Estwing makes a machete

Blade Length: 12 inches
Edge Length: 10 inches
Steel: 1055 Mid Carbon Tool Steel
Handle Grip: Nylon Vinyl Shock Reducer
Weight: 36.3 ounces
Sheath: Nylon
Notes: Integral guard and handle, drop forged
Made In: USA
Price: $45-50

Estwing tools are rugged and affordable, the EBM Machete by Estwing is their new venture into making a machete. It is a short heavy machete for clearing brush.

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G Terr says:

the saw is for notching . not cutting

woodcraft camper says:

seems you have the only review on it, have you tried stripping the paint off the blade and saw back to see if thats what they messed up?

PerceptionVsReality says:

I’m not limp wristed or weak, but I still think 36 ounces for a machete is too heavy. It looks cool and all just not my cup of tea.

Angelo Achilli says:

Probably from a single block!

oPROXYo says:

i love it!!

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Israel, it looks like it would make a good Summer Long Knife for going through brambles, and that spine could be used as marking trees ?

dano727 says:

I love Estwing, this is likely pretty functional but Fugly…

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, I prolly would of got the Estwing Machete, as my Summer Long Knife just because it’s a Estwing, But I’m still happy with my Rodent Rucki and my Ka-Bar Johnson Adventure Parangatang, But I was at the H D and considering I didn’t have to pay shipping and had my choice out of the litter, I got a good Double Bit Hatchet at a pretty good price. I haven’t used it yet, But it’s a much heavier Double Bit than my 2Hawks, It came with a decent Sheath, but nothing to write home about, it’s a ballistic nylon with a plastic insert, not bad ?, But lately I’ve been paying attention to tge weight on hatchets/axe and there’s a time for them, Yrah, I’m actually impressed with it, Pictures don’t do it justice, After all, it is a Estwing, , ,

Gary Herring says:

where do u get one or look at I am in alabama thanks

CSharp says:

Rubber hammer handle on a machete makes me want to cry.

SouthPaw Bushcraft says:

hmm interesting, never knew they had a machete. A saw that doesn’t saw? Why would they put that on there? Seems odd.

bradleystrand81 says:

I never knew they made this. A refined or different version would be interesting.

Angelo Achilli says:


Richard Morrey says:

Get a small precision file and sharpen up those saw teeth buddy!
I really like your vids, dont let a new fan down here bro with dull saw blades!!! lol

But seriously dude if you go and buy a small file for doing that sized work, on the finer side, and practice with it (USE TONS OF OIL ALSO!) on something else first to get the hang of it, then you’ll be able to sharpen those teeth, as well as any knife tip, axes etc etc.

Richard Morrey says:

Oh shit baby!!
Ive got both double bit axes, wooden handle and rubber on the other.
Both tomahawks too, the black one has found its way onto my combat pack.
And now you’ve just shown me my next new deer hacker!!! Lol
Right on bro!!!!

Daniel M says:

so I belive for 50 dollars your get a non functioning tool it to me is a disappointment a saw that don’t work the sharing surface is limited it chops u showed that I just think it’s not one of there better ideas and man what did you hit that took out the corner of your hatchet That makes ya think too great review I’m not trying to be mean just honest from observations Dan in ohio

White Kita says:

awesome looking Machete….

TRU MAN says:

They make a terrific hatchet .

mrkiky says:

well… it ain’t gonna win any beauty contests, that’s for sure.

Greenmachine305 says:

Looks like it was designed by the CEO’s child.

m t8 says:


Jarrid O'Bryan says:

take the edge the full length of the blade and ditch the saw back and I’d buy 3. I love my Estwing tools, but that design looks like it was made to look cool instead of being useful.

Robert Cornelius says:

USA based company, but does not say “Made in USA.”

Grant Leslie says:

Does the 36.3 ounces include the sheath?

chris mclaughlin says:

looks like another POS that combines every feature that you would want to avoid and carefully deletes any useful attribute that would normally be appealing

Moys Free says:

you didn’t test the saw blade I’ve tested it on branches different sizes on pine trees and cut just fine

Brian Mccann says:

Thanks for sharing this beautiful estwing product.
I’ll have to look around for one.

Btw, have you reviewed the Camilius Carnivore X or Conivore Xz yet ??

It has been improved. Actual Full Tang now. Aggressive saw on the back that chews up wood and Bone…

Pete Privitere says:

I wish they made the machete and the knife with their stacked leather handle.

Red River Scout says:

Cool looking blade. I love machetes and other heavy chopping blades. I know alot of people are harping on the saw back feature as being useless but I am thinking it is more people not knowing what it is for. The Ontario SP8 machete has a similar blunted saw back too and it is for making notches in wood for shelter building and the like. My guess is the same was intended here. I am guessing as was mentioned by others though that the marketing department got it wrong on the advertising.

TheGreenMarksman says:

man that thing is ugly

G Terr says:

I dunno. looks pretty beefy to me. it didn’t, yeah . it’s ugly but funcional.

Texas Edge says:

looks like the handle spins in the hand some?

Steve Jones says:

where can this Machete be purchased at? I could use one if it was a few inches longer.

TRU MAN says:

Notches on the spine absorb the impact when chopping

Georges IV says:

This feel more like a bowie knife than a machete, maybe it can be used as a cleaver too…I have to buy it.

Doug Bish says:


hku99 says:

different good review

Mack The Knife says:

Estwing has some fugly stuff, but you just can’t beat them for quality and price. There tomahawks for durability are right up there with anything on the market 5 times the price and I’m sure this machete will be the same. But there just so dam ugly.

Bryan Wilson says:

It is a great big forged carbon steel bladed knife. I think them calling it a machete is odd. For the money it is a good US made blade.

Richard Morrey says:

Yes sir!

Jacob Timm says:

If your buying Estwing you know you have a rugged long lasting tool. Hands down favorite company for axes and hammers. I never knew they sold knives and machetes!

Shukin Andjivin says:

Machetes are supposed to be used on smaller, live plant life, saplings, undergrowth, etc.

Mason Thornburgh says:

I love the big USA on the blade. MURICA!!!!!!!!!!


gee, I can’t tell where its made .. what brand was it ?..

HelmutDoork says:

I wouldn’t have guessed that as a machete. It looks more like a big bowie sans clip point. It would cost them less to manufacture without the useless sawback that does nothing. That looks like someone from marketing thought it up.

civalrebellion.30 30 says:

that wood is hickory

left-hand yogi says:

Wow where do you find all these knives lol…. 1055 is some tough-ass steel. What’s up with that stupid ricasso! i would much rather the edge run close to the guard and this would go a long way toward making this a good one tool option for woods survival, right? Thank you

Uber-Privileged says:

I like it. The handle looks odd but I swing an Estwing hammer all day and it’s comfortable so what the hell. I would immediately grind off that damn saw though, you’d think that if they took the time to include it, they’d make it a nice one not that useless crap.

PerceptionVsReality says:

Would’ve been better without the back saw & long finger choil.

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