Condor Tool & Knife Yoshimi Machete Review and Chopping Abuse Test

This is a review and chopping “test” for the Condor Tool & Knife Yoshimi Machete. I do not show you the proper way to use a sword or katana or whatever the hell this is. Please do not watch this video for any real world survival tips or wood chopping techniques. Thanks for not watching!


Snake Plissken says:

See also Condor Discord and Dragon King APOC Survival Katana. Quality, two-handed sword/machete thingies are hard to find.

Mitchell Delmar says:

You’re quite mad. And probably exhausted. Well done, noble knight.

darkencypher says:

Has anyone ever told you that you look kinda like Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse?

Shaked Tollman says:

I think 13 year-old me just came in his pants, also I’m pretty sure your daughter doesn’t count as a medical professional

David Thompson says:

can you drop an A-team reference 5 videos from now

Chad Lampe says:

I’m impervious to swords. All Chads are.

bRad 1967 says:

Your reviews are the best! Also sweet coat bro!


Mmmmm… A little audio technica action. Sound great and look even better. Especially with dat sweet burgundy jacket. You exude sexy!


Awesome, I was looking for a new neck knife. Now I know what to get. Thanks knife bro!

Orrin Moose says:

Yes! I’m so happy to see you finally review a condor ! this channel is complete!! As always thank you sir

Esther Liukin says:

Solid review akb!

EDC with Aaron says:

Now I want one… I have no use for it but that mircarta is nice. Why you do this to me bro?

MrZlooze says:

Some mighty fine machete skills, Bro!

Josh Coy says:

I’m pretty sure I have that exact jacket.  Now I’m never going to be able to wear it without thinking I need a machete.  (To be fair, I probably consider a machete in a lot of my fashion accessorizing).

Jacco E says:

+1 for the Audio Technica headphones. They match excellently with machetes and I never knew that.

Elias Cervantez says:

Cool just found the perfect tool to process Unicorns. Good job buddy

bogoljub djordjevic says:


A Hyduke says:

Nice Duckman.

Tovarish Works says:

One of the best I’ve seen yet. Made me laugh a bunch XD

edit: also the outfit chosen for this was tops

waffles says:

there is no pausing hentai. hentai is every thing… come to me sailor jupiter.

Apollo Prospector says:

You forgot the tallness closed

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

At least you are wearing shoes this time…

Clem Fandango says:

nice sword play.

fluffychest says:

Awesome and useless. BTW quit beating the shit out of trees they’ve done no wrong

workingclassless84 says:

Looks sick…..

peterko says:

Belt mounted. Awesome! 90% decrease in mobility.

lowwkey91 says:

Excellent video! One of the best so far. That is definitely a Back the fuck off Blade and although I would never spend that much on it because I am broke, it’s still cool as shit. Rock on Knife Bro!

marshalllaw123 says:

They should really take a hint from cold steel and produce a folding version. Full-sized.

Jordan John says:

Great review man! Funny and informative:) if you get tired of that bad boy let me know! Can’t find them for sale anywhere.

Shelley Raskin says:

I think you are supposed to cut through coke bottles filled with water, just saying…

cutchya says:

Bro, a little out of the normal to check out. Don’t blow these off . No brainers and worth the cash for all of our type.
Dewalt utility knives fixed and folder. Less than $20 for both. # DW10035 & DWHT10046. Utility knives suck, I know….trust me.
Makita #ADP05. Dual USB output. $20. Connects to any of their 18volt batt. 1.5 , 2,3,4 or 5AMP . For a great power bank !!
And Walmart /Ozark Trails 4xAA ,300 LM Bat. For only $15 it’s great !!! Very bright and excellent throw . The UI sucks but…..I collect high end guns/knives lights . These are some of my fav. Cheap items. 2 knives and a light for $35 !
Thanks for your channel . Keep up the bad humor !

SailfishSoundSystem says:

I thought you were going to throw the hat in the air and cut it with that El Salvadorian beast!

Greg J says:

You are a handsome man. That knife looks practical as well.

Outpost 76 says:

Love the jacket and hat

Remove Kebab says:

My trench coat has molle in it so I’m set.

Stefano Vanzo says:

Thanks for your reviews , i own you some nice laughs. I’d also like a foldable version of that for easier carry and batoning fails! We all need that!

Bailey Sollenberger says:

Im disappointed man

Christopher H says:

Have you received complaints regarding a lack of profanity?
I noticed more fucks have been given in recent videos.

Old Ben says:

Two hands machete!! Just what I need!! Zombie apocalypse edc for sure!

Prepare2BHuman says:

I love my condor knives, but I gotta skip the overpriced machetes. Hell, you could review air fresheners and I would still watch, the nail in the tire fix video was perfect. LMAO!! More, more, more…..

LitoGeorge says:

Hard day, in need of light relief, AKB provides, thanks mate. Jacket hat short combo = pure stylish delishish. That compensating blade tho = frig thats expensive!

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