Top 10 Chef Knives | 2018

My top picks for best chef knives in 2018 from Miyabi, Yaxell, Masamoto, Mercer and Victorinox. I have the best knife picks from $15, $30, $40, $80, and up to $350.

Top Picks
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Bkob1471 says:

I’d love to see you get your hands on a Takeda AS Stainless Gyuto…I can’t keep this knife out of my hand.

Kaio Fernandes says:

Can u test a wasabi knife?

maranezzi21 says:

what about kasumi knives??

Clocker 1 says:

Burrfection and anyone else who has anything to comment! what do yall think of tuo knives! I got a Japanese AUS-10 damascus steel chef knife the Ring D series 8 inch. Was just wondering if anyone knew or had any experience with these knives or if there is something better to get before I use it! was looking at the yaxell. I am a knife enthusiast/home cook so I wont be using 8 hours a day but it will get quite a bit of use!

Cory Norell says:

The reason Victorinox is overhyped by the YouTube community is almost certainly because they pay the best returns on affiliate links (and possibly sponsorships). I have no proof of this, but YouTube has become a swamp of salespeople masquerading as professionals and/or experts.

Daniel Heo says:

I’d really love to see you review some Yoshiros… I’ve got my eye on a Mizuyaki blue high-carbon black damascus kiritsuke, but am too afraid to pull the trigger.

John L says:

I bought a knife from Macy’s for 170 USD.. found it on Amazon for 70 🙁

LimeCurd says:

Just curious. How easy or difficult is it to bring back kitchen knives from oversea? Any trouble during the airport check-in / at arrival??

Ronald Grassel says:

Dear Ryky (or Rycky):

First thank you for the time and effort (and injuries) you put into program and reviews. Second, What happened to the multicamera setup, which I found both illiminating and annoying (I had to rewatch, most of those shows, but then again I got more information the second time)? Thirdly, I would like to see you review Sabatier knives (yes, there are/were about 50 Sabiatier named companies). In my collection my best knive, to this day, is a beatup Sabatier Elephant (broken tip, a large burr, not with standing). My second best knife is also a Sabatier, but its one of those ertatz Sabatier’s, called a Commerical Sabatier (its a bread knife that cuts throught bread and the like, like butter). Likewise among my useless is also a Sabatier, this called an “elite” (and yes I owe that Martha Stewart chef knife, we discussed a year or so ago). So could test the French made, from Thier, like the Sabatier Elephant? Thank you again for Burrfection.

Banjo says:

Re Victorinox. I bought my mum and sister their chef knife and am regularly asked to sharpen them. I like the profile and handle, but it needs a lot of stone visits, though it does sharpen quickly. To be fair, neither family member use a steel and treat their knives poorly. I still think they’re good buys.

Another winner is the Victorinox serrated “tomato” knife. I also bought this for my mum and she now considers it her best knife. I also know a caterer who swears by them, and at 3 quid a pop who can complain?

max mackinlay says:

Review a Tanaka. I’ve got two and i’m always reaching for them.

Cessnex says:

Hey man, im looking into K tips for now do you have any recommendations?

John D'Amato says:

Any thoughts on Moritaka knives?

trevorpinnocky says:

$35 on a victorinox is some of the best money you’ll ever spend. I’ve had mine over a year and it’s never been sharpened. Still like a razor in the kitchen. My knives are used almost daily. I cycle between the Victorinox and 2 shun (6 and 8″ chefs). Also 2 cleaver I use for chinese dishes. I think its reputation is well earned and deserved.

waffen137 says:

Surprised no shuns made the list, great stuff though! Thanks dude

Jay Ammons says:

I received a 7 piece Yaxell Super Goj because of your video. All I can say is Thank you.

Lodestar says:

Hi Ryky, I am a fairly new subscriber to your channel and really appreciate the time you spend producing these videos. I would like to hear your opinions on Cutco cutlery. They have been around for a few decades and appear to have some very nice choices. I recently spent some time with a Cutco rep and tested several knives on the cutting board. They are not cheap, so I would like to see what you think.

knives guns and more says:

If you like knives come and visit my channel

David Drebin says:

Hey, can you do a review on cutco knives?

randel robbins says:

I’m an avid home cook and I’m very serious about my knives. I sharpened my Victorinox Fibrox after I first got it, and kept it hair-shaving sharp from then on by only using a honing rod for a full year after that. It was the only chef knife I was using at the time! For people who aren’t aprehensive toward using a honing rod for maintaining the edge of their blade, it is some of the best steel there is. I’m fully aware that the Mercer, Wustof, and other European companies use the same type of steel for their knives, but the big difference is the heat-treatment process. Victorinox has a world-class heat-treatment.

eric G says:

Review or thoughts on kamikoto knifes advertised all over social media?

Ricardo Teixeira says:

No Whüstof knives??? Biased!

Henrik John says:

Hi! Would you please test a yoshihiro knife?

sebastian parker says:

tojiro is always my go to

orlandonoa says:

Hi Ricky, thanks for all your hard work. I’m considering purchasing a Takamura Migaki R2 – 210mm gyuto or Takamura Chromax. I would be most appreciative if you could do a review.

Andrew Place says:

Have to ask what happened to dalstrong knives I thought u loved them

Juilen MaiGnan says:

why not make stretch goals for all the knives. have your fans fund the knife and a little extra money for whatever time it takes for you to use it get a good feel of it form an opinion and make a review.

Kiki Lang says:

Rycky, I’ve tried so hard not to come back to your channel. That Masamoto knife killed me. No fancy handle, or blade. Just a perfect cutting knife. I’m going to start putting money away, and buy one on the sly. This channel is not good for me.

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