The Serbian Chef’s Knife

Edit: This video is getting more views and comments than I expected. So let me answer a few of your questions up front.

1. I am not selling these knives. “Official” Almazan Kitchen knives are available from Almazan Kitchen through their website.

2. I am not a professional chef or a bladesmith. I just like to tinker with stuff in the workshop. I tend to alter and modify all of my knives and tools. I learn a great deal, but I also I destroy a lot of stuff this way.

3. This is a “just for fun” experiment and not a serious knife. It is made out of a Winco KC-301 cleaver, which is about the cheapest, softest, most useless piece-of-shit you can get. The base cleaver cost me about $6.00 USD.

4. It is likely that the steel of this cleaver was not hardened at all. It does indeed cut like butter on the bandsaw. The cleaver does not hold a sharp edge for very long. A well-hardened carbon steel cleaver would have been a better choice.

5. Cutting the tip off of a cleaver does not magically transform it into a fantastic chef knife. It still cuts like a cleaver. After a few weeks of use, I did go back to the belt grinder and thin the blade out considerably. The performance was much better once the cleaver-edge was thinned back to a more knife-like edge.

6. I no longer have this knife in my possession. I gave it away to a friend who will *hopefully* get more use out of it than I did.


John Nichols says:

They’re also on Facebook too. I love their videos. The first one I absolutely fell in love with was the fried spatchcock (backbone removed) style chicken. Awesome!

wreagfe says:

Love this kind of vids. Saw something, made something. Great. 🙂


Close but… Not as sharp.I too like that knife. It seems heavier… Maybe it’s the metal that it’s made of…Greetings.

Adam Fife says:

Santoku is the knife’s name. Not Serbian at all actually

800lb Gorilla says:

If anyone is interested in their own sheepsfoot cleaver, leave a comment below. I’m a serious amateur bladesmith and have had one of these designs on the books for a few years after using something similar in south America. I design my edged tools in CAD, then they are machined using 5-axis CNC. From there I do hand finishing and ship them out for professional heat treatment and cryogenic cycling for maximum performance. The proposed design utilizes A2 Tool Steel (my favorite for serious use), 5/32″ (4mm) thick, ~62.5HRC. For these pieces, I am planning to use the most fancy, curly, lacy, intricate burl wood I can get my hands on, mated to either rich oiled leather sheaths (if I can get them made at a reasonable cost) or modern kydex with a belt/molle attachment. Given the amount of steel required (and upfront costs) I am trying to gauge interest and then take pre-orders.

John Nichols says:

Brilliant! I thought it was some Serbian knife that was custom made in country. You just cracked the code. Nice! Thanks Shawn, think I’ll try to make one myself.

FalloutModReview TV says:

it also works against ottoman scum

villfer78 says:

I love all the hipster asshole douchebags that want this knife all cuz of a channel. That shit is hilarious.

Roomies Garage says:

great up-cycle idea….I appreciate the entertainment

gaz says:

is it better than rectangle one?

Benjamin Adorno says:

good job.

John Wayne says:

What is the advantage of cutting out the knife’s corner?

ulas o says:

I came here because I assumed one of the dudes started a separate channel and boy oh boy was I disappointed in what i saw.

That thing isn’t even sharp, you can tell how much weight you have to put on the blade.

Plastic Bag says:

Homemade knife

Deedee S. says:

You did it!!! Way to go! Now you can sell them.


That’s not a Serbian chef knife. It’s just a a custom knife.

budjav lebac says:

Jebes mi sve ako sam ikad u zivotu video takav noz

Feral Grandad says:

Nice work, and now I have to do it. Will find a clever on eBay, thanks for inspiring me to do this 🙂

Max Althemyst says:

if no one haven’t noticed the point of this knife is NOT cutting or slicing but multipractical surface with which you can scoop, turn, smash etc. a lot of different ingredients.

labobo says:

I’ve been told to never drag a knife back and forth.
The whole edge in one single motion beginning with the tip from stomach and away from you.

Szabolcs Szigligeti says:

it’s hand forged Santoku . . .

Judas Iscariot says:

At first I was having trouble masturbating to this video but then I saw the dirty sink at the end and it tipped me over the edge.

medinalba says:

that is great… but it all depends how good is the rest of the knive if it is a cheap one, no matter what you do will be ”buah’

Dan Nav says:

Bitchin….I want one.

Brendon Ballantyne says:

They used a free range knife

??? ??? says:

and it cuts through sausage!!! mission accomplished 😀 left a like <3

medinalba says:

the servian knife cost 100 euoros in Servia? or Russia? it is not translated in english. also it doesn’t look as nice as the one used in the video.

Barnekkid says:


Larry Coleman says:

I thought what you did with your original chef knife was ingenious…Way to go fella…

KING456 says:


Dimitris Alfys says:

well you should also consider the wight of the knife that makes chopping easier !!!
Just saying ….

Neo Roman0 says:

So cool! It would be great if they commented on the knife too. I wish I had such a knife. 🙂

Roz Sa says:

That looks like a deformed knife.

H Vuu says:

ruined a perfect clever.

Ike says:

What makes it Serbian? The shape? What purpose does the shape serve?

RHI Hodag says:

Great minds…. I’m a big fan of the Almazan channel also and I LOVE that knife he uses also. When my search for one of these on the internet was futile I considered making my own. I had the same idea as you in modifying a butcher’s clever. Thanks for the video. Great tip. Gonna do it!

Jure Macola says:

i know a better one, croatian srbosjek

Jadoo Dookun says:

Haha, good job! Does the cleaver work better or no change?

Alem Suljic says:

I’m from Bosnia and I’ve never heard about serbian chef’s knife. This is bastard.

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