out the answer.

TheOneInchPunch says:

Damascus knives are in my opinion a work of art especially if it is true Damascus and not wire Damascus

Uros Sretenovic says:

Also known as serial killer

A Elizabeth says:

thanks for the great video.. I learned a lot and appreciate his lack of snobbery as well as his respect for craftsmanship. Great series… keep it coming! I sure hope he gets a Damascus knife someday…. ,

Jeje90923 says:

This feel fake… Gordon Ramsay​ actually​ test the knife to see if its good

Neferati says:

Man this guy has a ton of warts on his hands.

Milliene Xu says:

Alcohol (esp wine)!! So many wine experts, let’s see if they actually know what they’re talking about lol

Toby Gleeson-Stack says:

That damascus knife is just what you need if your taking up human sacrifice.

Darkburrow says:

“Let’s put this obviously more expensive one next to this IKEA knife.” This was to easy

Javi Habi says:

I must be a knife expert too because i guessed all of those correctly lmfao

Ethan Hot says:

It took me a few minutes through the video to realize I was bored out of my mind

Lektuerekurs says:

I like watching these “Expert guesses cheap vs expensive” videos, there’s always something to learn! However though, I can only imagine a “Pen expert” and you would give him a 70cent pen vs a 1200$ fountain pen made of platinum, Ivory and rare rainforest wood served on a gold platter with diamonds to guess which one is the expensive one 😀

Tsanko Nedelchev says:

Was this video made for morons?

3LIT3PS3ER says:

Forget being an expert, you can be blind and tell the difference with these comparisons.

Mike S says:

Immediately recognizing the art of Maumasi.. man I’m a geek.

Kobe Sibley says:

This was fun to watch but anyone could figure out the cheaper knives just by looking at them

TFZ Gaming says:

That guy has carrot fingers

Ogreguy says:

Interesting that where the steel was from/forged wasn’t really mentioned (yes, he did mention the type of steel, but not it’s origin). That is usually a pretty easy way to tell if a blade is good quality or cheap. E.G. Japan/Germany = high quality, Pakistan = cheap.

Hugie W14 says:

Watch on 1.25x

Harry Bosse says:

He has a lot of cuts on his hands for a knife “expert”

Hussit Hussit says:

You know he is a knife expert by seeing his hands

heyJustephan says:

Damn his FingerNails… XD

X-Tech Gam!nG says:

Well that was challenging.

Kai Iverson says:

Drinking game. Every time he says a little bit more, take a shot.

Connor James says:

The comment section under this video is cancer.

Carboncluster says:

Lol the first knife had written “Made in Japan” on it. The guy didn’t even had to guess.

RockyWo says:

He is as much as a knife expert as I am.. I was absolutely right.. wohoooo.. gotcha

Click Sun says:

I can do his job

X-Tech Gam!nG says:

Knife Expert needs to talk to a Hand Washing Expert.

Lochnload says:

Watched the coffee expert – subscribed. Really good info and explanations. — Watched this ****. REALLY ??? — unsubscribed. I’m not a knife expert, but I know 10x more than this ****. Delete this rubbish, find a real expert and impart knowledge, then I will hit the bell as well.

Bergundii says:

his nails and tips of fingers are discusting

Dannyboyz says:

I am not an expert–not even close, and the answers to this were all very easy.

Alex Melillo says:

No taste test? Disappointed

mpatrick says:

He really should have tested the sharpness, ability to hold an edge, and quality & thinness of cuts. Something might look good but if it can’t cut it’s pointless.

Kryptnyt says:

This guy’s killed men

Andre Block says:

i coulda done this one

Kermit on weed says:

I swear there is an expert for everything

Anonymous Coward says:

Is this a joke i can tell in an instant i am no so called expert terrible video.

Paula Go says:

He was literally losing his mind at the last one :)))))))

No Restrictions says:

Those hands and nails though, completely a maker who use metals

Renatas Savickas says:

Too easy, and not very amusing, Wanted to see more challenging knife comparisons!

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