Buck Compadre Chopping Froe Machete Review

Blade Length: 10 inches
Steel: 5160
Thickness: 0.25 inch
Handle Scales: Walnut Dymondwood
Weight: 23.2 ounces
Sheath: Leather
Made In: USA
Price: $100

Part of the new “Compadre” Line from Buck Knives, The Chopping Froe is advertised as a blade for “clearing, heavy chopping, splitting, and batoning.”



Cool blade! why can’t I like your video’s xD

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Is, Thanx You for sharing the Froe/Chopper. ,, .

Lingoh Pin says:

this machete will be in my collection

renemanjr123 says:

I realy need to stop watching your videos Becaus now i have another one to add to the list of stuff i cant live without Its one BADASS WOMPER CHOMPER I need to get one

Keith Kacanek says:

Awesome review, as always. I just have a quick question. I’m stuck between this, the Ontario SP8, and the Ontario SP53. I like the 5160 of this blade and the SP53 (though I don’t mind the 1095 of the SP8 by any means), and I like the “sharpened pry bar” utility of this and the SP8. I’ve heard many reviewers say the SP53 is comparable to hatchet/hawk in terms of chopping capability. However, I really really like the sharpened end of the SP8, plus I found if for under $43. Lowest I’ve found for the SP53 is $82, and $89 for this one. In a perfect would I would get all three, haha. Sharpness out of the box isn’t a factor, I’ll put a good edge on it. Which would you reccomend for a heavy duty chopper and bottoner, and even shtf blade

Yo Adrian says:

I’m glad they invented paint stripper. That red just looks wrong to me… God damn ugly.


When I have:
-the Wetterlings #115 hunters hatchet
-the ka-bar becker bk9
Im afraid I don’t need this 10 inch long peace of awesomeness :S

DShiflet01 says:

I’ve been eyeing this, but the price keeps putting me off. I don’t have a specific need for it, afterall, and for the same price I could get like, a Condor or 2, so that’s the route I usually go(side note:when you gonna get that new Condor Duku parang, it’s awesome, and I know you like you some parang!). Still keeping my eye on these though, watching and waiting for a deal to pop up.

Baphore says:

Ahhh I just love it when the bigger blades come into the play 🙂 Really interesting design and thickness, I see some modding potential like giving it a point + making it lighter but cutting it in an angle from the spine, kinda like a parang… but I guess it would lose a part of it’s charm then. Awesome video 😉

thenextarcher says:

I like it. Kind of like a competitive option for the silky nata

Johan Pyssling says:

Cool! But ugly as hell! Lol

Ian White says:

I’ve never seen and more ugly machete like this :0
But good video , love from germany

BloodRedWing says:

2:50 what’s the machete that’s over the red one?

Dogman J says:

I own the camp knife, 104.Awesome!!

Paul'ie 4X says:

Hi Israel I checked up on the Froe only to find out it’s a 3 pc Series, a Froe, Hatchet, and Knife, I just wish Buck used more red, heh heh heh.but I liked it, Thanx Israel.

NeoWolf says:

Great review!  Thanks for sharing.

Chris Green says:

I watched bucks hoodlum break when being battoned then I was told they wouldn’t warranty it??

kydd666 says:

machetes like this are made for chopping and batoning but the problem is now all these people think any machete made should ba able to be batoned through a log and survive. i watched a guy try to baton a gerber gator jr. through a log and claim it was a piece of shit because it broke. people need to know the limitations of their tools and what they were made for, thin machetes are for brush clearing and thick ones are for chopping/batoning

Sawyer Simmons says:

Great video, dude!  Keep it up! 😀

anarchism says:

whats the name of the other machete you compared it with?

paul west says:

Ok, the Froe or Jess X.

paul west says:

$62 Amazon prime!

Desert Reaper says:

u do realize 5160 spring steel is a popular choice for sword making and u usually only see spring steel on small knives in the $200 price range add bucks amazing heat treat i think this is an amazing value…thanks brother great reveiw!

Escariot Nah says:

Did you find the grind to be on the heavy side? It didn’t seem to bite as deeply as you would expect given the weight. Have you compared it to leaner brush axes like your Woodman’s Pal or a Fiskars?

Thanks for the review.

The crazy Weaponcrafter says:

Oh this is realy ugly 😉

Martian Buddy says:

Do you have an Ontario SP8 to compare it too?

visesh seernam says:

a machete is not judge on its color and look but on use and power it can deliver

Adam White says:

looks like a turd

NotAHappyCloud says:

Radical blade man. Looks like something a viking would use

Wildman Bushcraft and survival says:

awesome dude

S.A Masquerade says:


brianminkc says:

lawn mower blade with a wooden handle attached.

Jules Thurongi says:

Bos heat treated 5160 vs stump of truth…

Nathan Garza says:

A froe isn’t intended for chopping. It’s meant for splitting logs into shingles, slats, and boards.

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