Budget Awesomeness: Ontario SP-8 Survival Machete

The SP-8 has been around for awhile and to be honest I was not expecting a lot from this blade. It has a squared off tip, and a large space between the handle and the cutting edge. Man was I wrong, this thing is a beast and for under $50 a mind blowing value.

Where To Buy On amazon: http://goo.gl/N0jzLb




Matt Klapman says:

I thought the saw was for aluminim/thin sheet metal, not for notching.


Where’s your safety glasses Mr.???? LOL!

Teachering says:

I like many of the knives produced by Ontario. They’re a good company. This Ontario SP-8 Survival Machete is no doubt a good knife to own as demonstrated, and at a fair price.

Kai Abbe says:

Hey man, i would love to see the Helle Temagani, it’d be nice to see a different knife brand/style and they are just gorgeous looking

cassanoa says:

maybe you shouldn’t keep mentioning the price of the sp8 – it sounds like the equal of most high end knives at any price – i have had one from the 90’s and its absolutely the best i have – built to last – your right about the sheath – they went cheap on the front with the nylon and a kydex would be better – one modification i made is to grind down the saw teeth – they were eating the sheath when extracting and didn’t add to the performance – with out the teeth you can use it as a draw knife because you can grip the spine – i ground it down to the point where is left a nice hatch patters which adds even better grip when batoning – also stripped the black coating – after a short while it was looking real bad and offered zero protection – i just oil it up instead – its my most powerful knife – i have even grabbed the spine and handle and used it to dig trenches or dig out fire pits – it would be easily worth several times its price – especially in a bad situation – it will get you through anything – friends have referenced it as an Apocalypse knife ( more of an axe ) they could be right 🙂
great review

Dan Schwemin Jr says:

Great review Aaron! You have a really good knack for understanding the idea behind different design features! Good display of common sense my friend! It’s refreshing honestly because not many people seem to exhibit a high level of common sense these days! Lol. Be well brother! =)

The Dris says:

I was on the fence about buying this knife until I saw this video last year. Couldn’t be happier for what I use it for. The sheath isn’t great but not nearly as bad as the one SOG sends with the Force. Keep up the great reviews and thanks.

shcmoly says:

Great review. It’s not a machete, not really a knife, almost a pry bar, chopping beast sure. Cool but odd. I think I’ll stick with my traditional large fixed blade – for now. Ontario does makes some of my fav’s.

James Ritchie says:

Are you REALLY going to carry this thing into the woods?   For the weight and bulk of this useless thing, you can carry two real tools, and a large lunch.If you want to chop, go buy a hatchet, a tomahawk, or a camp axe.  If you want to whittle on a stick, use a knife.  I love that it’s made of 1095, but it’s completely useless piece of crap for real bushcraft and survival tasks.  It screams AMATEUR. . .or nut.

WMsandKFCisBackMOFOs says:

but how does it fair against zombies?

Drew Saldana says:

It’s like 80 bucks on amazon now

David Mm says:

“Wear your safety gloves”… I think the better thing to do is be aware of where your hand is in relationship to where the blade is (or will be).

Marcus Disspain says:

It now comes with a kydex sheath as a secondary sheath. Had one, but had to sell. Want to get another one soon.

Eric Beyer says:

Saw blade edge on a 1/4 in thick blade is pointless and I doubt the teeth are cut correctly to be a functional saw. Sheath design is junk. I’d pass

MTwoodsrunner says:

well it beats the hell out of knapping a stone axe…i guess…lol…woods

Almus Quotch says:

How well does it work as a chisel?

Derek Everyguy says:

Looks like a fine tool. Anyone ever tell you that you look like the guy from Stephen Kings Dreamcatcher?

Jason C. says:

The gap might be for vibration damping. NOT sure really, but that”s my guess.

SAKCollector 1 says:

An elongated axe

Morten Trolle says:

Whenever you use an axe or a big chopper,try to start chopping with the same width as the tree or object you are chopping.And try to hold the same width thru the limb,it goes much faster because you breake of large amounts of wood,and the knife/axe wont get stuck. When you chopp i see you make a v cut,and then your knife will absolotley will get stuck. It lodges itself into that v cut and cant go any further,you will just stand there and not get any wood off. This is just a tip,if you try it will open upp a new world to you when it comes to chopping wood in general.This is how we do it in Norway,and yes we can chop wood in this country. By the way,great vid!

dllemm says:

How practical is notching? Booby traps?! Do they sell a blunt edged model?

Hunter Belch says:

so as far as a froe/machete hybrid, is the only other option the buck 108 compadre? i love the concept of froes but want more versatility than the traditional perpendicular ones that are common. need one like this sp8 or the buck 108, but i wanna know if there are other options

Kevin Kelly says:

Arron, will it throw sparks off a ferro rod or is the coating a hindrance??

Yo Adrian says:

Reminds me of the Bk3 tac tool. I’ll have to get one of those at some point though… I guess it’s going on the list hahaha. Great review as always!

Cuttin out says:

Good beer opener too!

Andrew Hondo says:

the sp -8 is ok but tell you the truth it well were you out quick and in survival calories count and it well burn you out and get you killed the sp-8 is nothing more thin a glorified camping knife the Ontario Latin 18 inch machete is perfect four survival or a tramontina 18 inch machete and cost half the price and leave you less tired becuse of the length of latin’s

Matt Dasilva says:

This is a tool to use for getting out of an aircraft during a disaster. The saw back is for cutting through aircraft metal. It is also my favorite go to woods tool. Great video.

mick sexton says:

i have been abusing my sp8 for years, it never lets ya down .. and yep we do some stupid crap to it and it begs for more ….

Benton Harkey says:

I ‘ve had this machete for about 6 months and used it on my Conservation Work Crew out in Cimarron NW. I have a mixed opinion of it. When it comes to chopping limbs, it works fairly decently. Most of the trees I have around me in the mountains are either pines, firs, aspens, and occasionally cottonwoods near streams in lower elevations. I found that, as you said in the video, it does fairly well with harder, more brittle woods. Ponderosa pines, junipers, and cotton woods it excels at. But more “spongy” green woods like aspens, douglas and noble firs it struggled with becuase of how thick the grind is. Even with the weight, the machete just didnt sink becuase of how think the bevel was. I much prefered my kershaw camp 14 with its narrower flat grind. I can also attest to its ability as a pry bar. I got my Stihl 362 (lovingly named Rosie) bound up in a gnarly , ancient pinyon and with the help of felling wedges and this machete was able to successfully release it. I put my entire body weight on it (160), so despite testament on some of these breaking, I’ve seen quite the opposite. Another problem I found was how squarish and round the handle is. In your video, you said the kryton was “grippy” in wet scenario’s, and I quite disagree. I found that whenever, I was in wet areas, (which is every afternoon in the Rockies) i tcan be quite slick in comparison to the rubber on my camp 10 or the micarta of my ontario rtak 2. And becuase of how rounded it and how thick the grind is. I found that if you copped at an angle (which is sometimes necessary to lessen vibration on a limb) it really wanted to twist and roll completely 90 degrees in my hand. I have medium of smaller hands, so perhaps this is less of an effect on larger handed people. Either way, now that I am in the off season, I keep it in my bug out bag as an overall do it all knife urban survival knife. I feel like I could pry open a car door with it. Anyways, I have been a big fan of your youtube channel and despite the fact that I do not comment often, I plan on giving my feedback a little more in the future.
-Philmont, Work Crew November Foreman

David Kiser says:

Had one and loved it. Ironically though, I hadn’t been using it and gave it to friend who helped me move a few years ago. He is also loving it-even got it out to show it to me a few weeks ago! I agree with your review-great “performance-to-price” ratio!

Irish Zombie Nation says:

Ontario is my favorite knife manufacturer and I was excited to see your review of this blade. I’m definitely going to pick one up. Thanks for the info. I’m glad to see someone review the SP line.

Ultimate Survivalist says:

Great review.

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