14 reasons to buy a Tramontina machete and 5 reasons not to

I like the Tramontina machete and think a machete is a great low-cost tool. It is very versatile and can even be used as a home self defense weapon.

Most of the machetes I grew up using were cheap garbage, the first time I used a Tramontina I was very impressed. the blade is easy to sharpen even with a cheap kitchen knife sharpener as i showed in an earlier video.
My friend Brad over at his BCTruck youTube channel has been making some machete reviews and showing how well they cut, check his channel out as he will be posting his review of the Tramontina very soon.
If you are interested in buying a machete, I posted a link to amazon below where you can see the reviews before buying. Check your local sporting goods store before buying on amazon as you may see the price a few dollars cheaper. let me know if I can answer any questions and don’t forget I post new videos every week.
here is simple $6 sharpener I used on my machete
KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

Tramontina Machete Wood Handle
amazon also has models that come with a sheath.

Brad at BCTruck

my channel
Robb’s homemade life

if you like to make stuff and enjot good writing, check out robbbWhites
How to Buld a tin canoe. Robb passed away before his time a few years ago and was, along with his sister Bailey White, one of my favorite authors.
How to Build a Tin Canoe: Confessions of an Old Salt


Joaquin Olvera says:

Why do people in America want everything Made in America things. They literally put “Made in America” on everything like a small piece of plastic.

DALE thebelldiver says:

I’m watching this again and just finished servicing my hunting knife, machete and assortment of diving gear. I just wanted remind folks to coat their blades in oil.

Most of the time I use cooking oil or something like coconut oil because if I’m using the machete in cleaning butchering a hog I don’t need petroleum grease in my meat.

I use the same oil in lubing my blade while chopping wood or clearing brush. I might resort to automotive lube or car oil if I’m clearing a lot.

Every job has an optimal tool so; that’s pretty important to know when it’s time to switch out. But a wet green tree up to 6″ is no problem at all for a machete if it’s used and prepped correctly. Creating tension on a standing tree helps in the chopping. But using a dry blade is like Day and night compared to an oiled or wet blade.

André Morais says:

Honest Review. Thanks. You have me convinced about the 18″. I have one in 12″, I am starting to considering it too small for a machete and to big for a knife.

ambivalent ambiguity says:

great review. you’re as folksy as they come

Rich FiveFiveSix says:

I’ve found that dipping the hilts of plastic handled machetes in that tool dip stuff helps a lot.

Robb, I liked your comment on Molyneux’s video. He blocked from comments but I wanted to throw you support.

EattinThurs61 says:

Check out Dave Mcintyres modification of a Tramontina, nearby on Youtube.

G.R, Dray says:

Great video. Good information. Ill be getting one soon.Thanks for sharing.

maggiealena says:

Tramontina machetes Its well made, it is easy to take out nicks, easy to sharpen, and it is cheaper then other machetes on the market. I use them and have to over 40 yrs. I have and older machete a Martin that was made in Belgium an it to is an excellent machete. The Ontario is a fine machete, but is not designed to be a jungle machete for the type of brush the jungle has. Tramontina machetes are well suited for brush not chopping wood. Ontario would be better where an axe or a hatchet would be used. Cheap is not always useless, walmart machetes are useless.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, I’m proud to be an American, I also like my Military issue Machete, Plastic Handle and All, and the 1095 Carbon Steel. ,, .

zenjr1004 says:

Thanx for the “made in Brazil” comment. Tramontina is really a pride do most brazilians. Its a traditional company built by Italian Immigrants in the south of Brazil, they work with very good steel and their tools last very much. I had the pleasure of having a ranch when young and all our best Tools where from tramontina.

Chef Buck says:

self defense?! wha!?

sixtyfiveford says:

Just good fun any time a machete is involved.

That's a Wrap says:

I’m a fan of anyone who will help me justify buying a machete lol!


Brazil machetes are the best in the world!!!

Matt Jones says:

Thanks for the review! I have the 14 inch version and am still in the process of finishing up some of the mods seen on youtube as far as convexing, putting a scandi grind on bottom section, etc.

Wellington Cirino says:

14×5 ? not bad . buy a CORNETA 3 RISCAS made in Brazil . 19×0

Evan Brown says:

Honestly I would rather it be made in Brazil than America simply for the fact that Brazilians generally use machetes fairly regularly from an early age. Whereas in America most people that own machetes have the Walmart special they bought to put in their zombie apocalypse kit.

sherrcon says:


indivisiblebyzero1 says:

Great and honest review! I personally swear by these, and keep 3 or 4 (with different blade profiles) on the farm at all times. I will say that I actually find the thin blade just fine for splitting wood (although I use a specialized blade profile sharpened to “shaving” level, and an altogether different swinging technique). Kudos

House boat Rob says:

Awsome machete one of the greats.

Anna Peterson says:

This is Anna’s husband James. I don’t get much chance to check out YouTube videos. I’ve spent the last two days doing serious clearing with one of our 18″ Tramontinas. I’ve done some mods on it for performance and comfort purposes plus the edge has been extended to the tip and extremely sharp. Goes right through the big palm branches and tall grass throughout the Everglades. I am very aware there are other brands out there and I am sure they are very good. I started with a Tramontina and am extremely happy with all of them. Will be grabbing their 14″ Bolo soon, though. Their 12″ bush machete is great for clearing tight places where maneuverability and swing room is a challenge.

Showemright YTchannel says:

Hey brother, what’s the name of your small blade edge sharpener, and where to buy it?

Sgt. SLaughter says:

Great review! I love listening to your stories, you remind me of my kindly Grandfather. Thanks brother, keep up the good work.

hillbilly bob says:

Kinda reminds me of an old corn knife. Only newer.

Michael Simons says:

I had one since the 1980’s and my Tram still doing good work

DALE thebelldiver says:

Wrapping a handle in twine helps on any machete. Painting the wrap makes it tacky when it gets hot. Remembering it’s a tool for work helps. The blade thickness is exactly like three other good quality machetes have. No issue there.

Colombiano671 says:

i feel the colombian made incolma machetes are better made than tramontinas…not that im biased but i think they are better because the Incolma machetes come with a mirror finish on their blades,high carbon steel blades, and injection molded handles that are easy to make comfortable, i like the larger hook on the grip of incolma machete

Anna Peterson says:

Subbed and liked this video. My husband and I love our 18″ Tramontinas. Thanks.

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