ESEE Lite Latin Machete Review

Blade Length: 17.4 inches
Steel: 1075 Carbon
Handle Material: Micarta
Weight: 17 ounces
Sheath: Cordura
Made In: USA (Handle), El Salvador (Blade)
Price: $55

A review of the ESEE Lite Machete and chopping up some scrap wood with it. This is a traditional Latin style machete, however it has a convexed edge, better steel, and Micarta handle scales added. The blade is manufactured by Condor/Imacasa.


Survivalkraft says:

Very interesting! I have been hesitant to pick one of these up because of the blade thickness; I don’t usually think of 1075 as being super flexible. But it looked solid during the chop testing, and I like the handle. I just don’t know if it is worth the $55 when I can convex my Ontario blades…hmmm…decisions, decisions 🙂
Great video as always, bud!

Marc Baker says:

I like this blade as a weapon because it is blazing fast thus hard to block. The convexing of the edge is of limited value because machetes are not heat treated much above 54 . This reduces chipping damage when the blade hits rocks. Upgrade steel? I dont know what for. Any idea?

mike65 says:

as always a very interesting video

Baphore says:

A great video before going to sleep. That sound that these machetes make is pure awesome. That’s a great machete overall. And that take on turning the simple latin machete into a pimped piece does the job 🙂 maybe one day I’ll get one of these. Thanks for the video man and take care out there 😀

lance lamont says:

How would you compare this to the Ontario knife company standard military issue machete

jordan campobasso says:

You should consider purchasing the tops devils claw I just got mine and it is immaculate

Anna Peterson says:

OK. Sounds good. Tramontina versus ESEE? I can get Tramontinas locally at a very low price. The fun is in the work you do when you get it. Your own personalization. Everyone will do something a bit different. For us, we extended the grind all the way to the very tip and then radiused the tip itself. Then we put a very serious edge on it to the point where we just have to strop it now to keep it where we want it. What differences have you noted between the ESEE and the Tramontinas? I realize ours came sans sheath but machetespecialists took care of that. We plan on getting another and really do a full out custom thing on it but still be a worker. USA Knifemakers have nice selections on pins and all sorts of stuff. Can’t get an ESEE locally, though. Would like to try one IF there is any real difference between it and a Tramontina. Nice vid. Already subbed.

Living Survival says:

Agree with you, good little utility machete to have around. Thanks for the review.

WColdblooded357W says:

Hell yeah that thing would still be in your garage for your kids to use. Its funny because nowadayd there are so many options available to us knife guys where as when we were kids it was what was in the local stores. As the choices got broader with the internet the quality and long term use has gone way up but we all tend to use and move on to the next new thing, forgeting how long each one can last. I’m sure there are some one tool for each job guys out there squeezing 30+ years out of a machete though. And I’m sure that one would fit the bill.

KaiserFranzRudolf ll says:


PigSticker says:

Looks like a good buy!

Eye of the Forest says:

All time favorite type of machete?

Bob Wampler says:

Nice machete, and worth the price IMHO. Have you had some luck batoning with a machete? I’ve found unless the grain is straight, any size of knots give it fits.

phrankus2009 says:

Well, Israel,
  If, during this 5+ minute review, you DID mention the overall length or the weight of this “LITE” machete, I must have dozed off. … I went back and scrubbed through the review and still could not find this most basic information … No mention of the weight of this “LITE” machete OR for the total system weight … No overall length, either (I don’t think) … So … My two main questions … Will this fit INSIDE my pack? … and … What is the total weight “penalty” (weight budget) for this option ??? … After watching this review and scrubbing back through it … STILL NO CLUE ! … I guess I will go searching for that information. … Thank you for the intro, though, friend.

Stoney Lonsome says:

I’m thinking why not just buy a Condor with the same steel and grind minus the over sized micarta handle and save a few bucks.

Chasen Tom says:

Ahhhhh, eargasm

Sharp Chronofighter says:

Just love the sound of this blade! But I like the sounds of any blade… lol

Thelema9331 says:

Great review, I never paid much attention to what makes this machete worth the extra money; now I know, and now I want one, I always thought ESEE was just flexing their brand’s hype to get you to purchase a more expensive machete, it even says explicitly on their website, that the blade is made by Condor, so I thought “why not just buy a Condor” , I can see now that this is worth the extra $$$, thanks for this review.

yani van handenhove says:

very nice machete
greetings from a belgian fan and subcriber

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