Cold Steel Black Bear Bowie Machete Review, Budgety Bowie-ness

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Mike V says:

I make my own knives that are more innovative in their designs. I guess if you are not professional, you need to buy this stuff.

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

I would buy just for the cool factor.

Stéphane Grenier says:

Seems like it would have really high crit chances.

Polar Bear says:

And it received good comments, yes!

Illyria Knives says:

Nice,a litle thin but can’t complain for the price.

TAC-HILL says:

i like it. have thought about pickin one up for awhile.

John Gate says:

sure is beefy good video

counter snout says:

critical ops more than like crick ops huh XDDDDDDD

PBRstreetgang says:

Academically speaking you could also probably hack somebody’s arm off with it, say in a self defense situation maybe they already shot you or stabbed you. Then you could probably hack their arm off academically speaking, of course. You could also probably open some mail or packages with it as long as you are careful and do it in an academic way.

Shrugg Thirteen says:



That’s awesome for the price nice I think I might need this lol

Clea Milner says:

So it’s the bowie machete with the smatchet’s handle. Fair enough. Looks like a good little blade.

Justeverything says:

I need a really cheap but good karambit knife so if you have a link please send

Arctic Gator says:

Definitely going to add this to the collection, would you say the handle is the same as on the smatchete from cold steel?

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

The Cold Steel madness continues with a review of the Black Blear Bowie Machete.

Mike V says:

When your in the bush, do you prefer full tang or poon tang?

Stassa23 says:

Great review I love the blade shape I would rather it as a heavier duty knife

visesh seernam says:

i have a request can you make a video on high carbon and stainless steel

Mad Hatter says:

Cold steel is a company of thugs and bullies that prey on small knife makers. Never spend a dime on their trash.

kevin Schmith says:

No I want 2kill peaple,lots of people,kill!kill!kill,

cebuanostud says:

Meat processor for me!


nice brother thank you

CSharp says:

If you could get your index finger in front of that guard, it’d make shavings & feather sticks a bit easier to do.

João Paulo Carvalho says:

You should make a vídeo about cols steel Scottish Dirk!

Knife Guy says:

You need to do a review on the condor Jungolo you would be the first on YouTube

d fernandez says:

Speaking of machetes pls review the camp 12 thanks bro

Mt. Baldwin says:

These cold steel machetes are excellent for borrowing out to non-knife people, they look impressive to them and they are not junk so perform good enough but they are low priced so you don’t get upset when they come back all dinged up and have rust spots.


I’m interested. Looks fun. Not sure how PRACTICAL it would be, but sometimes you get something for the fun of it.

DShiflet01 says:

I ordered one of these, and the site I ordered it from sent me 2 for some reason. So now I can dual wield these badboys when I’m trimming the bushes around my porch, lol. Just call me Yard Work Riddick

augdog1230 says:

Can you do a review of the Cold Steel GI Tanto

Polar Bear says:

Yes. The Bear.

Steve's knives & hikes! says:

What is the overall length of this knife?

grilin18 says:

Just bought this yesterday for bottle cutting use

TheKRiddler says:

what no throw test looks like it would stick now we all know you can thew machetes ive seen you throw that marbels devil tail still a great review

Jason Von Mizener says:

This bushcraft  stuff is insidious.  I think you’re succumbing!  I’m gonna order two spoons and a gravy ladle!  Good vid. review.

Josef Stalin says:

Its a good knife but it looks like a knockoff survival knife

dharmamoose says:

I love mine. Its an excellent work horse that Im not afraid to whomp on. I bought two of these for half the price of an RTAK 2. If I broke a 90 dollar knife, Id be pissed. You chip the edge on the Black Bear bowie machete? Two minutes of file work and its good as new.

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