Harbor Freight Machete Review and Demonstration. Perfect for bug out or bushcraft?

Bob takes a look at the Harbor Freight 18″ Serrated, Stainless Steel Machete that you see in all of their sales fliers. The regular price on this blade is $12.99 but you can usually pick them up up for less than half that price. So is it worth a damn? How does it cut? Does the serrated blade cut through branches as good as a saw? How durable is it? Lets take a closer look and see.

Here is the description from their website.
Here’s the ultimate brush-clearing tool! This machete has a super-sharp saw tooth back for sawing through thick branches. Stainless steel blade stays sharp, won’t rust.
• 18 in. polished steel blade
• Contoured TPR nonslip comfort grip
• Nylon sheath included

Please watch: “AK Platform SAFETY ALERT!! WATCH!”
➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiWugP9CXV0


Hugo Adrian Wilkins says:

finger grooves in machetes. .not a good thing

Commander Chunk says:

its five bucks what the hell do u think it would be made of titanium dipshit

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, Yeah on one trip to the pawn shop I got a machete similar to your Harbor Freight but without the saw back. I found a place that sells my kind by the bulk and per piece they were like $00.99 my steel has the same ping to it when I flicked my finger on it, But I can’t sharpen it worth beanz, Yeah, prolly will give it away to some kid or anybody but the parents permission if first before I give it away, Your right, It Sucks, , ,

James Ritchie says:

People who buy knives like this, ones made out of mystery steel, are a danger to everyone, kids in particular.  “For the price: has nothing to do with quality.  Some cheap things, like Mora knives, are extremely high quality.   But crap is crap, and there is no such thing as safe crap.   When crap like this breaks, and it will break, tiny pieces of shrapnel can fly off and take out an eye.  With luck, it will be your eye, and not that of some innocent person, maybe even a child.    Some people buy crap because they’re poor, and some people buy crap because they’re ignorant, but either way, it’s a dumb, dumb move.  Yes, it is THAT bad.  Even for five bucks, it’s worse than THAT bad.  And you’re going to buy one for your wife?  Just get a divorce.  It’s less messy.

Cole Macgrath says:

making a trail to a pond. smart. new sub bud!

Thaddeus says:

this intro was brought to you in part by Planet of the Apes

504 Dirt Dart says:

Better pack a spare! lol

Ted Hess says:

This machete is actually built like shit, the handle on mine broke literally on the second swing. The good part is that machetes are just pieces of steel and essentially all the same. I took the handle and drilled out the plastic fake screws on it and replaced them with some 3 inch bolts with nuts I had and then grinded them flat to the handle and it is as sturdy as if it were all one piece now. As for the junky sheath I took a small piece of sheet metal or duct metal and folded it into the inside of the sheath on the serrated side and crimped it to the edge of the nylon so it doesn’t get stuck anymore. As for what this guy is doing I have no idea. Why the hell would you ever smash it of rocks? Don’t listen to this guy I think he is on crack. This blade is awesome with the right modifications

DirtBike190 says:

I had one of those last year and I was trying to cut something and missed and split my toe open

mcar676 says:

You guys Crack me up. $12 knife and you go ON and ON and OOONN! For ever 2 min tops is all you need Mr Giles lmao

RCStomper says:

Used one of those last deer season to hack the lower leg bones off the deer I was field dressing… It worked, but that cratered the cutting edge badly.

Lumberman2011 says:

now that’s a torture test LOL

John Alvarado says:

What do you want for five bucks! It”s good for light work around the yard. I would be careful as to how I used it though. You didn’t have to destroy it to find that out. Thanks for the destructive testing, anyway. It gave it’s all. You’d want something more robust for the Apocalypse.

Freshly Baked Gaming says:

for the price can’t really complain it can still kill lol.

Jarhead6 says:

awesome for 5 bucks bro! 

Erik the Red says:

Ok this looks like it works decently if not perfectly but what I have to ask and what has been on my mind is…

why eggs?

metaltrooper62 says:

I’ve been tempted to buy one of these machetes. For basic yard work they would do fine but like you said if you want a machete for a survival situation then get some thing that’s a lot better quality. Honestly I would throw a high dollar machete at a rock wall any way but a Harbor Freight machete yeah I would of done that too lol.

Commander Chunk says:

what is up with those eggs

Loryn Day says:

Well let’s see hhhmmm $4.99 really WHAT DID YOU EXPECT .

seattwa says:

You defeated that grass and twigs! RIP HF machete! Any thoughts on the HF 5 mil camo tarp?

bashfulbrother says:

Are you hoping for a role in the new movie “Halloween IX: Jason at the Pond”? This is the one where Jason runs around killing chicken eggs and not horny teenagers. Oh, and he doesn’t wear a mask. And when he comes out of the pond it takes him 10 minutes to get the algae and leeches off of him. 🙂 Just kidding. Actually quite a blade for the money.

abz520 says:

It’s garbage. Maybe ok for grass and twigs and thats it. I used mine on thicker brush and it broke on the 3rd swing! Save your money folks.

Wayne Novotny says:

If not a Harbor Freight machete, what brand WOULD you throw at a concrete wall???

Stephen Smith says:

The machete needs a lot of work. The blade is not sharp enough and very rough. The handle broke off mine almost immediately. The handle had a nice enough shape to copy. I polished both of mine and replaced the handles, one with oak and one with cherry wood. One I actually still use to clear cut with, but the one with the oak handle is for cutting watermelon. hahahah!  I made them sharp so it does a good job. I put way more time into them than I should have, but it was fun. 😛

Kenette Cymon Acuna says:

Wrap it with red tape and you are Rick Grimes

Dean Sturt says:

I bought one of these and took the handle off and made a new one for it out of some hardwood I found. It took a while but it was a good project. Once I got it sharpened it is an amazing hacking machine and cheap as dirt (especially for being stainless steel)

John Christensen says:

I used it to cut sod. The saw blade came in handy to slice the pieces, and I ran it upside down in the lawn to cut the existing grass. The knife slides right through it.

Cathy Crisman says:

Great review guys!!

fast81bu says:

So you are bitching about the sheath on a blade you paid less than $10 for? What the fuck would you expect?

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