Machete review,ontario,cold steel,gerber,tramontina marbles

I review multiple machetes. ontario,cold steel,gerber,tramontina, and marbles,Here is a link to the very best of all.

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Kgoings Goings says:

I’m from California, I AGREE WITH KURT

Mailletdm1982 says:

Like others have said, the video should be titles most purchased knives, not BEST knives.

Michael Spahich says:

Spyderco Para 2

Scott Fournier says:

Boker Kalashnikov looks like shit.

J R says:

Sorry to hear about Benchmade…i love their products, but I will not support them.

skooly nugenator says:

No more Benchmade for me. They are anti Second Amendment.

blakjak220gmail says:

That fucking DING noise makes me want to never watch another of ur videos

Jay LeCompte says:

if a girl uses a large knife for a high-priced piece of gear is she still safe to marry?

Fish Stick says:

Should i buy fixedblade or folding knife?

Michael DeEll says:

Good luck come to ct

Gary coinmaster says:

Boycott benchmark anti gun supporter

Justin Riley says:

I’d have that red paint wore off that black widow in a month.

Ryan Tapia says:

California actually has great knife laws, very knife friendly. It’s just everything else that has crappy restrictions.

David Garrett says:

Benchmade won’t be flying off the shelves anymore

Bud Fore says:

My hogue exa01 tanto runs circles around these,American made,unbeatable warranty,lifetime sharpening and they support 2A legislation.

rowdy rowdyfisk says:

Nice relating of your experiences – thanks for the video
Only advise is Lanyard – put one on and use it.

woodsman forlife says:

All this garbage you show and promote is more or less useless!
The ONLY knife that one’s need (and the best) is a Victorinox lock blade!
Swiza does not come close to it but still beats your @rap!

Michel PASTOR says:

Useful review thank you !

Alan Hamilton says:

Thanks for the heads up on the Gerber gator. I have other Berbers and I will definitely look at this one. After about 50 years of this stuff, you’ll think I’ve got enough machetes, not so. If you get tired, you should rest. A little tip, on that small handle or others you should try the tennis racquet handle tape. This stuff works great. You can adjust the grip thickness and it absorbs all the shock. Thanks for the good practical demo.
Agent 86 out

Jeff says:

I broke 3 benchmade bugout’s in less than a month, all had omega spring failure. Two were from the same batch, the third was from a different batch. It was my favorite knife, but apparently not for me.

Nect says:

The Gerber machete Jr. sucks. The blade -the sharpened cutting edge- split right off on while chopping thin wood on its second boy scout trip

Logic says:

Microtech Socom Elite

Jason Green says:

It very much depends on the job at hand. The flex is very important when swinging low. I use 3 different kinds every day. I recommend corona for general use

Bruce Hunt says:

My Natrix has a defect

Bill Strack says:

Good review. The Marbles can be found with a sheath, btw. Check out Smokey Mountain Knife Works.

Pojosamaneo says:

Surprise filthy Frank is always welcome.

Michele Trekkning says:

Hello, I would like to know who in your opinion is the best machetes on the market day, today. I’m looking for a machete that is good in the use of the machete but it can also be useful for breaking wood for the fire and quite heavy work, where do you recommend?

Tmoney cf says:


Viejo Tronco says:

Longer flexible machetes are for grass and weed cutting. Shorter thicker, stiff machetes are for cane and branches.

jmroxx1 says:



Enjoyed. Will be looking for a Gerber the next time I am in Walmart. Stay high and dry.

kenstogie says:

I went with the tramotina …used a stone to bring up the edge and sanded the handle to fit the contour of my hand….solid for 15 $

Dion St. Michael says:

Wow, the PM2 is still placing. So glad I finally broke down and got one. I have found the steel that I love as well. S110V. Damn thing is almost too sharp. The edge puts every knife in my kitchen drawer to shame. Sometimes I actually don’t use it in certain instances for that reason. Lol. I’ll switch down to my S30V Manix. Amazing knife. Plain and simple. I’ve had it for about 6mos and still can’t put it down.

Bacon N Eggs says:

Thanks for the upload. $69:50 for the Gerber Bolo here in Australia.

Minh-Hieu Le says:

Those boker autos are so nice. Price is reasonably budget too. Sucks that in cali its illegal like everything else is.

Kevin Brannon says:

I love short blades cold steel is super awesome…I could use everyblade on that table love them all

Fordman Preps says:

Good looking dog you got there

Nicholas Poukamissas says:

Spyderco Native 5 M4 G-10
Huge Fan of the Spyderco’s

Samuel Beasley says:

If you want a good machete, get one from Ontario Knife.

Minh-Hieu Le says:

$1 Galaxy chef knife

김인선 says:


Vikhyat Shahi says:

Number 2 is the Kalashnikov

John McCain says:

A ginger… they are not an endangered species

Richard B says:

the flex is also because of machetes are long, and they should be able to absorb some shock instead of harder steels that can break at impact , but i have some sumatran machetes having hardwood carvings and they are so strong and inflexible, but that is another level i think because it was completely handmade

John2891 says:

ew. most popular does not equal best. listening to fm radio for 2 minutes will prove that…

Mistyvalley says:

Just checking in, hope all is well with you. Saw the flooding on the news. Be safe!

e v says:

Buck 110 i thibk it is old i am not surw

JimsEquipmentShed says:

We got our dogs a leather couch. Well, actually at one point, the couch was meant for us, but, you know how that goes……


Tried Bark River Vengeful 1 or Bravo machete?

Jack of all trails says:

12 slots in the bag? I would need at least 8 of them for all my folders.<---- *MAY have a knife problem*

Morgan McRay says:

The best knife is my strong Judy chop!

Jake Leathe says:

Benchmade 940

Paulo Labuyo WildHunter CHANNEL says:

nice video of different bolos! do you had a Philippine kind of bolos?

Logic says:

I’m really surprised to not see any microtech on here.

Dawn Mama says:

For me the perfect knife is the benchmade mini grip

justo222 says:

i don’t know….. that one dog in the middle near the end of the video…. looks suspiciously guilty. i think he was the one that kept turning off your camera! 🙂

great video. learned a lot thanks for sharing!

photoboy2005 says:

Wow, people have some awful taste in knives.

Carl Hall says:

Should send your stuff over to wranglerstar for a review would have been a lot more interesting!

Albert Jonker says:

Buck atomic

stvbrwn8 says:

I just can’t justify spending $270 on a knife. *Pulls out $299 knife

Jason says:

Are you okay with all of the flooding? Praying for y’all out there.

Nicholas J. McDonald says:

When they were talking about the bladehq knife holder Zac threw it off to the side and said great little knife…

jeff deathrage says:

Its legal in vt. I have 2(so far)…

Luke Jed Davis says:

Great honest review mate. Been wanting one for a while, helped me make an infomred choice,

HUSKE hassan says:


Jason Wall Sitarist says:

I got a Corona from home Depot, and a corn knife from tractor supply company. They work just fine in the capital of problematic brush that is Florida.

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah,, Yup, It all depebds what your cutting, A fella in Hawaii or a Southern Hemisphere Country might say a thinnee blade is best because he might be swinging it more. But in my state, hard wood so I like atleast a. .188″ thickness, I can baton it and chop with it as well as clear a path in a reasonable size around 14″+. For instance I like a Pararabgatang by Johnson Adventure, But my Fav. is my Rodent Rucki it’s hand’s down my Fav. Where a Tropic’s machete you may want to go thinner. I usually look where or what Country a Machete is made. I live next d’or to Pennsylvania in Ohio, and there a nice machete made there for our type of wood, It’s the Woodsman Pal which I have the Premier, But sometimes I wish I got alittle linger handle which they have and it’s cheaper. But no big regrets because it work’s good in our Wood’s abd also used by the Military. My Rodent Rucki is made in Ohio, yeah their thinking is a machete for our type of Wood’s, Where Tramintina, Imacasa, Cindor are Southern Hemisphere Countries., Also my Parangatang made in N. Y. geet the picture. Anyhow this is my 00.02 worth, Thanx You fir sharing. ,, .

Perry Parsons says:

Glad you found something that worked for you, but my experience is a bit different.

I’ve swung a machete for about 35 years, as a land surveyor. Corneta, Traventina, Barteaux, Ontario all make quality blades, have tried everything over the years, from cheap to expensive, and today all I use is Cold Steel.

I have a Chopper, if I have to drop a 18″ pine tree is the tool for the job, thick, heavy blade, lots of weight on the end, and will get the job done easier than going back to the truck and hauling a chainsaw a quarter mile down a cut line.

My blade of choice is the 24″ Brazilian, with the double hand extended handle. It gets used for 95% of cutting I do. It is flexible, but the trick is a sharp edge, have always used a mil bastard file and while I do not go for a razor edge (too thin) go for a good utility bevel that will hold a good edge and most importantly, cut straight.

You are exactly right about power and length of the blade, longer is better and faster is better, for most cutting.

It hurt my heart to see you rejected both the longest and the best quality steel (and yes, they do suck dead whales as far as factory edge, takes a while with a file to get the bevel right) and as you found the heaviest, thickest blade worked better for you, know you worked your ass off clearing that land.

I’m too damned old, pushing 60 now, to work that hard.


I never knew you was a swinger now we know how you dropped all the poundage you literally work your ass off and how dare you mistreat those animals great Channel my friend I used my notes on a regular basis still has a wonderful age

T H says:

i just need something that’s as good as a stabbing tool as a slashing and hacking tool would a bolo be the way to go?

Kenny says:

try Plati dipping the handle. One more machete to try is the Ontario GI I have used several coldsteel and Trimotinas of different blade shapes and i have settled on that GI. Also add a 550 cord lanyard so it dosent go flying

DALE thebelldiver says:

Put a lanyard on your handle.

OutnBacker says:

My tramontina looks nothing like that. It looks like a pirate’s cutlass, with the blade gaining width ( and weight) towards the tip, which is curved upwards. The edge begins a continual curve about 2/3 from the tip. I bought it at Lowes for a what-I-don’t-remember. It was cheap. Hardly any worthwhile edge, but I’m good at that. It slices paper now. Machetes are generally a cheap and common working man’s tool and generally have poor steel for the blades. Simple 1/8 inch plate steel is all that is required for most jobs that a machete will be used for. They’re pretty much the same steel as a power mower blade. Very soft, but are easy to re-sharpen, which is required often. I keep mine on one side of my canoe pack, with a medium axe on the other side.

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah Brad, Yup recently I bought a Battle Horse Mad Hatter Machete. I had them modified like what Colhane does to his machetes. (Tramontina). So a $80.00 Machete ended up costing me $214.00 but well worth it. It’s now personal. Oh, I also had a White G-10 Handle with Blue Liners made to match my Modified Attitude a Beautiful Combo. But I still love my Ka-Bar Johnson Adventure Parangatang Infact I recently put a black handle on it and it l@@ks terrific now. But my all time Fav is still my Rucki. I know what you mean by longer machetes. I use my Vintage Blackie Collins Heavy Duty Machete with a D-Ring Handle. It’s a 22″ 1095 blade. I finally got a Leather Sheath for it. I also still use my military issues O. K. C Machete I love it. But in the Summer a long knife is necessary where I go because of the brambles. So I also have a Woodsman Pal Premium Machete but I really love my Bark River Golok. Yeah, I baton, chop and everything with it. It’s just a good one. It’s a short one. But most of the time I’m in close quarters bush whacking. I enjoyed you again.,,. p

Kevin Cummins says:

You Sir are Awesome!

Michael Gross says:

The Cold Steel machete that you have is the old style, only 2 mil thick. Their new ones are 2.8 mil thick and are stiffer with better quality control on the edge grind.

Utter Cancer says:

I bought the columbian cane machete for a buy 1 get 1 free deal on budk and i am beyond amazed by it. The blade is incredibly thick and heavy and even though it isn’t super long, the weight makes up for it. The steel is amazing and perfectly tempered, i don’t keep mine super sharp because i work around fences and rocks but i have sharpened it and its a dream to sharpen. The machete came with a incredibly fine microbevel which i don’t really like but I’ve cut down 6in trees in 2 min, 5in branches in 1.5 swings, I’ve used it to split a 5in across, 6in long piece of scrub oak with 3 knots in it and i accidentally cut a nail in half when i was clearing brush for a neighbor close to his fence and i glanced off a big forked weed cause my grip slipped and it didn’t even phase the blade. I didn’t even know cause i heard a loud ping and looked at my machete and then looked at the fence and saw a nail without the head sticking out. The one thing i hate about it though is the handle. Its too thin for me and shock absorption isn’t that good but i beefed it up with tons of ductape and i like it. It isn’t for 2 handed use unless you want to hand stack which isn’t comfortable but if they did make it for 2 hands, i would buy it a million times over. The slight curve in the blade gives you a small but POWERFUL sweet spot, as ive chopped 1in+ diameter branches with 1 swing straight down when I’ve hit the direct center of the sweet spot and even if you don’t hit the sweet spot, you can still make it through in 2 straight down swings. The coating is coming off but has only started to even after me abusing it like that for a month or so. I have a few other machetes and one of them is a gerber mini which i keep razor sharp cause it works amazing for pruning but it can’t compete with the columbian cane machete.

magic says:

The cheap chinese machete was made for minor yard work like cutting poison ivy; that’s why its so whippy and light.

Fábio says:

U own a 18” tramontina´s and it is awesome. 10 years and still kicking.

DALE thebelldiver says:

Put twine on the handle.

babywino boy says:

I bought a 12 dollar 18 inch Corana machete,,,, never sharpened it,,,,,cut 50,,, 35 to 45 ft trees with 4 to six inch diameter base,,, and used it strip off all the branches for teepee poles…then used it to debark well over a ton of 8 inch thick 4 ft cedar logs for fire wood…haven’t sharpened it yet,,, since I’ve never hit the ground it has 0 nicks or roles,,, albeit it is a bit bent,,, but considering what it’s been through it’s remarkable,,, it still does it’s job.:-):-):-):-) in Brazil I watched a man de husk a coco nut down to the meat center without piercing it and loosing any juices,,,, it’s all about the skills,,, avoid cheapies especially those without a full tang,,,, and ps I have never ,, never flung my blade out of my hands but I do have forearms like popey.:-) PS… I have yet to see Western men use these with any real proficiency,,, those skill sets are in the third world,,, I haven’t seen any American men out in the video world as good as me… that’s not saying much.

The Addicted Prepper says:

How are y’all doing thru this weather? Looks like it’s rough down your way.

Tufdog's Place says:

Good review & tips, I’ve been finding I need one of these around here while mowing. The growth just keeps coming back and finding it’s way into my path.
I saw one of those Ozark trail units at the nearby store and was thinking about it.
I appreciate you and this video, now I know which way to go… Gerber Baby, YayaH !
Thanks Brad !… Take care

Bill Fedora says:

Stay safe with the flooding

robert stockton says:

Machetes are made to have some flex. Too stiff and it can break.

Jeep Things Outdoors says:

Awesome review man! I am your newest Sub!

Oliver's World says:

I used the cheap china one you showed for years because I didn’t know better, but this afternoon I had to clean one of my trails and I decided I had enough of that cheap crap that keeps bending. What I mostly do is cleaning trails so I cut everything from small vines to small trees. What would you recommend for that? I don’t mind paying a lot if it means I get something that will last me for years.

cavtroopermunoz says:

Glad to know Gerber still makes something worth buying. I always liked their military blades back in the day.


I have the best machete. I’m on my way to buy it now. I’ll make a video.

Ozzstar says:

enjoyed the review. subscribed

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