Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain – Episode Four: Bob Kramer

Anthony Bourdain & The Balvenie head to Olympia, Washington to see firsthand how master bladesmith, Bob Kramer crafts the perfect kitchen knife from melted meteorite. Kramer is one of only one hundred twenty-two certified master bladesmiths in the U.S. and the only one who specializes in forging the word’s finest kitchen knives. Episode directed by filmmaker Rob Meyer.

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bgm1911 says:

I’m jealous….a kitchen in a workshop.

G5 says:

If someone stabbed me to death with that knife, I’d remember it for the rest of my life.

deathead 666 says:

Is he following the japanese style of katana making

ChowYunFatty says:

I have two from his Zwilling Carbon Steel licensed line. I’ll never have one of his originals, but the carbon line is made from the same steel he uses. Stupid sharp, beautiful in the hand. Worth checking out. Also check out Murray Carters knives a bit less expensive but every bit quality.

ruin3r says:

This is lowkey how the zombie apocalypse starts: some kind of unknown, dormant virus from another planet is hidden in one of these meteorites, they turn it into a piece of jewelry, the virus spreads to someone from contact, multiplies in their body, takes over their brain, and that’s how the zombies start.

Justin Maneen says:

Inspiring men. Both of these gentlemen.

Adam Gonzalez says:

What size blade is that. That Anthony Bourdain is using at the end?

martin mayer says:

he may have the top knife but drinking Balvenie whisky from that glass is a sin.



Histalian says:

Joe Rogan!

Claude Rodrigue says:

You can tell he’s a master. Even looking at his movements while he’s pouring the drinks is precise.

Harvey Webb says:

Thank you I’m inspired more than I’ve ever been

t4nkdr0id says:

Kramer is a god among men. ‘Nuff said.

Kartman35 X says:

Ferric Chloride is an acid not a base

Surf Tomas says:

so awesome

Zachary Walker says:

I wonder how many iron daggers and leather bracers he had to make to get this good

General Lee says:


Gangsta Loaded Eret says:

wouldnt doubt if bob has a secret underground test kitchen

Robert Wyness says:

That wall art piece! 3:17!!!!

shonuffisthemaster says:

lots of respect for bob, not going to spend that much on a knife ever, but i appreceate his dedication to his craft and his skill.

that being said, a few things i have an issue with. first off, saying he is the only master smith specializing in kitchen knives is misleading. he may be the only one certified by the ABS, but there are many equally talented bladesmiths specializing in kitchen knives. The ABS ia a bit of an elietist club, mostly because you have to travel to their location to proform the tests, and if you fail you have to come back and get re tested in like a year? and not everyone is willing or able to do that. the best? i guess thats up to interpretation, but again there are many excellent smiths specializing in kitchen knives. murray carter comes to mind, actually i believe he is also an abs master smith?

The metorite thing is total hype. no homade steel made from unknown matereals can hope to proform alongside a modern alloyed steel, so other than saying “my knife is made from a meteorite” your actually getting a functionally inferior blade than you would if he had made it out of an old ball bearing for example.

I have no doubt about bob’s sharpening ability, but this video dosent prove that knife is perticularly sharp. he needs to do some tests other than just push cutting some printer paper at an angle to impress most knife enthusiests. its a kitchen knife, so push cut a really ripe tomato with it,.thatll impress me

Adam Gonzalez says:

What size blade is that. That Anthony Bourdain is using at the end?

Laszlo Mezei says:

Love this Episode!!!

Mark J says:

I think anyone who is interested in knives,survival or cutlery, will like this video. watching the carbon smoke through and actually being able to see the tempering process was amazing. thank you for the great video. a refreshing change!

ZombieNinjaPitbull says:

Oh ffs a master blade smith… doesnt wear a respirator when grinding…. Smh

TheStromxxxx says:

Dies anybody know the Name oft the Songs?

Weston Carstetter says:

But did you get to keep that knife bourdain? Hope so.

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