Condor Warlock Machete Put Through Hell

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Blade Length: 13 inches
Steel: 1075 Carbon
Thickness: 3/16ths inches
Handle Scales: Micarta
Weight: 2 pounds
Sheath: Leather
Made In: El Salvador
Price: $85

A very durable, strong chopper for it’s length. The handle shape and texture is ideal for power and comfort. A solid, heavy machete.

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Juancho says:

Thanks for your review, they are really handy for me!. Could you make one on “condor 13 Inch Bushcraft Parang Machete”? that one is new!

Jules Thurongi says:

I have a condor Dundee Bowie and condor Hudson Bay in the shopping list with only $100 to spend, am I making a mistake? Originally, I was looking at this one with an Ontario sp1 (or 2).
I’m trying to get a BIG chopper, with a smaller camp/utility blade.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

I haven’t tried any of their knives, but how bad could they be? There is always the ultimo cheapo camp knife, Gerber Big Rock under $20.

Piece of says:

Dude, this thing is ruthless. Im very impressed, great review. Im sold.

Emory Bragg says:

It looked like the blade was chipped and folded. Was it?

robertlefou says:

i went to a knife store here in germany and asked for a very good machete for hard outdoor purpose. the shop owner did not hesitate for a second and handed me the condor warlock machete saying “this is one of the best machetes i can offer you.” he had another for about 420.- euro but said it´s totally not necassary and the condor (which costs me 175.-euro) would be a very good pick.
i asked for a german or european made machete.. cause, you know i am german and why would i spend 175.-eur on an american machete hehe sorry..but the shop owner just said “trust me”..and he was and my father are working under hard conditions outdoor from woods to rock climbing and i must admit that the condor machete did very well.
we even break a door using the machete, a great tool.

after working with it, i clean it shortly with a weapon oil ( i just use ballistol) and its good.
i didnt even sharpened it in over a year and i cant complain. i didnt make the plastic bottle test like in this video, but its still working fine.

i love good steel and this machete has really a good steel.

i am super comfortable with this machete and can just recommend it even the price is not the cheapest, but the steel is really worth it in my opionen.


Marcus Larsson says:

Did you sharpen it?

Rude Boy Shogun says:

Purchased the Pack Golok initially; Awesome. As a back up just received the Warlock which quickly became my primary. Words cannot describe the Warlock perfect for my needs. Took a few years to sort my knives for my Bug Out, SHTF, camp pack one in the same for me. Comes down to the 5 Ps Proper Preparation Prevents
Piss Poor Performance. Here is my “A” list Warlock, Tops Seal Team 21, Tops Moccasin Ranger, and the Tops Baghdad Bullet. EDC is the Buck/Tops CSAR folder. Heavy hands heavy knives.

seattwa says:

Warlock or the Bushcraft?

seattwa says:

The Bushcraft is cheaper but has a crappy sheath.

RandyLeftHandy says:

I want one of these particular blades, but the micarta is kind of pricey. 

coolsly64 says:

so yours came sharp?? cause mine came nearly without an edge duller then a cheap Chinese machete would somewhat similar to a cold steel unsharpened edge machete so my question to you is would you send it back if you were me? and take a chance of getting a worse one because the only flaw is the edge it’s self other then that it’s perfect and the hardness on the edge is unreal it didn’t do anything to it with my steel rod sharpener and my steel rod sharpener even brought back the edge of a s30v blade that was nearly dull it’s like a carbide steel rod and it barely made a dent on the edge of the warlock


that’s awesome lol

mike65 says:

often ” real life” tests are more useful than “scientific” test and this is the reason I love your videos! 

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Bro, Yeah a very good review, I sometimes hear better with my eyes than with my ears. You did a good demonstration of tge Warlock. But I need a favor, and lemme exolain. I was very impressed with the overall preformance of my BK-9, It surprised me for a .188″(3/16th’s”) it does great batoning, I like tge 20°grind angle Ka-Bar uses on their knives and the steel also holds a very good edge. Oh yeah, the favor. In your opinion, since I know you have both, If you were to choose just one Parang to survive with, Which one would you choose, the Cindir Warlock or the Johnson Adventure Parangatang. I’m very grateful to you for sharing it, And I did get what I think is a good cimbo, I also got the Potbelly and you helped their too. I think curved bellies cut very good. I don’t notice the bounce off wood with my Potbelly as much as my friends Condor Parangs, I think my Parangatang bite into wood better. But now for your opinion. ,, ,, ,,

arilangkodi says:

I wish there is a heavier, thicker version of this Condor Warlock Machete.


Mine came as dull as a butter knife.

searchoverload8 says:

Between this and the Discord, which would you choose?

Venus says:

A musthave for man!

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

It would take care of those, no problem

lukas anton j. says:

just for information, you can blue the blade at the spots where the finish wears of, you can get it online.

Jonny Kys-db says:

Is this warlock machete convex edged or just a plain edge?

scream2749 says:

i ordered there kukri and they sent me this by accident but i guess i’m keeping it because it seems like it’ll be doing good lol

The Stoned Videogame Nerd says:

Do you also have the Engineers Bolo? Just noticed it in the what a Beast with 2,5 Pounds..thats like a heavy axe !

NewHampshire Bound says:

You are one serious edge tester. I appreciate what you do, thanks.

IrieItes89 says:

Im kind of torn atm between this and the Aranyik E-nep! But since the latter one seems a little hard to come by i think ill go for the Warlock…is there much difference in chopping power and durability in these two? Thanks a lot and keep on testing:)

Banshee Hawk says:

get yourself a pig and see if it will cut it in half.

BigJPCutlery says:

Great video bro. I know its a year old, but I just went out and got one of these after watching it. I absolutely love the Condor line of blades. Thanks for taking the time to put it through its paces.


is BK21 the best big chopper?

Ramon Anzures says:

love a knife with wear on it plan on buying this looks like a great little machete

Christian Berg says:

Man I live your videos you destroy stuff and make me picking products easier thank you

Leonard Caruana says:

Which machete would you recommend for a day in the woods this or the ka bar kukri?

Rude Boy Shogun says:

My bad flashback Tops Mission Team 21.

A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge says:

So how does one ” scientifically” test a machete?

Peijae G says:

Excellent test. I have several Condor knives and looking to get a decent, compact pack machete. I carry the Bushlore knife daily and love it. If you had to pick one blade between the Pack Golok and Warlock Machete to take out on excursions…which would you choose?

frah hell says:

That’s 6 P’s.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Awesome, I will check out those TOPS knives, I have several TOPS knives but not those yet.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

I actually just got a 333 also. But as for these, yeah I would say they are worth it, even though the price is steep compared to many machetes, this Warlock really took a beating.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:


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