($20) Marbles MR374 Machete Review

MR 374 Machete Sword: http://goo.gl/yJAcHB
MR 375 Cutlass Machete: http://goo.gl/C8XWZ2
Parang Machete: http://goo.gl/ZX0buu
Parang Machete Sheath: http://goo.gl/wcGbdl
Fireman’s Shovel/Machete Hatchet: http://goo.gl/JR7dBb
Shovel Sheath: http://goo.gl/hVtUi6
Shovel + Sheath: http://goo.gl/UqnhQj
Fireman’s Axe/Brush Machete: http://goo.gl/Rak1JT
Fireman’s Axe Sheath: http://goo.gl/IqcRFd
Black Scout Machete: http://goo.gl/OmTPX1
Tiger Stripe Scout Machete: http://goo.gl/fknKhd
Orange Scout Machete: http://goo.gl/ROMHHj
Scout Machete Sheath: http://goo.gl/bQ5mqu
Bowie Machete: http://goo.gl/GyeHK9
Bowie Machete Sheath: http://goo.gl/f2g3AM
Aztec Style Camp Cleaver: http://goo.gl/keISk9
Camp Cleaver Sheath: http://goo.gl/tGCJ65
Swamp Master Panga Machete: http://goo.gl/vjB3g2
Swamp Master Sheath: http://goo.gl/MhA2OL
Double Bit Axe: http://goo.gl/PCskuo
Marbles Safety Folder: http://goo.gl/qkCbfB
G.I. Utility Knife: http://goo.gl/oW968o
Pilot Survival Knife: http://goo.gl/ELEY6A
Work Sharp Power Sharpener (Easiest Fastest Way to Sharpen Machetes): http://goo.gl/jsDNyk
Deluxe Work Sharp: http://goo.gl/ixBqOK

Marbles MR374 Machete Sword vs. Bottles: https://youtu.be/be1K0f3Sjy4
Tramontina Cane Machete Review: https://youtu.be/Zjb8kOe7Y9c
Marbles Fireman’s Axe Review: https://youtu.be/8tLjjO1g9uY
Marbles Tiger Stripe Machete Review: https://youtu.be/WeMLncxBQmw
Throwing Marbles Blades: https://youtu.be/3fGO36V1D8k
Cold Steel Thai Machete vs. Containers: https://youtu.be/2hghqwCN1lc


MotörHeavyRockHead says:

Damn Amazon nor sending to Australia and all the awesome stuff I don’t need that I would still buy, but can’t :/ isn’t it a bit of a stretch to call this a machete? Resembles a I dunno, cutlass? sabre? sword? That orange thing though, yeah, that’s a machete I can get behind, that looks bloody good! Still for $20 if it does the job once and cops a beating for a few years, can’t say better than that.

Acyutananda das says:

just subscribed!! I knew these would be perfect for me so I got 2 from SMKWs and I love ’em
BUT they came with left handed sheaths!!! I’ll have to wear them and draw them -blade up
samurai style. Your thoughts ?

H&Ks until the end of days! says:


Tristan Medina says:

You definitely need more subs. The quality of your videos is top notch and your reviews are very helpful.

JW's BulletsNBlades says:

good value

devjock says:

I’m gonna think outside the box a little bit here.

Holy shit, 20 dollars? That’s worth it for the steel alone! Someone with some half adequate angle grinder skills and a metal file could easily make a couple of decent looking friction folders out of this Machete! Does it have a good heat treatment?

Thanks for sharing dude, I might actually pick one up, got some yardwork to do and this is just the thing I needed!

stereomike111 says:

the hole that no one uses in the middle of the shovel was a truly idiotic addition. I wish I had bought one before they did that.

Bob Wampler says:


Johnny Wolfblood says:

20$ for that? That’s a typo right? What the fuck man…?

I collect battle ready kukris and bowies, they’re about 80$ each and even those are reasonably cheap.

Joseph Schmoberg says:

A great machete/sword. Bought this one instead of the polymer handled unit because it is a flatter profile and I liked the steel hand protector. This unit is light in the hand and very responsive, I might add the cost was $19.99 with a very well made sheath.
I have no doubt that this would be an exceptional protection tool because of it’s 22 inch blade and agility. I wrapped my handle with hockey tape and added a lanyard ….. I will be bluing the blade tomorrow, I love this thing. The guys at my work also loved it with it’s thin agile and long blade. In an emergency situation, this could really get you out of a jam …. it is pretty intimidating !

Connor Davies says:

Damn I’m early

Tactical Patriot2000 says:

Marbles has the worst handles ever

ThugLord McNasty says:

does it come with a sheath?

Jack Hadaki says:

Great price!

bigmanbowie says:

Good video

PartiallyDrunk says:

Do a review or a Tramontina vs a Cold Steel machete

MrBoomBoomBoom says:

no jungle bowie?


Could you please do a review of the CS(canal street) Green River Tactical knife? Not very much information out there! I am thinking about buying one.

Mike Frogg says:

Marbles makes amazing Axe witch you have not reviewed yet. price is about 30 on Amazon out standing better then Husqvarna Axe no doubt about it. great video as always my friend.

DShiflet01 says:

Condor is Imacasa’s premium brand, everything Condor is made by Imacasa. They also make all the Marbles machetes.

crazyhorse az says:

Just for fun sounds right, or if steel good, maybe use it to make make even cooler stuff

Connor Davies says:

Marbles as a company seem sort of underrated, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in the uk and they’re bigger in the usa but either way I might start trying to get some marbles stuff

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Is, If that sword looking machete, if it’s made a little better, I would use it as a summer long knife to bushwhack through some brambles, We defenetly have them where I bush, Infact one of my Fav’s is my Rucki, Parangatang, I like that CroVan steel and especially the SR101. I see more and more guy’s using sword looking long knives in the bush, Thanx You for a good review. ,, .

I just like metal so ya says:


Donnie King says:

Good review !! I still like the way the marbles is shaped better than the cold steel.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

The review of this Marbles MR374 Machete that I used last week in the bottle slaying video. Even with a chip off the handle and no sheath, definitely worth the $20 or so!

oh shit waddup here comes dat boi says:

Im so early! Awesome video!

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