Condor Discord Machete: Dragon, Zombie, and Tree Slayer! – Preparedmind101

(No dragons or zombies were hurt in the making of this video) Preparedmind101 unveils the newest carbon steel destruction implement in this first look and test of the Condor Discord Machete. This is a model from LAST year that I feel hasn’t gotten the love it deserves.

Sporting a 3mm thick, 18″ long, 1075 High Carbon Steel blade and a two-hand capable micarta handle…the Discord machete causes discord in anything you choose to hit with it. And it’s not just for dragons and zombies. In this video we use it to construct a couple tripods needed for the campsite.

This is easily one of my new favorite toys. You will see it again!

Want One? I got mine from Survival-Tactics in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. You can also get them on Amazon and support the channel when you use this link:







Justin Packard says:

“kony ain’t got nothin on that” hahaha

Bailey Newman says:

Did you ship it to godspeed or not. I just ordered one on Amazon. Hop it will be here Saturday.

JT Survival Systems says:

Will’s a dumbass. That thing makes his chores look effortless, and he still cant appreciate it. Retard!!

PuertoRicoGoldfish says:

Really interested in seeing the kydex sheath you mentioned – planning on getting one myself!

Chris says:

How do you do that swinging thing at 1:20 its driving me crazy

MyRoflTank says:

What exactly do you mean its not for the bush? It wouldn’t last long? Or something else?

Sieglinde Hochroth says:

Dieses Video kann ich nur verurteilen. Da wird eine Machete gepriesen von Leuten, die keine Ahnug davon haben, wie man eine Machete VERWENDET!

Janah says:

What is the best wood chopping manchete u tested ? thanks. and light weight , weight is my issue.

Bryan McHugh says:

I still do not get it. Why not carry a compact broad head axe of some kind?

mike65 says:

I have seen it at IWA ( in Nuremberg) but, frankly, I was unimpressed by it. In my humble opinion it is too long, better the Condor Warlock!

mentevisualizadora says:

1:37 . Roll the league in that way, you get blisters in your hand. It is better to wind the league upside down.

blackforestghost1 says:

Do you wear Mascara? (no offense) I`m not homophob!

Vintage Vinny DIY says:

Just call it what it is. A sword.

MrEdium says:

Amazing Machete the sheath is not quick to deploy, for those who want to use it against “Zombies”…………hahahaha……….but I like.

isa hariadi says:

hahahahaha…the walking dead..I love that (Machete)..grab something and smack it!!

Colleen Paletskie says:

You’re a fucking faggot

GiedriusT1 says:

Loosers 🙁

Gourmet Trey says:

OH MY GOSH I HAVE THE SAME JACKET ok i get excited over the weirdest things lol

Paul Jones says:

Don’t you just love the sound of the blade as it cuts! shing! shing!

lado doder says:

Take a toothpick maybe than Will go with one hit,this is bull….

mentevisualizadora says:

beautifull machete.

jaktterrier says:

Chopping sticks and a rotten treelog isnt much of a test if you ask me :-))

Jason Green says:

I’d like to try it. in my line of work I carry a machete and a hatchet. this might do both.

jake lovemore says:

I uh…..I have buttered my toast with it before….

huskvarsm says:

whats with the rotate move you are a grown up are you?

cr0cket01 says:

did you make vid of this after pimping as cant find it

RallyDon82 says:

Jason Vorhees couldn’t order this machete fast enough 😉

Dawn Benoit says:


Aussie Viking II says:

lmao @ 3:28 when you caught your arm when spinning it

Carlos Oliveira says:

onde comprar um destes, quel o tamanho da lamina

Jason howe says:

might be sold as a wood cutter though with the blood groove being present it be more for killing or butchering things

Muffares says:

you killed a little tree…:(

Zev Motew says:

Did you put the rescue tape first, then did you put the wilson grip over that?

Adam McClendon says:

Karma literally bit you in the ass 3:20

RoccosPlace1 says:

Why the rescue tape first? It’s not a wood handle that needs water protection.

Stays Goody says:

What’s the wrap you used for the handle!!!?!? Looks badass

William Russell says:

Hey Chris another great video I’ve seen alot of these before but I wanted to watchem again a drop a comment. Also I wanted to ask if you’ve had any experience with the Schrade Leroy Bowie knife and if you have do you think it’s a good survival Bowie

Tobs Kreed Art says:

Sick Blade XD

Sérgio Sant'anna says:

show muito bom

Cyle Cervantes says:

Hahaha “let’s smack some wood with this”. Ha Gayyyyyy!

conor goldby says:

3:25 nearly chopped yo arm off

spoke1183 says:

Machete with a saw back spine are way more useful. Two in one package is a lot better in most cases especially if one is going to carry something that large to woods.

kaneki-ken hatake says:

Mueransen yankis de mierda putos gays

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