Black Scout Reviews – ESEE Knives Lite Machete

In this episode, we review the machete offering form ESEE Knives. The machete is a tool that many people need in all walks of life and can be an important asset to a household. Check out our review of the ESEE version and thanks for watching!
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Jerome Kukurugya says:

Thanks for the honest review. I know Esee makes great products & honestly I was expecting more from their machete, not sure what the “more” was but for $100 something. I know the steel is probably better than a cheap version but for my purposes the full tang, cheapo fleamarket one works great.

sepp heinz says:

All ESEE products are massively overpriced. They use simple carbon steel, which is among the cheapest knife steels on the market. ESEE is all about hype. Their products are certainly not bad, but overpriced. Think about an EESE 6 with a crappy sheath costs about $140. And a Buck Special 119 with a quality sheath only about $60.

Danny K Smith says:

I purchased one of the machetes and must say that I like it very much. The handle is very good, I did wrap mine with a gripping tape such as you would put on a tennis racket. The blade cuts well, stays sharp and takes a good edge with minimal effort. This may become my no.1 go to machete. I do agree that the price is over the top! $35.00 would be a good deal for this knife. Thanks for the review. 

David S says:

What are your thoughts on the gerber parang?

Jonathan Kelly says:

These are $53 bucks on Knifeworks (without sheath) 😀

Tolik L. says:

Used to have a machete , gave it away when I got the Cold Steel spetsnaz shovel , it works better , and between that and my tomahawk , not much I cant do out in the woods .

sektion333 says:

Wow I got mine for $60 on

Atomic Astronaut says:

But still usefull

Survival On Purpose says:

Excellent, honest review of a high quality machete.  Maybe a little pricey,but certainly not junk either.  Thanks. – Bryan

Wasteland Seven says:

*shrugs* Seems to me that though I’m sure it’s a good blade, its probably the same blade as on a $20 Imacasa machete. I can’t justify paying $80 extra for the ESEE brand name on it. Rather support their company in some other way.

Appalachian Foothills Outdoors says:


Serenity Sekhmet says:

Ontario 6145 machete is way better and only 20 bucks

Devin Kent says:

Good review! I have been eyeing esee knives for a while but i purchased a Ka-Bar Kukri machete instead. It only cost 45 bucks and i can do everything from making feather sticks to clearing a trail to chopping down trees for a shelter.

Kevin Oubre says:

$80? Damn that was expensive. I got mine for 60 fomr GPknives. Totally worth it imo.

Disk Giant says:

Thanks alot for the honest review. I’ll still stick with my hatchet until I can afford one of those kukris from Cold Steel

Duderus says:

I thought I would like this but oddly I don’t. I think the Ontario (both Long and Short) saw backs are twice as good and a fraction of the price.

Vladimir Milenkovic says:

Have you tried the LT Wright machete if so how does it compare to this?

Orlos The Druid says:

I paid a single 10$ bill for a machete down in Panama, 3 days before I went into Sherman for JOTC duty, I used the shit out of that  tool all over South America, Columbia, Honduras, back for the Invasion ( Just Cause), then went to Korea with it, then back to the States.  After nearly 6 years of beating the hell out it, I gave it to a new private going off to the 7th.

Not much I didnt use it for, cutting, chopping brush, shaving tinder, brush whacking, shelter building,  I even used the flat of the blade to cook meat on a few times.

Get a machete for under $20…..but make sure it comes from some Central or South American nation……its made by those who know them best.

Jeff Russell says:

Lol. Ill just avoid the tall grass at that price 🙂

Schmitt Creis says:

Good review, thank you for it.
I just want to make some comments about the “overprice”.
I lived 7 years in Mexico, I had a gardening company over there, so I used a machete almost daily.
All the comments about the price are founded if you just need a machete for work, not for survival.
For work, if you machete brake, there is no problem, just walk to the next shop a buy a new one, for 10 Bucks…
I do not remenber how many machete I broke or bent so bad that it woul be useless for proper work.
I also had also at leat 3 or 4 machetes in my truck. I you get a problem with one, throw it away, take the next one and keep working.
But for a survival situation I would alway take the best and not look for the price.
A good tool is priceless wenn you live depends on it.

Atomic Astronaut says:

Full tang are a shit type of metal

hike61 says:

I love esee knives. I have a 3, 4, and a 6. But I won’t be getting this machete at that price.

Daniel Ralston says:

Try the tromantina machete they run about $15 on machete hope I can help

Anthony Nekson says:

Would you go with the Ontario or Esse?

Lt Survival says:

Too much machette on the market to charge that much for a classical lite machette. The blade must be of such a high quality that it would justify the price. Good review, but not for me.

Mudtoa Outdoors says:

Nice honest review

H.N says:

I would rather put in a bit more and get this. It’s a great machete style tool with an awesome sheath.–Scorpion-Knives-John-Lofty-Wiseman–16797

mwillblade says:

For that price it should of come with a leather sheath .

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