Miyabi Knives – Sharpest Knives in the World – Japanese Knife

Miyabi knives – Sharpest knives in the world japanese knife
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In this video Sushi Chef: Davy Devaux shows you which knives he prefers to use when making sushi, his recommended Japanese knife for cutting sushi rolls is any Miyabi Knife, he considers Miyabi to make the best and sharpest knives in the world. In this video he explains the difference between various different knife types within the Miyabi collection:
Best knife to worst knife (davys opinion):
– Miyabi 7000MCD
– Miyabi 5000MCD
– Miyabi 7000D
– Miaybi 600S
Do consider when I say worst knife it absolutely does not mean that its bad, miyabi knives are still way harder knives then the competition.
He also shows just how extremely sharp the Miyabi knives are by cutting though sponges, paper and last but not least tomato’s.
Miyabi knives are basically the sharpest knives in the world, but at some point you will need to re-sharpen the knives again after using them allot, when that time comes please take a look at this video which shows you how to sharpen knives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTKV5-ZSWcE
Also here is the link to get your own miyabi knife:

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Produced by http://makesushi.org Chef: Davy Devaux


Dan Downey says:

Be VERY careful with a 67 Rockwell knife. It is a high carbon steel blade and will be very brittle. Even with Damascus, the edge will chip.

Deckie Deckie says:

How expensive is very expensive?

peace tranquility says:

when i was your age in my cooking career and someone gave me $1000- worth of Chefs knives i would have hocked them for ecstacy and pussy. i still have my rosewood victoriknox that i stole 25 years ago as an apprentice.

william skinner says:

If you must cut up sponges, be very careful to keep the knife edge away from the green scotchbrite as it is impregnated with abrasive and will quickly kill your knife! Steel hardened to the low sixties Rockwell is very hard, but nothing like as hard as the aluminium oxide abrasive in the scotchbrite

Headless horseless Horseman says:

Using very expensive knives that are “very sharp” on paper… how to ruin the sharpness

Marnisha Jackson says:

Is this the 9 inch?

Vicente gil says:

This guy seems like an incredible douchebag. Like the kind of guy who’d try to find a date at a family funeral

SoShallClimbHer 2016 says:

Ideal for sharing our McChickenshit

ExBroSeeYou says:

Bought 3 Miyabi knives today ^^

bakdrft2009 says:

Asinine title! Period! A knife is metal. Metal is metal. Oh wait this is special jap metal! Yes plz forgive me

Markyboy No1 says:

The most dreary, miserable, depressing salesman i’ve ever seen.

Mr. Jones says:

paper, paper, paper, artery.

SharaFudin x27 says:

Ginsu gold is sharper that thing can cut a hammer , nail , other knives, solid bone, and still never need sharpening. And its only $29.99 Usd.

momorius says:

you can sharpen every knife to the same sharpness its about how long the edge will hold……
And higher in Rc doesn t equiels to stronger

KoldLokk says:

you know Vince like his tomatoes paper thin.
-johnny drama

08rosyid says:

the strongest knife

Gougoulina 20 says:

Good presentation
thank you for sharing

Random Tube says:

Why can’t I find the Miyabi 7000 MCD series online for sale? Trying to find the whole set and see how much they are in US dollars.

Ibrar Hussain says:

Exelant video can u buy theese knifes from nisbets stores

righyan says:

i can sharpen a cheaper knife to be as sharp as those

Zaheer O'Brien says:

the tomato test at 7:04 would have me sold all the time!

Cynical Machine says:

5 minutes in… He likes to “handle the wood” buhahahahaha

Yes, I have the mind of a 5 year old.

Bandit Darville says:

Satisfying bit at 6:52.

Steve W says:

there is nothing more stupid than expensive knives, they are simply not necessary

Andrew Behl says:

What is the hardest on the scale

Archetype00 says:

I want these just cause they look cool. I hardly even cook but goddamn these are sweet.

Jimson says:

Please oh please don’t manhandle your knives by cutting fricking paper and dishwashing spunges…good lord man. I don’t care if you can resharpen them, theres no reason to dull your knife on purpose…….thumbs down from me.

Alvin Lee says:

lol fuck this shill video. You dulled the shun knife before hand

Ethan Dennis says:

First time knowing knives have names

theNecksLevel says:

Yo where’d you get that magnetic knife block?

mirza ahmed says:

How about a give away

Thomas Gx says:

great hand skills, bravo

Unkn0wN says:

Now I can swiftly chop my finger with ease

Daisy Ngo says:

Miracle blade never dulls lol

raka 999 says:

miyabi stands for maria ozawa

Edgyjeans says:

You mean hard on the outside soft on the inside…. get it right before making a complete ass out of yourself how about.. blacksmiths would be the biggest idiots if they made it the other way around. ” Hey heres a blade that loses its edge in three slices. Its a Ferrari.” No…. Get it right if your creating a review

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