Camillus Carnivore X Titanium Machete

Quick review of Camillus Carnavore X Titanium. The guy behind me in line when I bought it noted “wow, that’s a serious knife”

After a 2×4 Chop and Batoning thru a 5″ half-stump it still cuts paper. I’ve seen lots of fail reviews on other Camillus Carnivores but maybe these new models are more robust. Time will tell. I’ll update if it fails.

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Balin Winfield Sadler says:

I bought this machete at walmart yesterday. it was $24.99.

TheWiłdLIFE says:

I think there’s a flaw in your knife sheath because when I got mine I tried to kind of stick the knife out of it as a test and it was fine

The Survival Now Guy says:

I Paid $ 18.11 For 2 Of These With A Black Handle Including Tax Wal-Mart Has Them On Sale Nice Review I Am Restarting My Channel Up I Erased It By Accident A While Ago SO I Am Making A New One
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santiago vindell says:

You forgot to show us the “wire cutter” in action bro…

Flip Flop says:

Put the velcro strap over the little pair knife

Marcus K says:

Camillus is survival gear.
That little knife is used for tying it to a stick for a spear for catching fish ect, if I’m not mistaken.
Also the funny shaped tip is used for digging.

mike harrold says:

Fair review, other dickheads broke them trying to baton them or pry with it , it is intended for hunting/survival type work

The Soothsayer42 says:

not Allen keys, just a small wrench

Justin Wolford says:

the little knive is apparently a trimming knive I’m guessing for fine work like making curls

Budget Guns and Gear Reviews says:

Good review!

Blackhawk Survival says:

It’s a gut hook

Power Is In Numbers says:

Good bit of kit

FOX says:

this Camillus cannot paper cut test !

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