Harbor Freight Machete Review and Demonstration. Is it worth $6?

Today I look at Harbor Freight Machete Review and Demonstration. Is it worth $6? I definitely think it is, but it is NOT a chopper. If you use it like a machete you should have no problems.

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ziggy784 says:

the best use for it is hanging on the display rack @ Harbor Freight https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tramontina-Brazil-Bush-Machete-Wood-handle-12-Blade-1070-Carbon-Steel-Machette/201787136120?epid=2254311789&hash=item2efb735878:g:BKEAAOSwqrtWnB5Q Tramontina 12″ Bush Machete made in Brazil and are Professional grade/quality. This is one of the finest Machetes on the market and used in heavy Jungle or perfect for nursery work, Sugar Cane or clearing heavy brush. local seller in cape coral fl too.

FloridaBoy Survival says:


ExpendableOne23 says:

What kind of upgrades would you do to a blade like this? Do you think it’d be worth the time and effort to make a new handle with a few brass pins? Maybe some bolts recessed in the handle so if/when the blade breaks you can swap the handle easily?

Curt Winterstein says:

drill out & put nuts & bolts… good vid!!

MTwoodsrunner says:

Hmmm…well, for six bucks why not, it would not work here of course, but in the south east, you bet.
plus…if a feller had a bit of free time, he could easily build a new handle for the thing!…atb…woods

ziggy784 says:

this guy makes 2 knifes out of a harbor freight machete https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OF3XxD6pQs

CountArtha says:

4:26 ” *Seams* like it’s put together really, really well.”

No pun intended? 😛

Timothy Thomas says:

I seen your Amazon links. I recently bought a rothco plate carrier similar to the crye jpc lightweight. . I also have a few items from condor which are great for the price. And to stay with the them oF the video. I do have a HF MACHETE i KEEP IN IN THE BACK OF THE CHEROKEE WITH A PLETHORA OF OTHER BE PREPARED ITEMS

BottleCap Texas Proud says:

Hey buddy you gotta check out the elk ridge bushcraft knife and tell me what you think about it I just got one a couple days ago, great video brother Matt I’d been wondering about those machetes may have to add one in mine not that I don’t have enuff machetes as is lol!

Broseph Russell says:

Great review yeah them things are not made for chopping on trees that’s for sure , looks to me it could stand to use some sharpening then it would probably be chop better . I would replace the handle with some scales to make it more durable. But hey for $6 bucks great deal.

SurvivorMetalMan says:

Worth $6, good review brother

Vilheime Harbort says:

I see that u custom ur grip brotha so it wont slide out nice!

shovelhead8 says:

Did taking off the handle void the warranty? I would buy one for at home, if I needed an expendable machete, and get a better one to use in the bush, where I really needed a reliable tool.. That is just me. Thank you for the video, Matt

IRONDAWG63 says:


Kentucky Woodsman says:

Great review! The right tool for the right job.

geargriden19 says:

Thumbs up on the Machete!!
I’d say it’s worth $6 every day of the week, shoot worth it just for display i reckon too!!
*Have a good’nnn*

VoodooKitchenMama says:

Nice review.

Ranger Kooky says:

I can’t can’t wait to see your test

DN 2789defape says:

That was awesome ! Where did u get your backpack hiking pack ?

Black River Rambler says:

Awesome review Matt !

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