I haven’t talked about knife reviews in a while but I really feel like this could hit the sweet spot for some of you, and maybe welcome some of you home-cooks to the channel!

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Juiceb0wl says:

nice review of a very affordable knife

Reena Mäe says:

I really like this knife

Gustavo Jun Yamaguchi says:

Justin, what is the brand of the stone you used? Seems like a Mizuyama, though it looks like the color is too dark…is it a splash-n-go stone? tks!

Richard Salazar says:

Got a couple of Victorianox Rosewood handled knives this Christmas and am eager to get further into my knife work. What stone/sharpener did you use in this video?

orcawhale scales says:

I would have this around for family members that want to cook at my house but doesn’t appreciate knives like I do.

Kevin Wargo says:

is the give away still happening?

Katieloveskate000 says:

Love your review, please pick me pick me pick me 😀

GidgetOne says:

I really like the quality of your videos. Keep up the good work we all appreciate 🙂

Matthew Rodriguez says:

Love these knives

Ted Alexander says:

Great review. I am looking for a inexpensive chef knife that will hold an edge for a good amount of time and was considering this knife. I think I will be ordering one soon based on the info in this video.

Edwin Guzman says:

I’ve seen a lot on this knife I would love to take it home

Larry Wayte says:

Thinking of buying one, so thanks for the review.

Koda Awasis says:

Sweet channel. Haven’t used that knife since first getting into the industry! Much love from northern Canada.

Simon Osmond says:

I mainly use victorinox knives, real good quality knives. For the price they are unbeatable tbh

clay fitzpatrick says:


Adam Yarbough says:

I have a lot of knives. I don’t personally have a Victorniox, but I convinced my brother in-law to get the rosewood version. He loves it. Good vid.

Irwin Louie says:

Enjoyed your informative video. Appreciate your expert culinary opinions. Subscribed and looking forward to more videos.

Doc Blade Keeping Your Edge says:


وسيم الحر إبن الحر says:

أفضل أنواع السكاكين..هي السويسري الفيكتوري نوكس..

felixthemaster1 says:

Since it’s a soft steel, I imagine a steel (honing rod) would work really well to extend that week at home.

Rusty KC says:

Hey Justin, I just stumbled across this video and really like the review you did. I have this knife and agree with your thoughts. Another negative to this knife (just my opinion) is that the edge is not evenly ground and sharpened on both sides. I mean for 30/40 bucks you can’t expect to much. If Victorinox would spend just a bit more time on quality control they’d be so much better outta the box. Heading over to your channel and gonna sub and check out some of your other videos. Cheers

Jon Miller says:

Sweet knife, and a great company!!!

Nitsa Singh says:

Loved your Vid Man… great insight… thanks.

usa pokerpro says:

Pick me! I just subbed! I’m looking for a Chef’s knife for my son! He loves to cook and is taking culinary classes! Wish I could tell you more! Thanks! 🙂

Alison L says:

Another quality video from you. I look forward to your sharpening process, as someone who’s new to the whole cooking scene your channel has guided me quite well. Thank you!

Cho Lin says:

This knife makes me drool, I want it!

MrNinenot says:

The question is not … who wants the knife, but rather wouldn´t want the knife. Or was it who needs the knife? Well whatever my first set of knifes was / is really cheap and while I do appreciate your sharpening advices, these knifes are so bad that I am surprised that I didn´t cut myself yet.

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