All About Machetes With Joe Flowers | Knife Banter Ep. 61

Joe Flowers with Condor Tool and Knife teaches Zac about machetes. Check out machetes here:–Machetes–3185?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_campaign=8-10-18-bhq-machete_kb&utm_term=All%20About%20Machetes%20With%20Joe%20Flowers%20%7C%20Knife%20Banter%20Ep.%2060


Hunter Glass says:

I guess Americans would think Ax but that’s definitely regional. Having grown up in south Louisiana machetes were very common. An ax isn’t worth crap in the majority of the swamp.
Being stationed in several Central American countries throughout the 80’s the machete was standard in your packing list.
Good video.

Cody Davis says:

Joe is always a welcome treat.

Ralph Matthew says:

My grandfathers carry machetes back in the day as how we carry our edc knives hahaha

MasterK9Trainer says:

Too much fast talking. I think it hampered the conversation as there was little explanation of the various types of machetes. The other guy was asking the question of which was the best or Joe’s favorite to find some kind of distinction, but no real information was given.

I also get confused as to whether Joe Flowers is promoting himself or his employer Condor. He gets a lot of attention (hero worship) from some You Tube dudes yet he often appears clueless and seems to ignore questions from viewers. Why is that I wonder? Or does he only talk to celebrity You Tube (Preparedmind101 for example) and survivalist people?
There is a Condor office here in Orlando and they don’t have any samples nor did the person invite me to talk with him or offer to help me, so what the hell do they have an office for? I question Condor’s business practices. Nobody sells their stuff here either. They made that Tac-tana sword, made posters, had some for sale, but seems like dealers never have stock. I asked Joe about it and not a word.

Otherwise Machete Specialists has explanations of the different designs (Latin, Bolo, Grass, etc.) and their intended uses on their website. I’m not promoting them nor have I purchased anything from them, but while I hear people praise Joe and Condor, I have doubts and expect better service and I hear they often sell faulty blades, so I shop elsewhere.

PJ Duffield says:

how come you guys don’t show many Gerber Gear knives on your channel?

DannyBeatzEnterprise says:

Can you do a episode on ultralight/lightweight knives. Like atleast below 2oz. For backpacking, hiking. If it has a bottle opener its probably not a backpacking/hiking knife.

GH82nd says:

You guys should go back to doing cutting competitions again with edc and camp knives

Sub Zero says:

In the rain forests of Asia and Africa, the machete is King. In North America though, the axe, hatchet, and tomahawk are better suited.

Colson Customs says:

Machetes are great

Tom Garcia says:

joe flowers is great, always enjoyed his shot show interviews for condor

John Brown says:

Can someone tell me the purpose of a machete or kukri outside of Amazon…

David M says:

Great video Joe flowers stole the show

SundayBlunts says:

im unboxing a knife while i watch this 😀

John Brown says:

The guy to make Sheaths easy will be a millionaire. I just spent $30 on knife sheath and not completely satisfied. To many companies that make you buy the sheath with their blades. I like My blades.

john McKinney says:

Joe, I was born and raised in the Amazon basin/peru, love my machetes.

Jude Grant says:

Do a best lefty EDC knife video!!!

Jacob Benns says:

Wow, very informative blade hq! I am a blacksmith who just forged out a damascus hand and a half cleaver/lotr orc machete hybrid for home use and this was awesome to see a comparison vid like this, not many others of the sort on this subject here on youtube

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah BladeHQ ad Joe Flowers. I deal with BladeHQ, But that Kukuri Machete sort of L@@K’s like one of my knives made by W. C.. I had mine made 8 3/4″ blade but it came out longer, then I really wanted it 3/16″ thick, and it came out a 1/4″ grrrrrrrr. so back to Busse Combat, Dilly Dilly.,,.p

TrAy_ Sythe says:

Benchmade barrage or mini grip?

Daniël Vos says:

I am a 13 year old knife collector from the Netherlands and today i was mad because my closet was to small for my pocketknives……. i guess better than drugs.

Joe White says:

I think you should’ve called them “Parang” (SouthEast Asian Machete) instead of Amalgam.

T Bruce says:

3:00 the Condor Discord, I have that machete and let me tell you it’s an absolute beast. I had a large 12″ diameter tree branch break off in my front yard and I didn’t have a chain saw. I used the machete to chop it into logs to haul away and it performed like a champ. It bit into the wood like an axe.

Charlie Kelly says:

And they also use them to decap rats in the cartel.

Nazar Brazhnyk says:

He sounds like Corey Taylor!

cyclist01222 says:

Joe I’ve been waiting for your Terrasaur design to hit the streets will it be soon?

Michael Moore says:

I have lived the last 18 years in Costa Rica, and before that 20 + years all through the tropics, you all have no idea what a machete is or how….or why it is used….

Fabio NL says:

Men! You talked about machete without mentioning Tramontina?!?! W.T.F.?!?! Shame on you guys!

Robin says:

The Makara looks great.

Tae So says:

What’s better, The Warlock or the Amalgum?

Scaaty Lobo says:

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe about 14 years ago.
He has done VERY well and gone a long way since then.
He is THE man when it comes to the choppers.

Tucker Sanchez says:

Would love to meet Joe! His passion for machetes is so genuine it makes me want to get more into them!

Derek Neumann says:


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