Ka-Bar Kukri Machete Knife Review

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If you are on a budget and in need of a blade with some serious chopping capabilities I can safely recommend the Ka-Bar Kukri Machete. $50 buys you a 4mm thick piece of 1085 high carbon steel with classic kukri cutting ability mated to a wide and comfortable grivory handle – complete with a sturdy and fully functional sheath. Fit and finish is excellent. From the brass lined lanyard hole to the high quality matte black blade coating (extremely durable), the overall quality is surprisingly good. More importantly this machete has proven itself to be an extremely powerful tool. I like this one for regular machete work but it is also extremely effective at heavier tasks, like chopping through 8 inch logs (salt soaked drift wood at that – tough stuff for sure). The sheath is entirely adequate, especially given the price. It takes the somewhat ungainly kukri blade and holds it secure with two snaps. A couple attachment points make this one easy to carry on your belt or a pack. All in all this is an awesome choice for someone who needs something heavier than a machete but doesn’t want to compromise on quality or price. Highly recommended.
I recommend buying the Kukri Machete on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001H53Q8A?tag=brdfkdfk-20

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Matthew Munoz says:

I can only think of team Fortress…

kayla laskey says:

i really want one

Scott Rauber says:

Knice EDC! Somebody was up north……….

BladeReviews.com says:

Thank you Flyrodder! I totally agree – this is an awesome blade for ~$50. Thanks for stopping by!

Seth FPV says:

buying one for last stand home defense if they get threw the shotgun they half to get threw this

WillStone072 says:

I have a cold steel kukri. You can’t beat that shape for chopping, the thing is like an axe

Tom Malloy says:

First thing that caught my eye “Made in Taiwan”? I thought Ka-bar was a US company?

AussieMark909 says:

Have had one of these for quite a while. It’s a very good tool and terrific value.

BladeReviews.com says:

lol! Yeah this thing can do some damage! Pretty solid offering imo.

BladeReviews.com says:

Hah, I have heard of people giving reviewers a hard time for cutting live trees down in reviews but this is the first time I’ve heard of someone complain about chopping up dead wood! Sorry if it bothered you, that stuff washes up all the time. I figured it was better than taking out a live tree.

BladeReviews.com says:

lol! I still am up north (in Canada) – makes for a great EDC here. 🙂

BladeReviews.com says:

It’s a full tapered tang that extends the length of the handle.

BladeReviews.com says:


BladeReviews.com says:

Absolutely man, the kukri blade shape is such a beast. I definitely want to get my hands on some more of them.

BladeReviews.com says:

Thanks Mike! There are some other good inexpensive kukris out there – anything you had your eye on in particular? I wouldn’t mind adding to the collection at some point. 🙂

crawch mongol says:

i just bought this on amazon after oggling it for months.  im so excided

BladeReviews.com says:

Great question – Yes they are a US company, but like many US companies they sometimes have products made overseas. Some of Ka-Bar’s knives are made in the USA, others are made overseas. This particular knife happens to be made overseas.

edgeobserver says:

I like it. I think that for all the similar Kukri’s around this price it’s stands pretty solid. It also makes a perfect EDC for Friday the 13th.

Brian LO says:

well you can always re-sharpen the blade to a let’s say…. 30-40 degree hollow grind . 

Luis Figallo says:

good video, but cmon man, that white driftwood was wayyy too pretty to cut for just a review, not cool…

BladeReviews.com says:

Thank you Options – my pleasure as always!

Haris Tareen says:

Sold my Cold steele today to get this 😀 cant wait

jacobjumpup says:

$50? ….. boy did i ever get ripped off with mine…

BladeReviews.com says:

Thanks man. Yeah the kukri is bad ass – for chopping I don’t think you can find a better knife pattern. Tons of weight towards the front, and this one has nice geometry for splitting. It’s a great tool – getting tons of use out here in Canada. I only wish I had more excuses to use something like this back home in FL!

Banshee Hawk says:

its nice to throw too.

BladeReviews.com says:

lol! Those were the words I was searching for! 🙂

NearCry says:

I just bought one of these today. I’m looking forward to bringing it with me on my hunting/camping trip

BladeReviews.com says:

Congrats man. I think you will like it, it’s a very serviceable tool.

Jonathan Henson says:

am I the only one that thought it would make a pretty good hand to hand weapon

EGvids1 says:

Ka bar Kukri is the best

BladeReviews.com says:

Nice. This thing will be tough to stop.

BladeReviews.com says:

what kind of ridiculous question is that, of course it can behead a man.

BladeReviews.com says:

They are cool! Buy one!

BladeReviews.com says:

Typically I sharpen this with a rod or file – you could use a sharpening puck as well. Honestly this thing is so heavy it doesn’t need to be razor razor sharp, but a file or rod will keep the edge true.

TheCrewchief01 says:

Hey bro great review as always,I’m really liking that kukri looks badass.Your last field review of it really showed it well for use as a general all around utility tool.

Optionsaregood says:

Nice one, thanks Dan.

Liquax9 says:

Been using mine since 07, it’s an excellent bit of kit. I replaced the sheath with an army issue machete sheath as the one supplied is horrid and didn’t last. I also removed the powder coat from the blade as it kept getting gummed up with tree resin, and added a lanyard. Excellent replacement for a camp axe.

WillStone072 says:

The cheap cold steel one is pretty terrible quality. I pretty much had to file the edge myself right out of box. But when you get it swinging it doesn’t matter if its razor sharp or not, its going to do some damage. Good video brother

Banshee Hawk says:

how would you sharpen the blade??

BladeReviews.com says:

I have no idea

Rob Titto says:

Is the kabar kukri full tang?

BladeReviews.com says:

Thanks for stopping by Dan! Glad you like this one too – this thing is really coming in handy for me. Highly recommended!

BladeReviews.com says:

Thanks for stopping by Mark! I know you know your way around a kukri so I’d say this is pretty high praise!

BladeReviews.com says:

Thanks man! This is a very capable knife for the money. I have really enjoyed mine – thanks again! 🙂

Dan says:

I have one, and it’s my favorite!

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