CRKT Chanceinhell – One of my favorite knife / machete designs

*** CRKT Ken Onion Chanceinhell – specifications ***

Overall length: 45 cm (17 3/4”)
Blade length: 31 cm (12 1/4”)
Spine thickness: 2 mm (0.08”)
Weight: 490 g (17.3 oz)

Blade material: 65Mn carbon steel with bead blast finish and black powder coating
Hardness: 52-56 HRC
Edge: Saber grind
Handle material: Polypropylene (PP) core with thermoplastic rubber (TRP) overmold

Price range: $45-60

*** Where to find it ***



*** Pros / Cons ***

+ Excellent ergonomic and practical handle
+ Lightweight but sturdy and durable blade
+ Impressive cutting power

– Can’t find any cons! Damnit! 😀

*** VERDICT ***

In a way I don’t like it when I can’t come up with any criticism in a review because that may appear biased to some, but there is really nothing I don’t like about this knife / machete! It looks good, handles great and performs flawlessly. And for all the quality it’s very affordable. Clearly easy to recommend.

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Holmlund says:

How do you say the durability is? Would it last long during heavy usage? I really want a machete that will hold up a long time with heavy use. 

The Illuminati says:

I just got one of these. Razor sharp outta the box. Nice finish. No complaints. It fits perfectly into my bugout bag. It’s not the best for bushcraft. It’s not the best for fighting. It’s not the smallest. It’s not the lightest. BUT… it’s just good enough at “ALL OF THE ABOVE” that made it the best OVERALL choice to fit all of my needs. I love it and recommend it. Great review. Cheers.

david cirincione says:

I took this out and compared this to the Kershaw camp 10 on dead wood,  The Kershaw won “slightly” due to the weight.  Great vid sir!

Clark Liberty says:

You sold me on this one. That thing looks awesome! Without this video,I probably wouldn’t have bought one. CRKT owes you big time!

Sandertu says:

Did you do a can test?

Strife Rixa says:

Isn’t this knife style considered a kris? I may just be stupid but I’m genuinely wondering.

HankDCFC says:

Thank you for an excellent review.
I am going to buy this knife based on your review

Austin Thomas says:

So, what is better? The kukri by Schrade, or this?

Hunter Duncan says:

I’ve gotta get me one of these.

Fardenfinger Jarrod says:

Bought the Chanceinhell a few days ago based on this review. Wasn’t disappointed. Thanks Skall for the great and honest review.

Sexton Hardcastle says:


erik hanneman says:

its supposed to be comparable to 01 tool steel

Ricardo Ronaldo says:

please do more crkt knives they seam very high quality im interested in the fe9

Niki Grigorov says:

skallagrim! can you do a review of the muela kukri? its around 90$ i would love to see someone do a review of that great knife!

aesp51 says:

Skallagrim, could you review the Gerber GDC Tech Skin Pocket Knife ?

dorgesh says:

You should review the British SAS parang. It has three different cutting edges and is a beast at chopping. You can get one for about £50.

Taylor P. says:

Awesome lol that ill do some damage

ThoperSought says:

pool noodle test was epic

MarkTheAmazing says:

i got a $6 machete from a hardware store and its amazing .-.

Samuel Segura says:

I need a good machete I broke a $10 machete not even 30 minutes ago

VicariousReality7 says:

First questions that pop into my mind is; why is it ground like a Mora and why are there so many handle fasteners

Second question; why do i not know of 65mn carbon steel

Ryu primeus says:

Or chopping i mean?

mike65 says:

if you are lost in the Amazon jungle is legal to carry, in the office no! Easy no, Meeper games?

danhold1 Holdcroftski says:

Great video

Gergő Soós says:

Indeed beautiful. Showed my friend who loves knives due to the martial art he practices karambajit if spelling correctly. I might just find him telling me that he purchased…

stanhry says:

Good review, testing on a pool noodle, I would never have tried that. How do you make those news paper rolls?

John Hanley says:

Does this have the same edp coating CRKT puts on their folding knives? It seems to have stood up well to the testing, was the coating scratched at all?

Jacob Berger says:

She sings

See Mee says:

kabar or chanceinhell??

Ahmad Tagar Riagun says:

In long term use,which one is better in holding edge chanceinhell or schrade bolo?
And also for self defense tool..just in case

Schmunzel57 says:

If you want to criticism; the Handle is, with that holes not easy to clean, and so is the sheath.
Dose the Handle smell?

BeenieBomb - Old channel! says:

I’m kind of in love with this knife haha

HyDrAgTheAmazing says:

is this legal to carry?

kerry hager says:

you should check this out its a multi-purpose machete i tried to link the deal i found on line for a good price to get both this machete and its smaller counter but part

Anna Peterson says:

You can still maintain the contour of the grip by wrapping it in the allocated paracord and still add your own lanyard if you like. This opened my eyes to CRKT. I know their rep but it has been the recent big knife/machete offerings which caught my attention. We may just buy one. Like this one alot.

The Daily Tweaker says:

I bought one yesterday along with the half a chance I’ve also bought the Schrade Kukri Machete and I love it so I hope these two are just as great

EgaoKage says:

At a glance, I see a Gil Hibben Highlander Bowie that’s been spray-painted black. …AND THAT’S NOT A ‘BAD’ THING!!! lol

Ryu primeus says:

Y do you hold your hand behind you back when your cutting?

Kevin Flem says:

Cool Camp knife.

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