Tojiro DP Kitchen Knives VG-10 Japanese knives on a budget

These are great reasonably priced kitchen knives for the knife enthusiast. Friends don’t let friends use Wusthoff or Henckels!


nahumpaul85 says:

Hey excellent review. What camera do you use to record your reviews?

Giotto Vongola says:

who needs a vg10 on a pairing knive ? i mean if you got the bucks go for it but i prefer a good chefs knive i use vg10 knives cuz they get sharper than europpean Knives (wustoff isnt crap its just a different style of knive) i can sharpen em with a stone europpean knives are meant to hold an edge for month using only a hoaning rod japenese are kinda meant to be maintained with stones … i like that better. and VG 10 unlike carbonsteel can chop stuff kinda good you dont need to be too careful with maintanance except for sharpening

Seth Ryan says:

As a cook these knives are work horses. I love them!

Phillip Heard says:

Have a collection of about 50 knives including Misono UX10, Moritaka, Shun Blue, MAC, Blazen, Akifusa, and Konesuke, and I would say that a sharpened Tojiro DP performs on a level that belies the difference in price.

porty dert says:

The DPs aren’t VG10 anymore. No where on the site does it say VG10.

Leo Lion says:

nice video. I wanted to let you know I found them cheaper at

Mauricio Dobis says:

just a little tip…. always go for the 8′, I know it seems like a good deal the 10” , but its much harder to handle, 8” is faster and more versetal . thanks for the video.

Alex Black says:

I’m wary of Amazon, they don’t control their third party vendors, so you might get a knock off or used, since some third party dealers are so small, they don’t care about protecting their name.

MJH says:

Hi. An end grain Maple (or other) cutting board would make chopping no problem for these knifes. Sometimes you just want to chop

Shock Wave says:

Henckels are good but you need good stones and strops for them. It is hard steel and some common types of kitchen knife sharpening gear wont work well. You just end up making them very poor performing. I can shave with my Henckels so they can take a razor edge.

kelamuni says:

good quality at a decent price

Bradley Gong says:

The cladding on the outside is intended to provide a more stain-resistant layer (lower carbon), exposing just a small bit of the higher carbon (takes a finer edge, but is more likely to stain/rust) steel on the edge.

Marco Hermans says:

Tojiro makes great knives. Henkels makes great knives too. When you take care of your knives with decent whetstones and additional honing and stropping they last very very long. The advantage of a German knife is that’s made of softer steel. It’s more foregiving when you cut something that’s harder. The Japanse style knives are harder steel and holding a different angle but they aren’t that forgiving when cutting harder stuff. They chip easily. The Japanese culture of cutting food is different from western style cutting. Enjoy your new Tojiro’s!

Jonas Lecerof says:

Do you know the exact model?

george pletsas says:

Best knives ever i have the DP 180mm very sharp…

Alejandro Medina says:

I bought that tojiro dp. its scary sharp seriously. i fully recommend it.

Three Drops of Sunshine says:

I have these knives and absolutely loooove them!

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