My Top 5 Best Performing Knives

Here are my current 5 favorite top picks of all the knives I have used. All of these knives are razor sharp, and have great profiles that make cooking easy and fun.

Top Picks
Burrfection Gear

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Val P says:

What are the other knives that compare to this Kramer? I want a 6 inch chefs knife and am torn between the Dalstrong 6 inch, The Kramer 6 inch and the Shun Classic 6 inch. I have small hands and the 8 inch Shun and the 10 inch Shun I have are just too big. Also what do you think of the LamsonSharp 6 inch?  I have a 8 inch old, 50 years old or so, German chefs knife I love also. Just really want a 6 inch everything knife.  Oh I am more of a push chopper than a pull slicer. Thank you so much for your time and effort!

Joseph PrzNCE says:

Great video, thank you.

Jack Moler says:

Have you ever, or would you, consider doing a review of pairing knives. All the different brands?

Krzysiek9933 says:

1:14 did you mean herbs?

traaaab says:

I would really like to try the Enso knives.
Does anyone have an advice on how to get these in europe?

Neil oppa says:

Can you give examples of when you use a utility knife over a pairing knife?

jack p says:

What are the companies that do a Kramer replica?

Shoba says:

First off great video. Im really liking that Enso, I prep lots of veggies for soups and think this would be great for such work. I need a knife for Trimming Lamb and cutting through joints and butterflying chicken breasts… any suggestions? Thanks!

Patrick Proctor says:

How’s the Victorinox Fibrox chef knife? I have one as a spare when I screw up my cheap Zwilling Pure, and it does seem to be razor sharp out of the box. It’s a bit light and odd in the hand, but I realise that makes it a great prep cook’s knife.

bradman Swag says:

I know its not as durable but i love the feel of wood with an oil finish and thats what the kramer looks like it might have. I think that after cleaning i would wipe with a thin layer of olive oil.

Stan Bode says:

You should do a video on how to force a patina on a carbon steel knife

MaZEEZaM says:

Personally I don’t like the design of the Kramer. The design is very individual.

Dawn Phillips says:

I’ve watched video after video now… and I’m getting frustrated with your lack of commitment to a graduation of stones. I’m hanging on the edge of a purchase. JUST SAY SOMETHING DEFINITE! This or that. You say this is about the 50 dollar range. For WHAT! You make these long drawn out videos and I watch them for your vaselating opinions. Then you have links for one stone. I would like to have the info for the progression of stones for a total cost so I can make a purchase. DONE! In your favor might I remind you. I can’t imagine how many other people have felt the same. You could take a look at Diresta’s Make videos a hint on your videos. Sorry if this seems harsh, but I’m wanting to help you by purchasing through your video information.

J M says:

Can you do a video comparing all 3 of the Kramer’s. The carbon, stainless and Damascus. I really want to get one and your opinion would help a bunch

Quran Lover says:

Are Sabatier any good?

Michael Reed says:

Waiting for the new videos about the new sharpening stones and plates is so difficult. Patience is not my forte.

V Phan says:

Do they still make the Dragon knife or do they have a newer model?

Scott Allen says:

Is that the 8″ or the 10″ Kramer?

Chenyang Hong says:

Can you make videos about japanese handmade knives ? They are far better

Fleshbotify says:

Seeing the chip on the heel of the Enso at 3:28 knifes makes me wanna sharpen it..

Alex S says:

Do you think that a MIYABI 5000MCD black (usues cryodur steel)will show patina after use? Would it be better to go with the Birch Miyabi that uses Microcarbide steel? Or maybe those knife does not develop any patina at all?

hb song says:

how does Shogun X compare to Kai Shun Premier Cook’s Knife 20cm?

MaZEEZaM says:

My mum put my good knife in the dishwasher a couple of times :*( dulled the handle colour.

DaigenHyorinmaru says:

Have you ever reviewed/used any of the chef’s knives made by J. neilson?

Edwin Nah says:

What is your opinion on the Miyabi Kaizen II knives? I have the chef knife at home, so I want to know what your thoughts are about it.

Tulu Ko says:

Pls swnd me a knife!!!!!pls!!!!!!

Oh Asis says:

Very informative, thanks.

Deadshotchef says:

My boss is always putting his Japanese knives in the industrial dish washer ON PURPOSE, ALL THE TIME!. To no surprise, it has a massive chip, and is a rusty city.

James Fraley says:

Fill-A knife…not fill-it.

Joe Macch says:

Great videos very informative. New subscriber to the channel. Are the ceramic chefs knives like Kyocera worth it. Supposedly less reactive with food.ill be getting that Dragon knife. Gotta have it.

Pailox says:

should i get a global g2 (80€) , wusthof ikon classic (80€) or a zwilling pro (60€)?
i want to have a sharp knife that can last me for several years, since it would be my 1st knife i dont really know what kind of handle or knife weight i want, so my main points are sharpness and reliability (i dont cut bones or super hard things like pumpkins)

Fabian Law says:

Nexus is making a fusion knife like the dragon.  check amazon.

Deadshotchef says:

You have a dalstrong on your list, umm no, no no no no, what are you thinking. PAID ADD.

Oscar Hidalgo says:

I need you help about my sushi knife

Adam Maultasch says:

How do you feel about the Zelite infinity knives on amazon. Almost has a zwilling Kramer look. Have you used them at all?

Burrfection says:

Here is a updated video with CLOSE UPS!

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