Shun Classic 8 in. Chef Knife Initial Review

Shun makes some of the best knives in the world. See what it is that makes them such amazing knives, and why you should get one. This stainless damascus is something every knife love should experience.

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Shun Classic Chef

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My recommended list of knives and whetstones.

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In UK:

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I only recommend items I have personally used, or have reviewed on my channel. I do not give recommendations lightly, so thank you, for trusting me with your buying decisions.

Chef Knives
Kramer Carbon
Kramer Damascus
Dalstrong X
Wusthuf Ikon

Kiritsuke (Japanese Chef)
Yoshihiro Damascus
Yoshihiro Blue #1
Yoshihiro Ginsan
Yoshihiro Blue

Paring Knives
Tojiro DP
Wusthof Ikon
Wusthof Classic
Dalstrong Galdiator / Shogun

Yanagiba / Sushi Knives

Santoku Knives

Boning Knives

Coarse Whetstone (120-500 grit)
Shapton Pro 120
Shapton Glass 320
Chosera 400
Shapton Glass 500

Sharpening Whetstone: Medium (800-2000 grit)
Chosera 800
Shapton Glass 1000, 2000
King 1K Deluxe
Bester 1200
Cerax 1000

Polishing Whetstones: Fine (3000-8000 grit)
Chosera 3K
Shapton Pro 5K
Suehiro 5K
Arashiyama 6k
Shapton Glass 6K
Snow Whte 8K
Shapton Glass 8K

Polishing Whetstones: Extra Fine (10,000-16,000 grit)
Shapton Pro 12,000
Shapton Pro 15,000
Shapton Glass 16,000

Polishing Whetstones Ultra Fine (20,000+ grit)
Shapton Glass 30,000

Combination Whetstones
King KDS

Flattening / Lapping Plates
Atoma plates

My Sharpening Station
Sink Bridge
4” or 6” Tub
Whetstone Holder
Suehiro Naguras
Rust Erasers

Kitchen Accessories
End Grain Board
Ceramic Steel
Aluminum Knife Holder
14” Wood knife Holder


JP Thao says:

Just bought this knife last week! Love it! Wondering if there is a “saya” or cover for this knife?

Maui Soriano says:

pls do a review on the shun premiere

Dominic Gutierrez says:

they come with a left-handed version for the classic line of Shun knives ^^ I rock Premiers at the moment which use an ambidextrous design for their handles

mcginnis713 says:

The Shun D handle knives come with the option for a Left handed grip. Not something that many people seem to know. Thought you’d like to know !

Steven Chang says:

thank you for all the info you give out on knives. I’m a big fisherman and was wondering what you would recommend for a fillet knife?

Jorgen Sandstrom says:


Greg Smith says:

That’s the first Japanese knife I ever bought. You should look at global as well if you haven’t already

Greg Aspenson says:

You diggin’ this knife over the Wusthof and Massamoto? And I’m curious why you’re not recommending the Naniwa stones? You rated them in high regard in your previous videos.

Han Yean Toon says:

it’s pronounced as “shoon” not “shun”.

Chris Walters says:

I just bought this tonight and I saw this video in my recommendations! Google is creepy!

JaeWon Lee says:

shun is known for chipping problem so you can use it and tell us more about it. it might be shun use very brittle steel or its some people’s miss usage

Carmichael Court says:

I just got this one for my birthday, I am a lefty as well but cut with my left. I also have a Shun Santuku that I got last year, both like the one you’re holding, and I just bought a Wusthof Nakiri on the low end. I’m waiting on my sharpening stones to come from Japan as they take 6 weeks to get here. My dream knife is a Miyabi, if for no other reason than just to own it. BTW, if you are giving away any of your knives, I’d be happy to get in line. I’ll even pay for the postage to Canada!

Kyle Paul says:

what is your opinion on miyabi?

HataAlla says:

Just got this knife, even tho i kinda whent the wrong way about it and watched your video after i ordered it, haha, but i absolutley loved it! And at least your video re asured me that i wouldent be disapoined when i got it 😉 TY for great content i much appreciate it, keep it up.

Firat Demirci says:

wwhauuw, that knife is nice…. 🙂

Arlin Wright says:

I went with Yaxell Ran series for my first set of Japanese knives. For what ever reason I chose them over the Shun classic. So far I am highly satisfied with my choice. But, it does not mean I won’t choose a Shun in the future. Oh I would like to hear your opinion on the Yaxell Ran line of knives. Thanks for all your great videos.

Maraka Gindler says:

Miyabi knives, please!!!

Darth Fader says:

Not a bad knife. Definitely suited for a rocking style

dacow95 says:

could you test knives on “magazine paper”, it’s actually harder to cut,

ps shun has a line of LEFT-HANDED models which many brands don’t make but many places don’t carry them;

check with “Williams Sonoma’s” website/shop for availability since last I checked they had both

Interoptic says:

The music you use in your videos is anoying with the tump, tump, tump all the time.

George Meads says:

I own that knife. LUV IT!!!

Julien Capolupo says:

Good video again!
For the sharpness test, you could do the the famous tomato test when you cut the tomato without touching it!

Rafael de Bellis says:

Now that you have been using this knife a couple of months, have you noticed some chipping on the edge? I’ve seen a lot of reviews saying that shun chips all the time, even with the correct use. I looking foward to buy one of these…but now I’m worried…..

METHOS 3155 says:

I have the same one… great knife

Glooperdootle says:

Can you review the Okami 8 in.

skyscreemz says:

Over price knife. Just do a little research and you can find a JDM knife from Japan that’s far superior and handmade.

Matthew Nakhla says:

Can you check out Dalstrong knives on amazon? Both their Shogun(Japanese steel) series and Gladiator(German steel) series. They are made in China, the steels are imported, prices are pretty low, and lots of people love them(according to amazon reviews.) I would like your professional opinion on Dalstrong please.

Esther Jackson says:

For the most part, I didn’t understand much of what you said. It was all Greek to me. I find it interesting though. I like learning new things. Btw, I would like to get in line for a give away knife.

Bruno N. Scocozza says:

Dont like videos of knifes where you dont use it

Mikael Seje says:

you don’t own anything white or blue paper steel as much as you are into these kinds of things ? =) just ordered my first knife i have paid for ever a blue paper, super excited

tuvalu says:

Is this a real Japanese made knife?

Ezequiel Sandoval says:

yeas it does I havent sharp my knive for a while but always I use my steel to keep it nice so wich stone would you recomend for this knive thanks

Sulejman Tabakovic says:

Very good knife I have it and I like I alot. Good review.

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