Machete review

I review multiple machetes. Here is a link to the very best of all.


Michele Trekkning says:

Hello, I would like to know who in your opinion is the best machetes on the market day, today. I’m looking for a machete that is good in the use of the machete but it can also be useful for breaking wood for the fire and quite heavy work, where do you recommend?


Nice review, learned a lot. I own the Gerber junior, a Cold Steel Kukri & the Cold Steel Katana machete.

Hans get zhe flammenwerfer says:

i just need something that’s as good as a stabbing tool as a slashing and hacking tool would a bolo be the way to go?

Yarndi Man says:

Thanks for the upload. $69:50 for the Gerber Bolo here in Australia.

Tufdog's Place says:

Good review & tips, I’ve been finding I need one of these around here while mowing. The growth just keeps coming back and finding it’s way into my path.
I saw one of those Ozark trail units at the nearby store and was thinking about it.
I appreciate you and this video, now I know which way to go… Gerber Baby, YayaH !
Thanks Brad !… Take care

rchopp says:

Nice review and you sure made that land look good..


Enjoyed. Will be looking for a Gerber the next time I am in Walmart. Stay high and dry.

Jeep Things says:

Awesome review man! I am your newest Sub!

cavtroopermunoz says:

Glad to know Gerber still makes something worth buying. I always liked their military blades back in the day.

DALE thebelldiver says:

Put twine on the handle.

magic says:

The cheap chinese machete was made for minor yard work like cutting poison ivy; that’s why its so whippy and light.

DALE thebelldiver says:

Put a lanyard on your handle.

Alma Deckard says:

Hope all are well and high and dry.

JimsEquipmentShed says:

We got our dogs a leather couch. Well, actually at one point, the couch was meant for us, but, you know how that goes……

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah,, Yup, It all depebds what your cutting, A fella in Hawaii or a Southern Hemisphere Country might say a thinnee blade is best because he might be swinging it more. But in my state, hard wood so I like atleast a. .188″ thickness, I can baton it and chop with it as well as clear a path in a reasonable size around 14″+. For instance I like a Pararabgatang by Johnson Adventure, But my Fav. is my Rodent Rucki it’s hand’s down my Fav. Where a Tropic’s machete you may want to go thinner. I usually look where or what Country a Machete is made. I live next d’or to Pennsylvania in Ohio, and there a nice machete made there for our type of wood, It’s the Woodsman Pal which I have the Premier, But sometimes I wish I got alittle linger handle which they have and it’s cheaper. But no big regrets because it work’s good in our Wood’s abd also used by the Military. My Rodent Rucki is made in Ohio, yeah their thinking is a machete for our type of Wood’s, Where Tramintina, Imacasa, Cindor are Southern Hemisphere Countries., Also my Parangatang made in N. Y. geet the picture. Anyhow this is my 00.02 worth, Thanx You fir sharing. ,, .

Fábio says:

U own a 18” tramontina´s and it is awesome. 10 years and still kicking.

AlexT435 says:

Your channel is one of my favorites! Great video!

Bill Fedora says:

Stay safe with the flooding

Kevin Romas says:

I never knew you was a swinger now we know how you dropped all the poundage you literally work your ass off and how dare you mistreat those animals great Channel my friend I used my notes on a regular basis still has a wonderful age

tblbaby says:

After the bear grills gerber association mess I get trauma when I think about touching a gerber O_O

Rusty Glovebox says:

I bet you have swung those machetes more an anyone north of the equator

rowdy rowdyfisk says:

Nice relating of your experiences – thanks for the video
Only advise is Lanyard – put one on and use it.

Bill Strack says:

Good review. The Marbles can be found with a sheath, btw. Check out Smokey Mountain Knife Works.

saltyshellback says:

I think you could have put an ad to clear that land as a new exercise program and made money to have the work done…lol

The Addicted Prepper says:

How are y’all doing thru this weather? Looks like it’s rough down your way.

1timby says:

Hmm I think that you need some more testing. So I’ll volunteer my property that’s not to far away form you. It’ sin East TX & around 5 acres. You could clear some of it to make sure that you’re really sure about your testing…LOL

Of course these would make great defensive tools for that Butter monster…..LOL


I have the best machete. I’m on my way to buy it now. I’ll make a video.

Robb's Homemade Life says:

good review Brad!

sixtyfiveford says:

I’ve had a Gerber machete for a few years and really enjoy it. Mine is the full length non-bolo. I’ll have to buy the Bolo version to give mine a friend.

Paulo Labuyo WildHunter CHANNEL says:

nice video of different bolos! do you had a Philippine kind of bolos?

Greg Homestead says:

Good review Brad.
look like someone’s going to TSC and getting 10% off their bill.
Have a Jesus filled day
Greg in Michigan

Jim Foster says:

Excellent stuff. my favorite machetes are the Ontario brand. Thick and strong. 1095 steel too. Try one sometime.

tblbaby says:

You can see the flex of the Chinese Machete on the Roadrunner Cartoons featuring Wiley Coyote.

Poparod Cassidy says:

I prefer my Kershaw camp 18 while it does not have the wider end for weight like the bolo type machetes it is around 3-4mm thick so it has quite a bit of heft to it.Plus it is a handsome looking blade,almost looks like a short sword more than a machete.

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