Military Survival Machete: Ontario 18″ Machete Review And Jungle Test

I review the Ontario 18″ machete in the jungle. For 60 years Ontario Knife Co. as made machetes for the US Army and this machete is world known as great survival tool. Testing in the jungle, opening coconuts, chopping test, rock test and more.

1095 steel
18″ blade
23″ OVL
no sheath
full tang

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Saltfisher 14 says:

Great vid. Earned yourself a sub!

MrWesleysDad says:

Thank you for the video! I was on the fence about buying this, but I think I’m going to buy it after watching you chop with the blade, and smack in on a rock.

Also, thank you for the close ups, before and after, and for recommending modifications!

Craig Lumpy Lemke says:

You probably don’t like the handle because you have horrible body mechanics. Wild arm flail and not using the END of the blade (the fastest moving part). That’s not exactly efficient. Short swings from the wrist vs “Pull one out from the back forty”. Watch the native Hawaiians. They don’t swing big.

Ethan Shuler says:

can you make a sheath video

James Case says:

thank you bro

Darth Hulk 2021 says:

I’ve had one of these for about 10 years now and other than the finish all but worn off, it is still just as solid as the day I got it and I have not taken the best care of mine. I agree the handle is it’s biggest downfall but a great tool nonetheless. Great video​!

knife sharpening norway says:

tried wrapping the handle with tennis racket or similar wrap?

think you will like the bark river golok or parang or dakkar or senegal hehe

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Gabe, Yeah, This Machete the O. K. C. Military 18″ Machete is one of my Fav’s. But lately I’m also using my Woodsman Pal Premium Machete. It’s also used by the Military. But it’s more like a Hatchet instead of a Machete. But on my O. K. C. My handle is comfortable. I also keep mine pretty sharp. Ciao.,,. p


going to another site to get thanks man

Jordan Mustapick says:

fun fact-The south American machete is only sharpened towards the tips to about halfway down, then there blunt so you choke up for finer tasks. also the blunt end is great for splitting wood after you’ve made your first cut.

Wild Canadian Outdoors says:

I Got mine on eBay  for $15, came super dull. But this machete once sharpened  is a beast

Larry Koziol says:

I love the Ontario machetes and though the 1095 is more brittle the a 107x series carbon steels they hold a good edge and work very well on green hardwoods here on the mainland. I really enjoy my 12″ Ontarios that I’ve replaced the handles on. Thanks for another great video.


nope gotta be a prime member gonna have to wait that’s poop lol

Julian Kalinec says:

The ontario machete is my absolute favorite machete. No offense, but I actually like the 1095 steel that they use because there are already a ton of machetes made out of 1075 on the market. Still love the video by the way!

Jaeson Hunt says:

my one chipped and broke sop i got a coldsteel machete and its never failed, had it for 6yrs now. never going back to anyother company besides coldsteel.

Shawn Clayborn says:

have you ever tried out the tops .230 machete? do you think it is a good fair or poor machete?

John Mckinney says:

I love the blade and hate the handle. I think they do that because we allow our handles to what works for us.

billder999 says:

Re; the handles… Ontario says they deliver them unshaped because everyone has a different shaped hand, and in their experience people would rather shape their own. Same with the edge… they leave them beefy so there are lots of ways to shape for different uses. This is really a mod lovers machine… many very cool mods out there, and the final product will fit your need exactly.

An0Rmal says:

very good machete,and nice vid too!

sam nelson says:

the beginner machete–too long for most work, too short for the rest. Well made, better than the high-priced gimmicks. You are right that the tramontinas are better working machetes / they also come in different lengths and designs.

Dan Schwemin Jr says:

I think the reason that Ontario left the handle a little on the blocky side was for indexing purposes. The more round the handle, the harder it is to index if you can’t see well, and the more likely the machete is to want to twist in the hand.

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Gabe, Aloha. I really like my Military issue 18″ Machete. yup it’s a O. K. C. I also have a 22″ Blackie Collins Heavy Duty Machete also a O. K. C. but with a d-ring. then I have a Condor Jungle Saber Mavhete 16″ in the 420HC my wet weather machete. I also have a Cold Steel 16″ Double Ege Machete made in Africa, in the 1055 carbon steel, Then I have a Woodsman Pal Primium with leather sheath. Then I have my Johnson Adventure Parangatang that matches my Potbelly then my ALL TIME FAV. my Rodent Rucki my Fav. Summer Long Knife, Tough as get go, then my Case Jungle Machete Knife it’s a 10″ blade and I teamed it with my Case Pawnee Fix Blade. a 10 dot. Then my small and midified Billhook Wilderness Tool made by Condor in the 420HC and a few large Knives (Modified Boeies and 11″+ blades and in the CroVan. Oh, Yeah, my modified battle horde msd hatter machete in the L6, yeah, I don’t have too many machetes, Because I don’t use or need them that much, especially when I could serious chop with my Rucki and even use it as a knife because of the choil and I csn baton it too, That SR191 is a deferenticially Busse Technology temper it’s a 52100 ballbearing steel. ,, .

Felix Zaragoza says:

I’ve had mine for over a year. While i like it, but it was the most dull blade i ever felt – i was able to run my hands on the edge and nothing happened! The handle was the worst handle i gripped even with gloves i still felt the hot spots. It took me a hrs & hrs of work to get it in better shape.


Damn I like that sold lol looking right now good review man like your style brother keep up the Hawaiian style

Wheels gone Wild says:

Nice BIG blade on that beast.

Arctic Gator says:

if you like that, you should check out the ontario sp5 survival bowie, it handles like a short machete and can cut green light vegetation, but the blade is fairly thick at 1/4″ and it handles heavier chopping and batoning, i really want to try out the ontario kukri, i think it will outchop my kabar kukri machete.

theurbanyankee says:

Rock Test that’s Funny, I enjoy your video keep up the good work.

John Hertzog says:

pretty good , with a few mods it would be truly awesome.

Chris Hutchins says:

wanna kill Jason? go after him with an a better made machete that’s most likely sharper.

shovelhead8 says:

Nice machete. Not a lot of machete work up here. Thank you for the video, Gabe

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