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Originally shot for and aired on the Reality Survival channel, Preparedmind101 breaks down the in’s and out’s of choosing a large bladed tool for your outdoor kit based on the terrain you live around and what each type is good at. Showcasing options from Cold Steel, Condor Tool and Knife, CRKT, Ka-Bar Becker, Tramontina, and Schrade, there is always a tool out there that will work for you.








SLC Outdoors says:

I had to laugh when you said that you were designing a knife haha I’m looking at my JessicaX right now. Time flies

exadakt says:

the bk9 and bk7 in amazon have black blade. why? did they make any improvement to the blade?

مسلم says:

طيب بكم هذا ياخواجه . ؟

AlexT808 says:

1080 spring steel

TexMex says:

Nice vid… How has that condor eco parang been doin, pulled the trigger on it when i saw your vid and lovin it.

Anna Peterson says:

My husband came up against real dried palm branches. Even with a badass very sharp 18″ Tramontina, this stuff was obstinate! When it’s live, it can still give you a run for the money but dried? The Tramontina tore it up, but it was work for real. Our Tramontinas prove themselves daily.

get saved says:

How good is the Schrade Schbolo at splitting firewood (Batoning)?

Codie Kennedy says:

Check out the marbles machete on sale for 12.99 at smkw. Im pretty sure its a tramintina sold by marbles, it is made in el salvador. Also it has a white and black tiger stripe coating on the blade and since its carbon steel great for protection. Its not full size although they do have the full size for 14.99 with the orange blade. Handle is very grippy paracord wrap. Sheath is durabe as hell.

Marco Lopez says:

has nothing o a kukri

CAPOC38A says:

By not just use a small axe or hatchet? Carrying an unnecessarily large blade is pointless. Mors Kochanski answering the question, “What is a Survival Knife?”
“… comfortable handle, blade no bigger than four fingers, continuous curvature, nothing unusual or weird about any shape. The tip of the knife ends up somewhere between the center and the back of the handle. The blade is so thin that it’s quite flexible.”


Good chopper but how would that do against the MOD British Knife??

Clayton Moorhead says:

What’s the best cold steel tomahawk for what you use them for?

Harold Cooper says:

it would be funny if you could do a little cgi and pull out a light saber

Derek Davies says:

Do the Ontario sp53..
looking forward to that one

Norman Mallory says:

I have went to a large knife last year and i like it as it chops well for it’s grind and 17 ounce weight .. Also last year i bought my first Kukri and i spend hours watching you guys demo this design , i bought the Ontario , ya it’s a full flat grind and some wood it does stick in the wood…


Check video Correa LR is in Spanish but you will andestem the idea work grate for big knife and machete . is a over back hand strap work real well for me . check it out.

Ruler of the Under Sky % says:

I own, and use a Fiskars x7 hatchet when I camp. It’s going on almost four years, and is still going good. I’m going to be ordering in a Condor Parang soon.

Goodn Luckyone says:

For approximately the same weight as a large chopper, a well made properly designed hatchet or small camp axe can provide more versatility for chopping splitting and hammering. If you carry a big chopper you are going to want a good smaller blade (or two) for more detailed and delicate work anyway, and you won’t have a hammer when you need one. To me a hatchet / knife combo seems more practical long term. But I have a couple of big choppers just in case I lose my hatchet and need to “make do”.

Elvis zayas says:

you should have mentioned sword machetes those things clear alot fast

John Reynolds says:

looks like you down by big walnut creek

oldtimer4567 says:

I think that Schrade calling it a “bolo” is intentional. Especially since a barong is similar to a bolo. Read the history, origin and purpose of a barong and then the same for a bolo. I think Schrade wanted to produce barong style knife but wanted to associate it more with the purpose of a bolo knife.

Aaron Bowe says:

these are actually so impractical for the area, you live in America bye a variety of axe’s. this video encompasses the “preper” comunity, way to much in to tools and there apperance and how it makes them appear, the bushcraft comunity is far more practical. take some advice from them, why because all you learn from a preper is ‘the best kit’ and are way to focused on the kit rather than skill and quality. this is quite evident just how many knives he has. look at the bushcraft comunity preping is a wast of tim.

Joseph G Krestan says:

Thanks great reviews & general info! Joe

BCB says:

dude the stickers are still on your machetes! You haven’t used them!!! Cut the shit. Use the products before you speak about them. I wouldn’t review a product until I have used it extensively. You embody what is wrong with Youtube videos.

tommy autio says:

Where did you purchase the Becker bk9 cuase I really want to purchase one

Grant Fishing says:

The cold steel trail master is an outstanding chopper and is FFG.

Steven Ricot says:

I got a schrade axe that you reviewed and it is awesome!!! Bugout bag coming together real nice because of Chris!!!


My favorite survival chopper?

Fiskars X7 5850.

Christopher Griffith says:

awesome, very informative and unbiased reviews, you guys rock! 🙂

Anna Peterson says:

I like the ChanceinHell. Looks like it may be the next one on the least like maybe this Tuesday. Chris, you and my husband have the same tastes in knives.

Arkansas Bushcraft says:

u should do another vid like this! I can’t tell u how many times I’ve watched this

Frank Webster says:

This is one of the best videos I have seen with such a variety of machetes.. thanks…

Steven Ricot says:

I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ my much so I sleep with mine..under my pillow…getting a BK-2 as my EDC next week!!!

a b says:

Very complete review. Thanks for sharing.

Dylan Franks says:

i got a knife company that can beat your Becker BK-9 Miller Bros Blades if you check them out you will be amazed

s1r_dr2g0n says:



STARTING IN SEP 1, 2017, We Can Carry Up To a FUCKING KATANA!!


James Trotman says:

I bought a Becker crewman Becker combat Bowie and the little Becker Mora and the Ontario machete with the saw back those the only knives I ever bought one time instead of buying something cheaper and then upgrading

The Cannon Channel says:

13:22 Shuheeeth.

specopsbrat says:

Kukris are not good for chopping. You will end up with it stuck in your chin. A straight blade is much better.

spoke1183 says:

Sometime i hate your videos man makes me buy things lol. Waiting on BK9 now cant wait to do your method on lettering and polish great vids and info. Thank you.

William Russell says:

great video and I appreciate the time you put into making this.

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