Why America’s Test Kitchen Calls the Victorinox Swiss Army Rosewood Set the Best Steak Knives

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These rosewood steak knives are the best we’ve tested. The Victorinox Swiss Army spear point, straight edge steak knives feature comfortable, attractive handles and sharp blades.

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How did we put steak knives to the test?

We rounded up sets of four to six knives. Lefties and righties with large and small hands sat at dinner tables and tried each blade, slicing through rare and well-done steaks—including inexpensive, moderately tough shell sirloin and pricey, tender strip steaks—served on ceramic plates. Each knife made 525 cuts in total.

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ytube777 says:

I prefer serrated steak knives. I guess straight edge is more “elegant” but the upkeep is a negative…

kevin morison says:

Amazon reviewers (people who bought these knives) say the handles give off a strong odor. Not acceptable @ $129!

AHFB says:

Why did you stop showing the competitors failing tests?

stevemcgee99 says:

They don’t accept advertiser money. They make money from consumers like you, with questions like yours, paying a subscription. This is a content marketing ad for ATK. They’ve actually given the most valuable information from their expensive research away for free.

TheIkaika777 says:

Companies that financially support America Test Kitchen get good reviews. Look it up.

Boy Freitag says:

yup, so believable, a non-chef journalism grad and former food critic flogging mass produced bullshit…

America’s Test infommercial…

buck19 says:

Do they write the reviews for you like magazines do?

Jaihindh Reddy says:

You guys gotta make a video about ceramic knives and if they are any good against stuff like this.

srhncdwkljpm says:

I doubt how objective this video is. America’s Test Kitchen should have shown us what other brands they tested.

iPat6G says:

This is one of the funniest review videos by ATK. You should do more like this. I love the references to the bear and the spears. LOL.

shitfaced1337 says:

I would like to see all the other knives that were tested, compared side by side, not just a video which feels like an advertisement for one knife.

ticleve2 says:

In the sets I’ve seen the handles in the set were not of identical color. Is that standard for the Victorinox?

Will Ganness says:

Several Amazon Reviewers said that this knife literally stinks after a while.

Bruno says:

$135! wut

Yuri Boyka says:

You whores gonna advert even durex if they pay you good…

Heghineh Cooking Show says:

I need to get those ASAP, do those come with sharpener ?

YPO6 says:

Are these types of knives good for cutting raw meat?

daAnder71 says:

Yes, Victorinox is the (only remaining) maker of the Swiss Army knife. But these are obviously NOT Swiss Army knives (pocket knives with a small folding blade), so just say Victorinox.

wjjohns04able says:

Are they still having problems with the smell from the handles?

Narfle Jessut says:

Wow, between the 230$ coffeemaker and the 120$ steak knives i’m thinking about unsubbing. This is just foolish.

Jack HAMMER says:

Agree. I HATE serrated steak knives….sitting here using a cheap ass Wiltshire steak knife that effort glides through my pork. I love a nice expensive knife…but have yet to find a pricy steak knife worth a penny.

frosted1030 says:

Amazing, when America’s Test Kitchen was actually testing products, they mentioned each of the brand names, and demonstrated each the tests. Now that they are just shilling paid product placements, they don’t, they just say they did.

DannoCrutch says:

Victorinox designs knives to be functional. From kitchen to pocket knives, all of them cut and slice better than most.

Michael Vuong says:

Any thoughts on the Cutco steak knives?  We currently have them and are wondering if we should give these a try.

SamuelD1 says:

Paid endorsements

Simon's Vinyl Dimension says:

“Last a lifetime?” 2/3 of that “lifetime” will be spent being sharpened as that straight edge is continually banged and dragged against ceramic plates over and over again. “Razor sharp?” Not for long.

ali fares says:

for 140 dollars, i’d rather go on CKTG and buy a few cheap tojiro petty knives and use those. They’re sharper, they’re better, and i dont have to hear the words victorinox fucking forschner again

Karsten Von Fjellheim says:

How do these compare to Victorinox’ Grand Maitre knives?

InItForTheParking says:

You can’t sharpen serrated blades? I prefer serrated because you don’t have to sharpen them as often. But if you keep them reasonably sharp they don’t tear the meat.

sum12stupid4u says:

To those who say they get paid and that this is advertisements: They don’t, this is a PBS show. These are nothing more than highlight reels from a TV show that can be found on PBS. They also have a subscription setup where you can see THE WHOLE TEST for each of the products they test and all of the ones they compared them to, so stop saying they don’t exist. These are just highlights, Youtube is not their main platform.

Dan Carpenter says:

You know this video is hypocritical. They did an episode about how “block sets” weren’t worth buying, yet most of the time a block set will give you a butcher knife, (which they rave about) a parring knife (they also say you can’t do without) and a bread knife (they say you need). Now they say you want a good steak knife too?? This is starting to sound like most block sets!! And in the video about block sets they say it’s better to buy your knifes one at a time!!! If you buy them one at a time it cost A LOT MORE!! Come on Americas test kitchen!!! Who’s side are you on!!!!

singe101 says:

The “toy” Rada knife is made in the USA. MA just like HQ for Cooks Illustrated ffs! For the Victorinox chef’s knife with a plastic handle they always praise it and the price!

hardcoremofo says:

U only need 3 knives, chef, pairing and bread knife. Sets are scams.

tarjei99 says:

But I want ragged meat because the sauce adheres better to the meat.

Cooking Lessons for Dad says:

Anything “Swiss Army” is great!

ss4vegeta1 says:

Nice but isnt the wooden handle not good for bacteria?

Dolly Perry says:

I wish you would include the price in your reviews. I do appreciate them very much.

tarjei99 says:

Raggedy is good. It make it easy to make the sauce adhere.

Something Different says:

Those r nice, no nonsense smooth edge steak knives. But u can get similar good quality brand named steak knives like Chicago Cutlery, Ragalta, and others for around $30 for 6 pieces. That’s 1/4 of the cost. Steak knives pretty much last a lifetime, even if u get cheap ones. Minor honing once in awhile and it cuts smooth. Overdoing it if u pay 119 for steak knives.

Biggolf BG says:

If you want these recommendation videos to NOT look like infomercial (unless that’s exactly what they are), you should do some on-screen comparison with other brands (which could be anonymous but needed to be shown) instead of just come out and call a set of knives superior to others while we don’t know anything else about the competitions. Are those knives have the same price range or you just compare the ones you recommend with cheap products? As it is, it’s hard to swallow because you make it look so like sponsored infomercial with the products laid out so pretty and the title too freaking obvious like that. Is this America’s Test Kitchen or America’s Sales Desk. No offense but clarification is much needed here.

Nicholas Pipitone says:

With Cook’s Illustrated magazine quality so high, this video is kinda lackluster. 500+ cuts but almost no information 🙁 What was tested? What were the full results? Runner-up? What was wrong with the others? What did some knives do well with? I mean, just because you have a best overall knife, doesn’t mean it was the top of every category, so this information is still useful for other people with other properties – beyond the fact that it’s interesting and makes you guys look a lot more legitimate (Rn it just looks like an ad)

Robert McElfresh says:

On your shows you also show the runner-up brands. Please give us an alternative. For example – Thermapen is not carried by Amazon.

df2dot says:

thanks for the non review infomercial

Old Farm Show says:

Thank you for your reviews

Aditya Srinivasulu says:

I just imagined Lisa and co sitting at a candlelit table taking notes on knife sharpness :p

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