Cold Steel Tactical Tanto Machete Test

This is a test of the Cold Steel Tactical Tanto Machete. Its not a Wakiashi.

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brandon white says:

This is fuckin dope

Gamer xG778 says:

Gone dooooo wa asssss

callum1502 says:


artie lusk says:

“Tanto”refers to the shape of the blade, or more importantly, the shape of the tip of the blade. It does not designate whether it is a knife or a machete

el beto g. says:

Jajajaja destroy You garner house

K B says:

Cheapest I have found this anywhere currently is $25 plus shipping

Charles Collier says:

The Hawaiian Ninja, in the house!  I learned my lesson with Cold Steel “katana” machetes a while back.  Fun as a toy.  Not particularly useful as a tool.

Gadsen Cullpepper says:

Use a 45deg cut into wood… perpendicular won’t work

Titus Pullo says:

What an idiot. I bet you still live with your mother

mrfixit011 says:


Jay Mo says:

Where did you film your video?

KKJae187 says:

I have the tanto machete, and it’s ok to use for small branches and sticks but it’s more for tactical. I keep it for home self defense. I have no intentions to use for any actual real wood work, so because of that I really try my best to preserve the blade best as possible.
Since zombies aren’t real, I’m just waiting for one lucky criminal to break into my home and I’ll just hide behind a door in the dark and Wwaackkk! NINJA CHOP!

Asertix357 says:

How much and what kind of sharpening did you have to do to get results like that?

glaspeyjohnny says:

Dude the comedy in this video had me laughing! Good videos. Love the fruit videos. Keep up the great videos. Mahalo!

LukeThatgut says:

Great video! Zombies better watch out! It cracked Me up!

Steven LaPierre says:

Doesn’t Tanto refer to the shape of the blade

Boogie Boo says:

Tantos were designed with a ticker point specifically for piercing metals and other hard substances. Sadly, it wasn’t designed for slicing.

Zoltan Bozzay says:

if it was a bit longer and heavier, would be way more versatile

sondreus24 says:

I was going to buy a kabar, I was going to buy something practical…

MasterK9Trainer says:

I think the deal with those “machetes” from Cold Steel and others who have followed suit like Condor, is that they fill a sort of niche for inexpensive blades that are not quite machete, not quite a “real” sword and yet they cut like a knife, sometimes like a machete, with some models being better as workhorses or practical tools than others.
The original katana machete was still the first and many see as a poor man’s sword, more capable than some cheap swords, but affordable due to their lack of “frills” yet made of durable metal for good value. You yourself made some impressive chops and cuts.

nafis hasan says:

How would I be if I bought it from Amazon? The price of amazon and official website is quite different !

shovelhead8 says:

Too much fun in the jungle. I think you got $20 worth of fun out of it already. And you still get to wear it to town and impress your friends and neighbors. Thank you for the video, Gabe

jhanks2012 says:

Shall not be infringed brother

G S D says:


Nonja Ninja says:

1:53 Was this you channeling your inner Tac? XD

Ak15 Ar47 says:

Far Cry 3 irl

A Christian Jew says:

LOL your a funny little bloke.

outrageous gamer says:

Nice video

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