Bushcraft Machete Kershaw Camp10 , 1 Year Review !

Bushcraft Machete Kershaw camp 10 1 year review !
and some shout outs !

Jeremy Woodward




Nice review John! Subbed the shout outs!

MTwoodsrunner says:

good review John….after some heavy chopping i did get a bit of a wave in the edge right at the belly of the blade.
i just ground it out, resharpened and reprofiled the blade a bit and it works just fine now…put a convex edge on it…much stronger now….atb…woods

Mica River says:

Looks like a work horse. Great deal at that price! Take care

WildernessGal says:

Awesome knife! I like the piggyback also.

fepowson says:

Good review on a nice knife John 🙂
Best Wishes….Les.

kabaruser says:

great opening bro . that Kershaw is great my uncle has one for a while now it clears everything he surveys for a living

Kullcraven Bushcraft & Survival says:

That is a sweet set up man and a plastic or thermo plastic sheath is not a bad thing, it will last a lifetime man .Sweet looking machete man, i like it alot bro. thanks for the update.

Nick Harland says:

Hey great new intro John, really liked it!!   Very cool knife, looks great for the real hard work.  Like you said, it’s a chopper.  I’m really liking Kershaw knives, just ordered my 2nd a few days ago.  Great as always John.  ATB  Nick.

Brian Driggers says:

very nice my friend

krazy45cat says:

I like the looks of that blade ,Nice !!!

GunCrazy81 says:

Seems like one pretty sweet blade John. Thanks for the updates

TRprepper says:

Now that’s a real review, one that has been used and abused and passed the test. Looks like a winner, take care Colonel.

A Few Minutes With jman says:

Great review on the camp10 brother. Only trouble is you keep giving me more stuff I want to pickup. I will definitely give the two channels you mentioned a look, you have not steered me wrong yet. Take care brother.

sha whit says:



Which is better tops sxb or this ?

Scottish Wanderer says:

love your new intro john great review atb stuart

NEKCanoeist says:

Great review John! Looks like a great piece of kit! Thanks for sharing.

Bob808Knight says:

I like the new intro John. Now that is a knife.
Great one year review John. I can definitely tell you use it.. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

ramdor72 says:

great review John, off to check out those two guys. atb Richie.


Excellent video brother

T&B Kuntry Strong says:

I just picked one up from Academy Sports this weekend, and I was shocked when I got home how well it felt in the hand and the balance, I have yet to put it in any wood but I can’t wait. You have sparked major confidence on this large blade.

Optionsaregood says:

Great review, the Camp 10 is an awesome chopper, mine is about a year old … it’s my go to chopper when I don’t need a axe.

Turtle Bushcraft says:

Nice Knife. I bet it chops really nice to many of them in that size have to thin a blade thanks for sharing

wyattoneable says:

That’s one heavy looking knife. If I come across one I may consider it, thanks for the review. 

Mr. Tolly (AKA: fatmantolly) says:

Great update John, I’m checking the shout outs.

T.W. Milburn says:

‘Mornin Brother-John; How’s the Itty-Bitty Scratch a ‘healin ? Just came back from subbin U’r 2 shouts. Looks like I’m ‘gonna B busy 4 awhile he-he Have a Blessed Day.
ATB ” T “

wyattoneable says:

Ops, and I’ll check out those channels.


Fatman turned me on to these A few months back. Have not pulled the trigger yet but I have had my eye on the camp 14. Great review and shout outs.

Frederick Nolan says:

Great new intro and great looking maachetee for only being used for a year. Whatch the middle third of the edge, that holds the edge longest over time. You use draw back stroke when chopping, you will see the branches really come off, like ears on the side of heads, so say the Gurka when they use a down stroke. Have fun wacking thru the brush and woods.

live4wild says:

Thanks Colonel. I thought about getting one of those. Now you made my mind up. 

Hawkie67 says:

A fine machete. I also keep a spare blade ( spear-point/throwing knife) on my sheath Thanks for the shout out John. Stay safe. Cheers mate

KnifeTex says:

ZZTOP and Big Chopperz! NICE! Great vid John!

Primal Outdoors - Camping and Photography says:

That looks like a great knife, John thanks for sharing.


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