3 Favorite Schrade Machete Picks

It’s hard to beat a good machete. Here are my 3 favorite machetes from Schrade. All 3 are full tang machetes and are also very well balanced.

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Also, here are the complete review videos for each of these blades:

Parang: https://youtu.be/t538O6Wue04

Bolo: https://youtu.be/MkLF0z3TbwA

Priscilla: https://youtu.be/Qx-OHNw8SVY

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louis beresovoy says:

personally like  prisilla the best, but do like them ALL. would like any one of them.

Ratel Outdoors says:

like thes skunk

Always on time says:

Those aren’t bad, can’t believe that parang throws so good.

Jeff Sherrod says:

I like them all but I’d love to have the Priscilla,one sweet blade design.

Brandon lafoe says:


Darren Keaton says:

I want one

Patty Duke says:

Priscilla is beautiful!

Honest Reviews says:

Hey Brian what did you think of the fatwood ?

Aaa Bbb says:

all 3 look great, would love to get a Priscilla! that parang though! love the black look and the sharp edge gleamed like a white stripe, reminded me of a Mephitidae.

2BLESSED says:

Yeah, show the fail!

patty kasiewicz says:

Sweet, i need a good corn machete for this Fall.

Frank Campbell says:

That Bolo is actually a Barong style blade

Hibou Canne says:

Priscilla is sweet!

MATT F says:

Awesome machete! Great video. I want one bad!

Zack Sudler says:

Thanks for the chance!  Sharing!

Half Breed says:

I want them all !!!

zakir jaigirder says:

don’t u ppl have anything better thing’s to do.grow up man.westing ur time doing teenagers job.

James Pablos says:

love you bro but enough of this cheap chinese crap from schrade

maximus78028 says:

Is it wrong to use the imperial measure, in the States or something? I don’t get it.

Grampaw Terry says:

those are some nice knives

Richard Corkum says:

I like your Order of Blade’s as well.

Donald Skola says:

nice looking blade. would love to own any of these.

Ethan Learn says:

always great videos

Bobby A says:

Great review. less intro.

bob eckerle says:

All I can say is awesome as always.

Finamoon says:

I would love the Schrade SCHMBS Priscilla Brush Sword – Machete!

Sebastién Bear says:

Where’d the cat go?

gavery58 says:

I like the SCHMBSCP Priscilla the best.

Mike Wallace says:

When the Z.A. ( Zombie Apocalypse ) comes I want to “PARANG” one of the walkers. Machete #1 please. for me. Keep this out the hands of my wife though.

Magik Jackalope says:

How many takes did you do to get that intro of all three blades sticking? Althoug I haven’t personally before any of these, I agree with your choice of the gold medal chete, the Precilla looks pretty sweet.

robert buck says:

SCH Bolo please

Walter Kennedy says:

I really like the priscilla, would love to try one out

Todd New says:

Great reviews – nice to see how you ranked them.

Dean Wittle says:

Like the bolo

Ben Schildgen says:

Chuck Norris once caught the Loch Ness Monster but threw it back

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