Knife Review : Cold Steel Kitchen Classic Set


colin shore says:

it is $140 on amazon

KnorpelDelux says:

The bst knives you can get actually have a handle made of two parts attached with rivets on the blades backpart. Of course you never really need one of those if you are not a pro chef and yours will do but it would be interesting to have one of those pro knives in comparison. I hope the tech stuff i wrote about the knife is understandable. Its kind of hard to write about such special things if you are not a native speaker.

ross2782 says:

This is a great set, I bought it a few years ago.. One tip I use, I put the knives in the block upside down, that way it doesn’t dull them as quick. Good job on the review.

Earl Yetman says:

BTW, great review and video!

infesting says:

A good steak can be tough. Its all about the flavor not the tenderness. There are many tough cuts of meat that when made correctly taste awesome

sigpro80 says:

It is made in China Japan or Taiwan?

Stephen Fry says:

Hehe… Boning.

jlunit416 says:

Dare I ask, are they machine washable?

kody says:

shut up simon

AkaiShizuku says:

09:24 I love getting into the tough spots when I’m boning. Looks like I need this knife set!

Zene says:

mothers day special. its 150 right now.

CutlassKnives says:

Protip, Store your knives in the block upside down, so that the blades never touch the wood.
They stay a lot sharper that way.

Lee C says:

Put the knives in the block upside down and it’ll make sure the blades stay sharp.

Be eS says:

once i move out and get my own place i want this set in my kitchen!

joe el che says:

i would have liked a cleaver in the set but its a all around good set

docoluv9 says:

Hey buddy was wondering if you have tried the no knead bread making yet?

docoluv9 says:

Jeff go look on amazon they are 122 believe it or not

epicturnip says:

Great tip! I never thought of that! 😀

tyler knight says:

why not use the bread knife

BobMaplethorppe says:

For that price, I’d go for henkel’s

M Johnson says:

This set doesn’t come with a steel does it? Just noticed that on the email they sent me today, that’s not too cool for a kitchen set imho.

UsdKings says:

i am a chef and i have just the cooks knife it is ok but recommend global knifes 

TBaker1964 says:

Wasn’t happy with all those serrations, I ended up with a nice set of Shun and never looked back….surgically sharp.

MrSnuggles91 says:

Funny that you mention shun, they are quite good knives, but way overpriced, when I first became a chef I got a couple of shun knives as a gift and let me tell you the blade retention on them is awful, I needed to sharpen them every week, nowadays I have handmade knives.

Dollar Menu says:

You take way too long to explain each one of the knives and you’re also extremely repetitive. You should redo your video.

truck2222 says:

ive had my 400 series for about a year and i couldnt be happier. i use my chef knife every day and its still sharp enough to kill a herd of zombies and then slice through a tomato

Caleb Hodson says:

These knives are awesome. I own a set of them and I love them. I first bought my set when I moved into my apartment last December and I haven’t even had to sharpen them. It’s like a razor blade on a stick. Seriously. Just don’t stick them in the dishwasher or they will rust.

tyler knight says:

why not use the bread knife

kalinux says:

If your insert the knives into the block with the cutting side up, they won’t dull when you take them in and out.

myotheraccountlol says:



Earl Yetman says:

Those look like a really nice deal! I recently bought a set of Wusthof Gourmet series for my girlfriend and I sharpened them right out of the box as they did not seem sharp enough to me. I own a set of Zwilling Pro S knives and they are very solid and sharp but rather pricey! IMO the average home cook should stick with good German or American steel as it is easier to maintain. A good set of knives is going to cost between $175.00-$600.00+. Never put them in the dishwasher nor the sink!

MrRickx50 says:

are the steak knifes rived? does the tang of the blade go to the end of the handle?

sae1095hc says:

You’ve used these for a while now, how do these 4116 Kitchen Classics compare to the VG-1 K5 knife?

jordan111740 says:

you were two years faster than me to say it :3

M Johnson says:

151.99 this year

truck2222 says:


rammsteinlad says:

Hey Jeff, don’t know if this is of any use but i always found my family’s set of knives going blunt in the wooden block , so to avoid the edge being ruined i’d always put them edge up running the spine along the bottom of the cut out for the blade so the knife retains its edge and doesn’t fold over like mine did but that might happen because of the higher grade steels cold steel uses, either that or get hold of a magnetic strip to go on the wall , looks cool and is the best way to store ’em!

Janred says:

Boning any kind of meat? 
Dirty you… 😉

azhar414 says:

hahahaha… i laughed my a** off as soon as u said “when you are boning”

James Dawson says:

are these knives full tang?

zach31992 says:

“cause when your really using this hard, and your really getting in there in to the tough spots when your boneing”

utuubee says:

you use it really hard when you are boning

Spuheare says:

Plain edge on French bread=rage

Je P says:

where are they made?

brownbear696969 says:

You said what, “have you a lot”

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