How to Turn a 5 Dollar Machete into a Bushcraft Knife Set

Today we’ll be making two knives from a $5 machete blade. While I’m using a very thin stainless steel machete, the same basic method will work for other machete styles.

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Thank you for watching and for all the support and kind words! Enjoy!

Since a lot of people were asking, here’s a list of all the tools I used, most are from Harbor Freight. All of the name brand tools I bought at garage sales, and I’ll list those with what I paid and a link to the comparable tool at Harbor Freight.

Keep in mind that prices change as things go on sale. You can also make do with a lot less, I just used what I already have on hand. Everything I did here could be done with just an angle grinder and power drill. Hope this helps!

-Machete –
-Screwdriver – garage sale $0.50 –
-Drill Press –
-Drill Bit –
(though I suggest cobalt bits –
-Bar Clamp –
-Hack Saw – garage sale $4.00 –
-6″ Bench Grinder – garage sale $10.00 –
-4″x36″ Belt Sander –
-Clamp On Bench Vise (super handy) – garage sale $3.00 –
-2lb Jeweler’s Anvil – garage sale $5.00 –
-1″x30″ Belt Sander –
-Diamond Sharpening Stone –

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Colin Askey says:

very nice and easy to view video,and the knives were very well made,definatley gets my thumbs up

Ryan Guo says:

If It was $5 then the steel is probably rubbish

Vented , says:

I mean come on its a dollar machete its temp couldn’t have been done well

wickedEP Racing says:


caleb rogers says:

Can you make a sheath video

Steven Aley says:

Hi dude, great work as always. The negativity of some people baffles me! Do you draw your blade profiles freehand or do you have a resource of different profiles that can be printed?

Mark Hansen says:

nice job…. very creative …… now you need sheaths… lol

bryan Jaeck says:

Years ago it was diffcult to find old hand saw blades. Farmers / carpenters sharpend the to not much, What was left was made int0t knives. I had several and the were excellent hunting , fillet, camp knives depending on what was left of the old saw.

StandsWithABeer says:

most excellent! thanks!

Steve Pedersen says:

Well done.

nateroo says:

Love watching your videos and one primary reason comes to mind….YOU GET RIGHT TO IT! Thanx for not wasting a lot of time in the beginning with boring commentary, though your commentary would likely be interesting. You never cease to amaze me with your creative skills and ingenuity. I’ve even made one of your pvc blow guns and all my friends love it. Esp the darts, and I’m 62yrs old! Now these knives are just over the top! The finished knives look and I’m sure perform like many expensive bushcraft knives. THANX for sharing your creativity…keep it going!

StopMotion Tv says:

Could you find a tighter shirt?

Joe Funk says:

You do nice work!

Dr. Fell says:

Nice job though the stock is almost too thin for some uses. You make it look easy, which is inspiring.

Lap Hong says:

Can you make butterfly sword ?.Thanks

Him Ritethere says:

Very nice work

Todd Fullerton says:

Is there anything you cannot do? Excellent job!

zeke1eod says:

Great job thanks for sharing

Rich Carson says:

Excellent work my friend, it’s funny because I happen to own that exact machete from hf & the handle broke off so I very cheezily bolted it back together but I’ve never been happy with it so I was actually thinking today before I watched your video about making some burlap micarta handles for it. I do need to get a bench grinder and belt sander though.

Jerry SEER says:


G.R, Dray says:

Wowww!!! Great video.lots of info. You really have a talent. Thanks for sharing.

Drew Swanson says:

great video. informative. interesting. Not verbose.


good job!!!

Chimera Aretina says:

WOOOOW nice work

Hunter Ziegelmann says:

instead of 1/4″ brass tube you can use spent .22 lr casings

Игорь Река says:

good job, thanks from Russia)))

ambivalent ambiguity says:

Good video and talented, too. Bravo!

Tony McKennon says:

Nice job , that is a trade skill worth something. Do you sell your knives ?

Ingvi van Rooijen says:

Beautiful knives ❤️

ļáļà ŕíìšãğêř says:

Wastefull ass

Mario Mosin says:

Outstanding great Job

HDgunner says:

Why not heat treat it?

Robbie Lilledahl says:

Great job

Rogerio Sartori says:

Very nice job! But no heat treatment is necessary to strengthen the blades?

Craig Gidley says:

I can’t seem to drill thru the metal for the pins.

dhadson says:

Very informative and such clear instructions, thanks for making this great video

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