Gerber Gator Machete Review

A decent tool from Gerber. The long-term strength of this guy is to-be-determined, but the fact that you can tighten the blade is a plus. Most machetes are a bit thinner than this one, but the added thickness gives the saw on the back of the blade more strength. As you’ll see in the video, the saw works, the blade of the machete works, and for about $22, not a bad deal at all. I did find that the blade does not come as sharp as I’d like it to, but that’s easy enough to fix. Thanks to Combat Sport Supply for sending this to me for review. Here’s a link to their entire site:

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Awie Viljoen says:

That sticker has probably the worst glue known to man. Not sure what kind of ass you have to be to use it in such an application.

BigMikeMcBastard says:

I have this machete but I’ve really taken to just bringing out my lightweight hatcher and hand saw for camping expeditions. Axes for splitting logs and cutting small stuff, saw for cutting heavier stuff. In most North American environments I haven’t found machetes especially practical outside of clearing paths (e.g. clearing shooting lanes from my blind).

Johnathy Dongle says:

I bought this machete and I loved it……at first but after about a weeks use the blade started chipping and rolling it was like the blade wasn’t even tempered but I did love the feel of it it was a great machete

J R's Place says:

I have one that was left to me and even though it looks ok, the saw on the back limits it as a scraping tool. Yep, chopping or sawing are good things, but once the sapling/tree or whatever is cut down and it’s time to shape it, a scraper can be useful: For bows, arrows, and other devices. A tool should serve more than one purpose so if I buy a machete, it will be a solid full tang with a smooth back that I can grab my my hands to scrap or use as a draw knife, or be able to pound on and split wood.

jlynn beaty says:

learn how to use the fucking thing right. deep angle downward strikes

Osseus Kittium says:

Why is everyone in the comments acting like good machetes stay sharp forever and don’t rust?


Stance Punk says:

Review: It’s shit. It’ll fall apart when you need it most. It might be nice for a day.

Jonny Griz says:

Want my advise get the junior version of this machete the shorter blade with the same handle and thickness make it a perfect tool to keep in your backpack i have used it very heavilly and makes for one of the best knives i have.

Tony Jones says:

you can get it at menards for 18 bucks

Jim Fernandez says:

I don’t care much for the sawback option. I think it weakens the strength of the blade. I’d rather carry my Corona folding saw if I need to saw something. I do like the soft feel of the handle. Good video!

PCL Outdoors & Bushcraft says:

Gerber junk.

Paula Cannon says:

i need one for camping but you are not allowed these in the uk if someone has one they want to sell look me up i am sure we can get it here somehow .

morelli tech says:

the handle gripping sucks on this pos.

keith libby says:

how sharp is it

Doug K. says:

Blade rolled over after 15 minutes of use chopping small green branches. Complete junk.

Dylan McIntyre says:

Is it Full tang?

Frantisek Toth says:

Real live decoration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronnald Skinner says:

i have had a gator for about 5 years  and this thing has been to hell  i have cut down trees of at least a foot thick and have  had only a couple problems arise one was that the tang will loosen over time  another is the blade will bend and chip if used improper  meaning trying to break a brick with it or swinging it at a odd angle other than that keep it maintained and it is a damn good tool to have

HusaCreature says:

You made how many cuts before the blade started to wiggle in the handle?  I think if you’re going to test something and review it, then TEST it!  Keep working until either it, or you, fails to continue.  All we saw was a few chops, any pos knife can do that.

B Mastro says:

looks cool and i love the handle but the quality seems to be garbage… not something id buy

joe Recto says:

I bought one of these 2 years ago, and for the price, I didn’t expect too much. I bought a Gerber Gator Serrator folding knife 15 years ago. and still use it. It was made in the U.S.A. I think the machete is of Chinese Mfg. I’ve used the machete a lot, and it is OK. I did bend the edge a little on a large knotty piece of wood, but hey, it’s not designed for that. I easily fixed it with a rawhide mallet and an anvil. The sawback can be sharpened with a chainsaw file (recommended). It does not do too well on seasoned hardwood though.
I also broke the handle on an Ontario G.I. Machete too. I also own a Cold Steel Panga machete (African Mfg.) It works well, but the Polypro handle is uncomfortable unless wrapped with Sports Tape. I recommend a South American made jungle machete…those guys rely on them in their everyday life, and know their stuff. Thanks.

Tyler Cummings says:

I was quick disappointed in the gator machete I was cutting wet brush and the entire blade was rusted I’m not a big fan of high carbon steel

78_ DRE says:

Looks a nice piece of kit , good review mate .

The Myke Show says:

This machete is complete garbage, and is by far the worst product that Gerber manufactures.
The steel is cheap, the handle is cheap, the blade has no “sweet spot” because the weight distribution between the handle and the blade is designed (poorly) to facilitate sawing, the saw teeth have no durability, and the long, thin symmetrical teeth do not produce effective cuts in Either sawing direction.

This machete is junk. Complete junk.

NewEnglandSurvival says:

Why didn’t you focus on the fact that it is completely useless as a machete out of the box? Instead you highlighted the saw which isn’t its primary function. I really hope no one purchased this because of this review. If they did you did them a disservice. All because you didn’t want to badmouth Gerber.

HIM7597 says:

They come blunt very blunt! Just purchased once and had to sharpen it.

Thomas Opatz says:

I found mine on amazon and it was $10.00

deere3321 says:

Mine worked well for clearing brush and large vines. If you hit with the curved part of the blade it slices like going through butter.

ThrashMetal says:

You wish that machete is thick. Unfortunately Gerber make cheap shit sharp tools, although they make very nice flashlights which is something worth looking at from them

Batesmotel1960 says:

What a crap worst of all it’s not even full tang, Gerber products aren’t so great these days avoid these get a Cold Steel or an Ontario there so much better.

Kevin Gipe says:

I have the old model Gerber moment and it has a gator grip type handle and it’s nice I like the feel of it

Julian Garcia says:

I have this machete as well and it works like a dream, however I have to say the sheath construction was pretty poor, particularly around the belt loop.

hslot4 says:

Got one only one downside its stamped out off sheet metal wich rounds off one side of the sawteeth due to the pressure applied and therefore it loses cutting ability.But nothing that cant be fixed just put a file to the teeth 3 or 4 strokes on every tooth and done razor sharp teeth both sides no more rounded edges

IloveallKnives O_O says:

the saw back on it is bad because you cant split wood without breaking what your using to hit the machete with.:(

Rosson311 says:

I have one that I only used once to cut some branches roughly twice the size of my thumb. Chipped the edge, but with a sharpening stone the jaggedness just added to how well it cut. Overall I’m pleased with mine and will keep it until it snaps

Mason Thornburgh says:

Not full tang

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