Aranyik Extended Latin Machete Review. Plus extra long chopping test vs Ontario 18″

For fans of yard swords and chopping blades the Aranyik Extended Latin Machete attempts to combine both into one. In this review I fell bamboo, chop wood, limb uh limbs, and pretend this is a normal tool a person who lives in the US needs. The blade is made from a 5160 high carbon steel and a eucalyptus wood handle. It’s a rustic instrument meant to be used in the jungle or a fake internet video survival scenario. I compare it to the Condor Tool and Knife Yoshimi Machete, the Zombie Tools Vakra, and the Ontario Military 18” machete. You can buy these shipped from Thailand at Aranyiks website:
You can get the cold steel sheath here that fits it:


49Giants says:

I batoned the shit outta the like button!

Matt 24 says:

How about dat Condor Discord?

thechugdude says:

We really appreciate you not forgetting about us jacked jungle dudes.

13irishsailors says:

Can you stop cussing in your beer reviews? My 8 and 5 year olds watch them religiously and I’m worried they will pick up bad habits if you insist on cussing in them.

Scott Chantos says:

Isn’t rustic Italian for “old and shitty”?

rrp925 says:

Your hand off! YOUR HAND OFF!!!!

Aaron cammon says:

I want Bamboo in my backyard! Does it grow in the desert??

D Kim says:

While you normally look as ungainly as a newborn giraffe, I daresay in this video at times you looked like a proper American ninja dealing swift death to logs and bamboo alike.

Wilson Wieggel says:

Chopping extended version.
This will be the first one I make y wife watch. “Honey, you have to see this guy’s videos.”

Chris Allison says:

Do you even machete bruh?

Blue Kogi says:

They make these out of truck leaf springs mostly.
Good steel but handles are not the best and quality control sketchy.
I live in Thailand and near me they make their own steel. It’s really cool and the only place here still doing traditional knife and sword forging.

Tony Canniffe says:

My eucalyptus is so hard right now

Erin Rhonemus says:

Please please do a review of the upcoming cold steel Luzon it looks like a knife that would be awesome for your video format of beating up knives and endless sarcasm!

PI Blades says:

Did I just here the F word? You know that I am only 13.

John Smith says:

Previous owner there must have had Downs Syndrome to intentionally plant bamboo. Did he also plant you some kudzu and poison ivy? Maybe a nice patch of devil’s club?

davidaxman says:

How is ut possible to have to do soooo much woodclearing? I feel we need a tour, with explanations, around your yard.

TheRevDr says:

I’m an occasional fan of quantity over quality so I suggest you try out the 5 pack of Colombian Military Surplus assorted knives they sell on Sportsman’s Guide. It will probably double your “collection” of long blades in one purchase. I bought a different three pack a while back and customized them. Now I have a machete, a seax, and a sort of sharpened entrenching tool. All dirt cheap and I got exactly what I paid for.

Joe Dirt says:

At laughed at the 3:20 mark. I wonder what the neighbors think when they see you fighting imaginary end level bosses while making swishing sounds.

J.Lender333 says:

Very helpful and funny

Scott Edwards says:

Charcoal is a fossil fuel and burns way way dirtier than gas/propane.

peter zwegat says:

could you please make a video on how you sharpen that machete with your spyderco sharpmaker? that would be great
btw I love the “…? – discuss” parts of the videos

Mark Little says:

Labatt Blue and Advanced Knife Bro, damn my life is complete!

Jose Osornio says:

No pocket clip??? Nice chopping action at the end bro.

dannydelacruz3 says:

I’m liking the transition to Advanced Machete Bro. Terava Skrama next?

MobiuSphere says:

I have a couple eBay purchases that I regret, is there some way I can send them to you?

Dan F. says:

Watch out for those ticks, bro.

kayok07 says:

Sounds like you need to get you a Parang Baabbyyyyy!!!!!!

rrp925 says:

Is it okay to ask a *******star if they ever get splinters in their eyes during a video shoot?

brand0nline says:

dude, more Impressions!!!!!

ryan mendoza says:

“Fuck ya diet mountain dew”

Joseph Kasperek says:

Nice work bro but I think you should wear safety glasses or we will have to start CALLING YOU “ONE EYE” ADVANCED KNIFE BRO

sunshyn21 says:

Finally finished off that Christmas tree…. what are you going to do when you run out of bamboo? Or is that not a possibility?

John Tedichwon says:

Alternate universe advanced knife bro: Has a real sword like the The Caithness from Albion, drinks/reviews only whey protein powder shakes, gets regular haircuts, works out, vasectomy.
Cyberpunk Advanced Knife Broapolypse 2077: Wears leather, patches on the back, long hair, is the only living reviewer online, spikes everywhere even from out of his bamboos, only chops neighbors yards, asks from “zombiegoboom” heads to be delivered for free, skulls are an obvious niche on me-tube for that that’s not being filled. Join us moderphuckers, for the next video to see which popular model Para2, Benchmade Grip, etc. etc. pierces better into a zombie head. Dual weilding ofc. Right up yo alley, all the Me-tubes ad revenue. Shotguns vodka with absinthe. I need to go to bed now.

Adam Smythe says:

I forgot about these. Always wanted one of their tools. What a beast. Cross between a machete, sabre, parang & katana. They do nice parangs too.
Aranyik website closed due to death in family — jinxed 🙁

Fraser Hood says:

But how is it for edc?

Fritz Stewart says:

I feel inadequate. I only have 2 13inch aranyik machetes and an 11inch kukri style one, and a little aranyik axe.

Burning Spork of Doom says:

Is it bourbon barrel aged? What is the ABV?

Your use of simple profanity is appalling, you need to step up your game.

Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors says:


ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt says:

This would be great for circumcisions.

Tahan Cross says:

криворукий блядь

Edward Voss says:

i need to find a video of the condor makara machete being used…or i could just buy one myself..

DirtRoadRider # says:

Hell Yeah!

Michael Valentine says:

My favorite yard-sword is my Cold Steel Katana Machete, the one they made a few years ago with the two foot long handle. Honorable mention to my Ontario Heavy Duty with the hand gaurd, but it’s really more of a yard heavy calvary saber.

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