Gerber Gator jr. machete -Test

? steel


Moistn'd Potats says:

Will it stick if you throw it?

Weldon Anderson says:

I got mine for $30

Victor Claveria says:

I have this machete it was less sharp (I’m not sure) I was trying to start to chop the water bottle but it cut it little bit. I will give like 3.5 stars. But at less it have a saw it was cool.

David Goddard says:

makes a nice whistle when ya swing it ! Grrgerber

joesbarandgrill100 says:

4:00 Wha-tah, squah!

Wavester64 says:

DSG has a Flash Sale today for this machete for $12.98 w/ free shipping – worth it for that price?

Carlos. Daniel. Santmaria says:

I thing it could be a little thicker

Hadden Bramham says:

Why am I reminded of ‘Ask a Ninja’?.

Awake says:

Freak’n ninja with that machete!

Rex Rubin says:

I agree 100% with Tactical’s assessment… my observation is in keeping with Tactical’s… it only costs 20 bucks. no biggie.

전직검사 says:

Thank you….from Korea..

Finest Edge says:

This guy is pretty funny, I like the ninja

scott moore says:

bought one at academy for $4.50

oplot m loveking says:


Darren Thorsen says:

I keep one of these in my truck for camping/wheeling trips mainly just for widening overgrown trails and cut lines here in Alberta. I have no complaints really. If I could only carry one blade and had to pick one, I probably wouldn’t go with the Gerber. But it works fine as a compliment to other cutting tools. It’s done everything I’ve asked it to do. And for the price, who cares about the handle material, or the nylon sheath. I just want the thing to cut, and it does.

Joseph Osborne says:

such a joker

Music Matt 76 says:

haha nice! I laugh a few times!

stoutdog says:

I think I figured out what the hole in the blade is for besides a hanger. It’s a whistle.

Da.one_cinnamon :-P says:

Tis was a gator machete jr, if you get the 25 total inch gerber gator machete it works like a charm for its price.

Best Video says: Томагавк SOG (недорого)

Devon McClanahan says:

I’ve had this machete for about 4 years and I’ve bent the edge multiple times chopping pretty thin pine. Also doesn’t hold an edge at all. I still use it but I’m awaiting a cold steel and okapi in the mail this week.

AG Rodney says:

guys a goddamned lunatic

Ivan Panev says:

I love the ninja shit in every video. You are a funny dude!!! I’d love to buy some beer and hang out with you ninjing shit down 😀 Keep it up!

german imperial gasmask says:

This looks like the knife from far cry 3

SkossumFreakShow says:

I would have liked 🙁

Loris Buschor says:

I hate this machete!!The steel is total crap that’s no suprise.And the handle gives you hotspots in seconds! I hate everything about this damn thing!!!

Rocky Sanchez says:

Shit sucks. I thought gerber was better then that.. My blade folded after cutting some fire wood. It will never make it in the woods.

aden danos says:

I grinded a gut hook on mine

Ouwkackemann says:

What´s the best machete in your opinion for the price?

Kurt Goldston says:

I’m sorry but this guy sounds like a cartoon character.

Australian Survival School says:


Максим Яковец says:

березу бы попилил)

JoseMr57 says:

que malote

Eren Samut says:

kes kes kes

budget gamer2017 says:

you know… ive had 2 cold steels and been very disapointed in both. not a gerber fan but i got a gerber kukri and love the thing

Da.one_cinnamon :-P says:

Really all you need to do when you get this is sharpen the blade and reenforce the handle, neither of wich are very hard. i pamper and sharpen mine everyday, plus as a bonus it looks pretty cool.

Evan Le says:

I hate this guys aditude

Сергей Борохов says:

very small and light for it

Nick Biaz says:

the hole is most likely to make the blade lighter

ghanaboyz says:

No rattle at all in mine when I got it. Actually, it has a snug fit. Was sold as a branch chopper, not a log chopper.

Jeff Kuykendall says:

I bought one of these last year when they were on clearance after Christmas for about $8. It is the best $8 I have ever spent, hell I spend more than that on lunch at Taco Casa. It has performed just the way I expected it to, the handle is comfortable but I plan on replacing it with something a little stronger. The edge is fine if you put it to a stone for a few minutes, it hold a decent edge. The saw works wonderful, I plan to change the handle to help with the grip while using it also. All told I will be out a few bucks and some time to have something that will perform as well as the expensive one. The money I save will go to the beer fund.

capc247 says:

omg. I am a fan. you are too funny. I ordered one last night but it was for $12.

Azhin Bahman says:

Cool man thank you

God :-O says:

What’s the point of not letting us see the likes to dislikes!?!?! Good vid but WTF!!!

Dustin Kunish says:

I got a gerber for around $60 and mine was great

4_sons_fishing says:

Went straight ninja on that tree!

Pablitorrinco says:

te juro que si te veo en el bosque, salgo corriendo como alma que lleva el diablo 😀 mis respetos

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