Machete Review: Gerber Jr, SOG Sogfari, Tramontina, United Cutlery

Hey, I’m no expert. A co-worker thought it would be interesting to compare machetes. I came up with a simple test. There are surely better methods, but I gave it a shot.

Tramontina (24” blade)
United Cutlery UC8008 (18”)
Tramontina Bolo (14”)
Gerber Machete Jr (11”)
Tramontina (12”)
SOG Sogfari Tanto (10”)


John Mckinney says:

ontario 1095 carbon steel. 20 bucks and you cutting

Juan M Ochoa says:

Ridiculous, the wood breaks he is not cutting it, machates do not cut straight machetes cut in an angle.

shotguns machetes says:

good review dude

DALE thebelldiver says:

You aren’t even using a machete correctly dude.

Michele Trekkning says:

Hello, I would like to know who in your opinion is the best machetes on the market day, today. I’m looking for a machete that is good in the use of the machete but it can also be useful for breaking wood for the fire and quite heavy work, where do you recommend?

Enzo Rosales says:

Those are really dull.

Don Salvador says:

Hey, do you think to poly handle from tramontina is better than wood handle? dont know which is better…

MrColcannon says:

I have a large Tramontina that I bought in 1996. I’ve beat the tar out of it over the years and it’s durability is still impressive. Thanks for the video.

NikisMad says:

U could do a slow motion for every cut, would be awesome ;D nice vid

Frank Schweppe says:

A machete is first and foremost a brush and vine clearing tool. It is not an axe and not a saw. Even woth an axe you cut wood at angle so the blade can separate the fibers. What this shows is that you can bludgeon better with a long heavy piece of steel, even if it is not sharp. The 14 inch Tramontina bolo, when properly sharpened, is in real life by far the best of this lot if you need to chop say a few kilometers of hiking trail to clear it of bramble vines and such. The heavy blades won’t cut the vines as well, they will swipe them aside and they will then swing back. Even in broom the Tram bites deeper than the United Cutlery. I have modified the blade and the handle of the Tram bolo, just sanded it to fit my hand and smooth it, I can now chop for hours with bare hands without any blister or pain, even when wet. So this test is not very representative of real life use.

NorseMan says:

Oh, so thats how we use thin machete`s.. ? – You didn`t cut, but broke the wood. ” that was easy.. “

DALE thebelldiver says:

A machete is a tool used primarily in an agricultural setting. Cutting cane, corn bananas, heavy stems and of course clearing. So; when you get a machete you finish it according to what it will be used for. If it’s clearing swamp you need to wrap the handles and include a neck strap twine wrap the handles. So; to just start whacking away s for YOU TUBERS thinking they know something.

Andree Althaus says:

the handle of the of the big tramontina
is the grip rather rubbery or is it plastic?

Donald Long says:

it couldnot say anything just see long machete is in good use and short one is not good, but long and short in different use

bashfulbrother says:

I just got through sharpening a Tramontina 12. I started out with my Work Sharp and I got a pretty good bevel and bead on the edge, then I went to a belt sander. 80grit with a H & F 1 inch belt sander. I am not done yet but the edge is ten times better than it was. The key is it’s a flat blade so you have to keep the edge very shallow. 17-20 degrees.

Kipper White says:

No cold steel? what We buy always

Charles Hill says:

I took my Gerber Gator jr. to a bench grinder and ground down the front/back side of the saw blade to the 8th saw tooth to make a flat spot for batoning…still works as a saw, big knife, and now as a log splitter by the campfire..

Dixie got rekt gaming says:

Tramontina makes the best machetes in the world

newhuskytwenty says:

The best machete (effectiveness, weight, volume, edge sharpness durability…) is a folding wood saw. As a defensive tool it’s ok.

Julian David says:

thanks you very much for putting this up

john smith says:

Most ridiculous and meaningless and worst done review ever..

전직검사 says:

Thank you……from Korea.

Jason Luhn says:

I have the SOG and a harbor freight and both work great. The bigger the blade more mass means cuts easier. Take in to consideration where you live or where you’ll be going to determine which type you will bit

Noah Kurtz says:

The Sog cut 1 inch thing with one swing

puri kin says:


Davis Whitaker says:

Dude, you need a proper chopping test. test
the machete on a log or a tree.

Jaisen Torres says:

great review , thanks for sharing.
liked and subscribed

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