Machetes 1: Intro to Machetes, Uses and Benefits

Bowie Machete:
Latin Machete:
Jungle Machete:
2 Handed Latin Machete:
All Terrain Chopper Machete:
Heavy (Sugar Cane) Machete:
Panga Machete:
Bolo Machete:
Kukri Machete:
Magnum Kukri Machete:
Royal Kukri Machete:
Kopis Machete:
Gladius Machete:
Barong Machete:
2 Handed Katana Machete:
Tactical Katana Machete:
Cutlass Machete:
Thai Sword Machete:
Chinese War Sword Machete:
Grass Machete:
Cutlas Machete:
Kukri Machete:
Parangatang Machete:
SP8 Machete:
12 Inch Cutlass:
18 Inch Military Machete:
22 Inch Machete:
12 Inch Camper Machete, D-Guard:
18 Inch Machete, D-Guard:
22 Inch Machete, D-Guard:
Ontario Kukri:
Camp 10:
Camp 14:
Camp 18:
Mini Duku Parang:
Large Duku Parang:
Eco Parang:
Bushcraft Parang:
Village Parang:
Pack Golok:
Engineer Bolo:
Outback Machete:
Speed Bowie:
Jungle Bowie:
Dundee Bowie:
Speed Machete:
Crocodilian Machete:
Viking (Panga) Machete:
Barong Machete:
Combat Machete:
Hog Sticker Machete:
Discord Machete:

A short discussion of the many benefits of the machete.

Benefits and Uses of Machetes:

Widely available
Come in all lengths, weights, and shapes for any task
Customizable, easy to modify
Clear and maintain trails
Gather kindling
Cut cordage, camping chores
Backyard/garden chores
Chop, baton, process wood
Butcher game
Fun, easy, cheap to collect
Emergency weapon
Martial arts equipment, poorman’s sword

Machetes Shown:

1. Black Warrior Kukri Machete
2. Fortress Machete
3. No Name 12 Inch Panga
4. Gerber BG Parang
5. Cold Steel Two Handed Latin Machete
6. Emergency Zone Machete
7. Cold Steel Spearpoint 18 Inch Machete
8. Cold Steel Jungle Machete (Reviewed)
9. Woodsman’s Pal
10. Condor Outback Machete (Reviewed)
11. Condor Barong Machete
12. Condor Warlock
13. TOPS Power Eagle (Reviewed)
14. Aranyik Latin Machete (Reviewed)
15.Windlass Steelcrafts Genesis Machete
16. Kris Cutlery Combat Barong (Reviewed)
17. Master Cutlery Jungle Machete
18. Aranyik Unbreakable Machete (Reviewed)
19. Condor Engineer’s Bolo (Reviewed)
20. Aranyik E-nep (Reviewed)

Additional Resources:

Machetes 2, Light and Heavy Machetes:

Machetes 3, Types of Machete:

Machetes 4, Budget Machete considerations:

Condor Machetes, Quality Blades:

Aranyik, Machetes of Thailand:


Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, I have about three or so that I call Mahetes my Blackie Colin’s Heavy Duty 22″ d-ring O. K. C. Machete, then my Condor Jungle Saber Machete in the 420HC, a lite machete I used to make blinds. I also have a military issue 18″ O. K. C. Machete and the Woodsman Pal in the premium model, Oh yeah, I have a Condor Golok in the 1075 carbon, I also have a Swamp Rat Rodent Rucki and the Ka-Bar Johnson Adventure Parangatang which I bought with my Potbelly. A great pair. I use the Potbelly as a One Tool Option. A while ago I bought a cheap Case Jungle Machete Knife and right off the bad I didn’t find any use for it and especially nothing to team up with it. It’s a 10″ blade, But in back of my mind I thought of using it as a minimum size long knife to clear a path in the brambles. Well it paid off, Last week I bought in excellent condition a Case Pawnee, But I didn’t buy it with a sheath, knowing it wouldn’t be hard to find a after market cheap sheath, We’ll I found a original Basket Weave Sheath with the flap to snap the knife safely, Now that’s, we’ll just calle’me lucky, See good things for good people. It’s in Giving we recieve. I give. But anyhow now I have a great Trio to continue my Afternoon Delight a hot cup of coffee on the open fire and a baked potato. All I did is added my Wooden Handle Fuskar Folding Saw and with the other C’s in my make shift Haversack I’m good to go. Yeah that Case Jungle Machete Knife is full tang and suorisingly it holds a decent edge and like I saud, It’s the minimum size for me to use as a Summer Ling Knife as a Machete. Thanx for sharing

Logan Halstead says:

My favorite machete is the cold steel kukri when I was probably 9 I used to cut down pine trees with it

Kipper White says:

Amazing collection !

Sara Jump says:

I agree there’s been a lot of shooting and breaking in houses I think I machete between a knife would be a great weapon if they came close so I can put bull charges then if you have a machete or a knife you can make a stop in the throat


I have a Cuban machete called Marble’s it’s made in El Salvador

W4R P1G says:

he didn’t mention it in the video or description, but as far as a latin machete, I’d highly recommend either a Tramontina or an Imacasa.

osvaldo zavala says:

can you make a test to truper machetes?

Eric crow says:

Condor Warlock

Capt. Quack says:

r they illegal?


Check Video Correas LR para machetes y cuchillos improve your grip

domino diamond says:

14th one down the row from the left. long,thin and has a lanyard. what is that one?

Paul'ie 4X says:

Oh and besides the fix blades I bought a few folders in mint conditions Actually the Camillus Jim Catfish Hunter #4 has a detailed on the Brass pommel because it was dropped but other than that everything else is in excellent condition. The Schrade Scrimshaw 2 blade Barlow and the Diefenthal 409 are in the original boxes and mint. I also bought a Puma Bowie 2, it’s a lower grade to the Original Bowie and that is it doesn’t have a bolster. But it’s handmade in Solingen, Germany and it’s made in the 440c. I teamed my Puma Bowie 2 with my Gerber Freeman Hunter and the Caper both are made just like the Puma Bowie 2 and that is just the blade with Stag Slabs for tge handle and tge Steel is S30V which is a excellent match, What attracted me to the Puma Bowie 2 was it’s a Saber Vex Grind and not the Hollow Grind, and besides the new White Hunters are made out of the Krupp 1.4116 stainless where my White Hunter is made in a Carbon blade with a chrome plating over the carbon, Man that holds an edge like no mannyanna. Anyhow I thought I would up date you on my finds, Yeah Oh, The Puma Bowie 2 was made in the 2nd half in 2002 and it’s brand new, I mean mint. Just call’me lucky

Karl P says:

lmao someone was asking about bike insurance and they linked to this

dfcvda says:

I have a CS Smatchet.

Jeff Herrington says:

I like the long ones.

brian pep says:

so a machete can be used in a self defense application

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, Nice video, Thanx You. ,, .

InterWeebs says:

They’re great for cutting tall grass and plants. *Sharpen it and you could chop a head off.*


Ontario , tramontina , corona , imacasa, i like condor alot. im in central America and made steel for kabar and ontario in 72

Zecoa says:

The can kill people

Editz says:

excellent work!

caveman l says:

wondering if you can tell me where I can get the 14th machete you have

Micah Jensen says:

What is the 6th machete from the right with the holes in it??

Go trump says:

What’s the 14th Machete

Phil Hand says:

I own 4 Kukri’s and a couple machetes but the best is my EGKH AEOF Kukri from Ex Gurkha Kukri house in Nepal. It’s a total beast of a blade! It’s almost 2 pounds of hand forged 5160 high carbon leaf spring steel with rosewood handles and it’s almost an inch thick on the spine. It could probably chop any of the cheaper machetes and Kukri’s on the market in half!

Adrian Wolf says:

-Rambo- Machete is the Best Machete for Ever ,very good made and very universal uses 5*

El Rico says:

40 yrs of use machetes..  the bolo style is most often taken for use about property. prefer older makers however tramontina and ontarios … for the money… and quality… are two that I often take in hand.

Goat Moag says:

I remember when I was way early teens, maybe before teens, walking into the local hardware store and seeing a machete. Actually bought it, and back then they had no trouble selling it to me. Been an advocate very since.

Little Lad Outdoors says:

Machetes are better for soft Woods but an axe is much better for cutting hard woods or big trees

Mark R. says:

the 1st one on my right would be my 1st choice

Bigg Bhudda says:

Great video 🙂 was wondering what the tenth machete from the left is?

Spuds Larsson says:

You sound like one of my math teachers


WAJK fav machete 2018? or top 2-3?
price no matter

Rain SilverSplash says:

I threatened a while back to order myself a real machete, instead of the stainless junk I now have, after watching your videos. I finally did it, and a good machete cost me about half of what I had paid for the stainless ones. I got a Gavilan, Colombian made, 1074, 22″ machete for $10. Awaiting arrival to see if it lives up to expectations.

sigin ader says:

Its a sword man. .

Pixel Perfect says:

its also a type of weapon used in eskrima

irony says:

Where’s your hockey mask?

Dick Richards says:

That line up gives me a boner!!!

Zepply Ledson says:

I have spent some good money on a few of these and after some time, I was not happy with them. Since then, I have become a fan of Fiskars. They can take a beating and all you need to sharpen them with, is a chainsaw file.

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