CRKT Chanceinhell Survival Machete

Fun Gun Gear Review Presents: The CRKT “Chanceinhell” Ken Onion Design Survival Machete. Brand new offering from CRKT and up to the name. What a great Blade to have in the field.

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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cyberflea30 says:

First off it cracks me up people flame “nice paid endorsement ” ..have you never watched this channel before? If sootch says its good..its good. Sootch is a phenomenal real man’s prepper, pay attention you might learn something..

Now this review is outstanding, I was impressed with the size verse cutting power this blade was able to produce. Packing light with tools able to do multiple roles huge plus. Heavy blades or even a large ax would provide greater power to clear with but at far greater pack weight. Thanks sootch I have been looking for a good replacement for the hatchet in my pack,you just sold on this one.

jones messar says:

thanks for bringing this machete to my attention sootch. Looks like a good blade for general utility around the house.

Laode Al Muqarrabun says:

Hi, late comment here. Is the blade full tang?

kuribo1 says:

personally sootch you should have kept the underbrush around the house make it harder for people to get through to your home.

Bosshoggsd40 says:

For machete work would you prefer this or the ontario 18 inch

James Cooper says:

You make good videos. Did you change the name of your channel or did you have another channel by a different name? I seem to remember a different name.

velocebrass blues says:

lool like ….a ….

The narrow path says:

I ordered mine from CRKT brand new, when I received it the packaging was open and the blade was bent. Please do yourself a favor and buy a better product. It says alot about a company when they send out returned merchandise as “brand new”. What an awful company.

TheZeno4444 says:

One tool compromise. Hatchet, small saw (Corona or Silky) and thinner machete (if your cutting flexible small vines you need speed) will do all this, and a whole lot more with less work.This tool is great if you need the “macho” look, and only want to carry one tool.

David Brewster-Lowe says:

Hay, question. Is carbon steel rust resistant? I am almost always in situations where I have to MAKE SURE that the morning due doesn’t rust all 4 of my blades. Thank god for stainless steel, but is carbon steel better than that?

Bobs Edge says:

Love the machete and video!

Lucas Lambeck says:

That Intro made me nervous as hell.

SweGunner71 says:

I already have two survival knives (ESEE Junglas and Ka-Bar Heavy Bowie) but the sheer beauty of that blade makes me NEED it! Shame it will cost and arm and a leg. :/

Azi says:

Looks nice, but I’ll stick with my military issued 1943 pacific campaign machete.  Being much longer, I can clear thorn vines and poison ivy vines without having my hand as close.

Oheeeoh says:

The Sooch machete workout!

SmilingSam says:

How can you NOT love it…it even has some zombie green on the sheath!

MasterK9Trainer says:

Nice review and very funny. Hard for me to choose between that and the Kershaw Camp 10 or the Condor Pack Golok. I want a light copper and thee tools are in my opion a better buy than a large knife. Any thoughts?

David Angelico says:

I’ve been considering buying this machete.  After seeing your review, I’m convinced It is the right tool for me.  Can’t go wrong with a Ken Onion design.  Thanks for all your reviews,

James Yang says:

I am getting one of these machetes this weekend. Thank you for your review, Sir.

wjennin1 says:

I would rather have an axe if I wasn’t going through a viney area.

shotguns machetes says:

classify the CRKT as a light machete

velocebrass blues says:

I hope u use … all that wood …

Axl Vixn says:

a little thicker than that would be a perfect survival machete

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