Cold Steel – Two Handed Katana Machete

As a young man our company President Lynn C Thompson was already studying and training in a variety of fighting arts.
He always dreamed of owning a Katana, but even a lower priced WWII era sword was far too expensive, often costing hundreds and hundreds of dollars!
That’s why, over 30 years later Lynn created his Katana Machete.
Made in our factory in South Africa, it’s fully sharpened blade with its modern tactical Tanto point is heat treated to a tough spring temper. Sporting a black, baked-on anti-rust finish, it is tough, reliable and almost impervious to the elements.
To facilitate one or two-handed use, Lynn paired the blade with a long extra tough injection molded polypropylene handle with a sturdy cross guard.
An excellent bushcraft tool, capable machete and superb beginner’s Katana, the Katana Machete is equally at home clearing brush in the wilderness and cutting Tatami Mats in your back yard.

Blade Length: 24″
Overall Length: 40 1/2″
Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel w/ Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte Finish
Weight: 34.3 oz
Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm
Handle: 16 1/2″ Long Polypropylene
[Sheath NOT Included]



magelisious bros says:

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CIA says:

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Michael Sandoval says:

Do a video on the tactical katana machete and the tactical wakizashi machete

Juan Avalos says:

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PHOENIX2005 says:

00:48 why does he shout

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Alan Zavala says:

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Nilanjan chakraborti says:

katana is a nice blade

Lit Boy :D says:

1:45 I was like oh shit!!!!!!! He has some fast reflexes

Sam Catterton says:


Silent Bob says:

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Eduardo Arredondo says:

fat fuck is annoying and makes me cringe.

Andrew Perkins says:

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MrJumbolegz says:

Wish you guys made a medieval sword machete sort of like the sword from Sleeping Beauty but just an affordable beefed up beater machete. Or maybe this in a two hand version where the grip was a bit shorter. Some people mod them but it would look better from the factory.

Imperfection says:

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Woah Woah says:

Stop taking the “extraordinary reflexes” line so seriously. It was a fucking joke guys jesus.

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josiah lee says:

Where can you get an older one with 19 inch blade

LNERfan says:

Okay, real talk? I want Lynn’s job so bad.

TheFoundation says:

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Koch 40 says:

Wow, he really can move quick for a neo-tubby

nosnhoj99 says:

My house got broken into and my one of these got stolen and there is now no listing on the website to screenshot prices for the insurance. Balls.

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