Camillus Carnivore X Review
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I do an initial test on the Carnivore X by Camillus. A crazy looking blade that might just be a great budget blade for survival and bushcraft wood processing. I take an honest look at this $24 Wal-Mart special.

Please watch: “Bushcraft Winter Camping Loadout”


Jonathan Delgado says:

You should review the XZ exact same knife but it’s 8inch

Eyan Cossell says:

For people who have trouble sharpening camillus blades try using the edge of some cardboard thank me ltr

Kevola says:

Have you tried using the pommel on the end of the handle to strike your fero rod? A notch in the log to brace your limb when sawing seems to help. I never had much luck with saw teeth on a knife for actual sawing but some of them are good for prepping tinder.

Hayden Dewees says:

I would suggest that you take a carbide to it and then a whetstone. And clean up the edge I got mine razor sharp in like 10 mins and it does a lot better

Fire-hawk 1911 says:

I live in pike county 🙂

Vaping Ruben says:

Zombie skull crusher lol ??????? oh that zombie skull crusher feature must be very useful !!! lmao

bradleystrand81 says:

When that Carnivore-X first came out a couple years ago I got one on discount for $13 from “Wally World” and took it for a 4 day backpack camping trip in a wilderness area of Upper Michigan and it worked great with no fails. I chopped up much small to medium sized live and dead hardwoods. The saw back works well for tinder prep, but I found the chopping it can do is far more efficient than the sawing it can do…basically it will chop any thing the same diameter a lot faster than using the saw back.

Brad Gardiner says:

Personally had that she snapped about half way blade other then that I give it a 4/10

Will Holly says:

A becker tactool is designed to pry. This is a machete. The only thing they have in common is the squared tip & it’s for different purposes on either knife. A tactool knockoff it definitely is not.

The Bob says:

I would love an update. How’s it holding up to use? Have you done anything to the handle? How well does it hold an edge and how do you maintain it?

GoWild Outdoors says:

Awesome review dude!

Jese Garcia says:

I mada a spoon with that

The Survival Now Guy says:

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No: Six says:

How’d this turn out? Does it sharpen easy?

alan j Hornung says:

GREAT REVIEW ! Most of gear you have to get it from online stores but with a Wal-Mart’s ok outdoor department you can find good gear .

Forewarned76 says:

I just bought a CRKT Halfachance for $24.00

Tubbyonly says:

I just bought mine today! Love the product…

Janson Gander says:

Although the Camillus name is owned by Acme Brands (whatever that is) they do have some nice blades on the general market. If I’m not mistaken, the *Western* brand knives are made by the same folks as Camillus, and I think a couple of other nondescript brand titles. To be honest, they are pretty good, and some are just downright tough as monkey teeth. The *Carnivore X* is an animal as far as budget knives are concerned. I have 2, so I decided to modify the blade on one of them, that’s a bad idea, because even with the toughest cutting wheel on my angle grinder, it took 40 minutes to cut off a section about 1.5 inches long. Towards the core of the blade it cuts a little easier, but that first 1.5mm is insane to cut through… So that *Titanium* coating isn’t a joke. I didn’t think it was for real, or really anything to talk about, but it’s no gimmick, that *Titanium* coating is for real. I got blue sparks for 15 minutes before I got through it, and then again cutting through the other side. So far, I have NO intention of modifying my other one. Great video, calm and smart.

Connor Perkins says:

Fucking hate this thing mine shaped chopping a small log

get saved says:

Hey; I wonder if you could use the small free knife that comes with it to strike the ferro rod?

Christopher says:

Just got mine today Walmart dot com for $8 can’t beat that right lol

Slacker Engi 2 says:

I could make a better chopping tool for a stone and tree branch

Tevin Robinson says:

I would the smaller trimming knife for the ferro rod…js

Forewarned76 says:

The handle is a job for Wilson wrap


a small flat spot in front of the blade. top and bottom will throw sparks a mile lol

quercus says:

Piece of junk the saw looks more like a bone breaker.

Troy Manning says:

Thanks for the review! I’ve always wondered about this tool

Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420 says:

Fucking junk
..half tang with a hole right where it shouldn’t be means the first big boy to use it breaks it..

Total trash.

Martin Outdoors says:

Hey , did you shave yourself with the Camillus ? :)Good review !

SGR Outdoors says:

I picked one up last week, and am now even more excited to review it, Awesome review my friend


I think it’d be good for Batoning

Randall Watson says:

I just bought this tool for $16 on a clearance rack at my local Wal-Mart in Aurora, MO because the small knife that came with it had been stolen from the package, this is great for taking out small saplings on my property. I love the Camillus Carnivore x.

Spencer Kohl says:

My solution to the grip issue was wrapping it with Paracord. It works a lot better and really absorbs the impact well.

Hayden Dewees says:

I use this knife for clearing brush more than chopping

Dan Schwemin Jr says:

You know something, I didn’t even get 2 minutes into this video and I already could immediately tell you are a very well spoken, rational, and intelligent individual! So I’m already going to thank you for what I know will be a good review. It’s always a breath of fresh air to see people like you doing a review rather than fucking idiots like Nutnfancy. People like that really make me questions society! Haha

michael koncal says:

From what I’ve seen the handle is the weak point. I guess the later ones are improved.

MegaWoodswalker says:

I am going to pack this on my next 20 mile trail jog. Naw, but cool review and funky edge tool for sure. Looks better than I expected. Thumbs up!

Jason G says:

With the quality of your videos it’s just a matter of time before your channel explodes in subs and views.

will ames says:

I would really like to see you do a review of the small knife that comes with that machete if you are willing. I’ve really come to appreciate your videos and your channel. If you are not willing I understand. Thank you for the work that you put into your channel, it had helped me more than you could ever realize. Also, for what it’s worth, the spine of that smaller knife, although strangely shaped can really devastate a ferro rod.

Stephen Bradley says:

Maple and Oak are the best types of wood to do reviews on. I have one just as a backup tool and have used in many condition in Canada, hasn’t failed me yet. But it stays in my backup Buyout bag Incase I can’t reach my main bag.

NW Primate says:

Great review. Nice job putting it through its paces.

Brian Mccann says:

I have the XZ 8″ blade version. Great blade.
I finally figured out the saw…
Pull stroke only. Move around what you’re cutting.

thescottsman1996 says:

camillus is one of the nicer knife makers at walmart

disturbedstomper says:

Great video and review. After I purchased mine, I used a file and sharpened the “chisel” at the end of the blade. Second only to my 9″ Fiskars brush hook, priced the same,it’s the best value I could find. I feel the saw has an excellent design, but the kerf is too wide. It’s great for notches though. I’m in the process of making the sheath left handed too.

UrDaddy WingNut says:

There is a massive difference between the Carnivore and the Carnivore X, and most of the fail videos I see are with the non X version. I own the X, and after filing down those HORRENDOUS spines on the backside of the handle I love it. And as far as the ferro goes, who doesn’t carry an actual pocket knife that’s perfect for those anyway?

أتابع الناصري. Keillor,Christopher says:

Striking a Ferro Rod would be the job for the little knife just because it’s a big knife I mean it can do everything it could but I’m thinking you would want to hold the blade down with your material in front of the handle area and Spark that way

Po Money says:

electric tape works good just make the handle a little wider and it’s perfect

ParasidicGeneration says:


T_RocNY37 00 says:

Nice job with the review sir!

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