NEW Condor Australian Army Machete Review

My review of the new Condor Australian Army machete. I test this blade in the jungle by the ocean. Can this blade chop ironwood and survive?

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mrfixit011 says:

Good review thank’s. In costa rica an the Philippians that is a every day carry do all fix all knife.
I have one just like that it was an old cane knife from Honduras. they say that is a machete!
any thing longer is a sword. smaller thicker better in jungle easier to swing won’t wear you out
as quick as a longer sword will.Be for you try to argue with the fact go there live there like I did
see if the people don’t point an laugh at you when you pull out your 20″or 30″machete/sword…

Thomas Cope says:

Looks awesome.

Stuart Elms says:

We have a similar model in the UK. Brilliant bit of kit. Bomb proof.—the-genuine-one-78-p.asp

caius costencu says:

It’s made in El Salvador ,right?

knife sharpening norway says:

To me they run their blades a little to soft. good video as always mate

Richard Croft 1220 says:

Great test on the iron wood. That shit is as hard as a porn star’s pecker on viagra at a titty bar. THATS HARD!!! Just goes to show ,you dont have to spend hundreds of dollars on a tool that you can bet your life on. Great video

David Larue says:

I love how your knife vids are more than just a review.

L3nko says:

I once tried to cut down an ironwood tree with an axe. That didn’t go so well lol. It has a very appropriate name.

Keep Out says:

Oooohhhh man i have been looking at this machete for so long. I love goloks and parangs

SurvivalComms says:

Great review ! That ironwood is no joke. Thanks for sharing !

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

You live in paradise my friend. Need a new neighbor? I really like the looks of that knife. Like you said, it’s a classic design. I’ve got an Eco Parang and a Bushcraft Parang so I don’t really need it, but that’s never stopped me before!

Jean-Baptiste Cardamone says:

What is your go to machete ?

Steven Szabo says:

Great review Gabe! I have been eyeing that knife for a while now wondering how it performed. Thanks for answering all my questions!

highonimmi says:

holy shit…ironwood IS iron….nice review, dude:) subbed

Leigh Fletcher says:

that design of machete is a golok, usually used in the British army, it originated from the Indonesian archipelago

Jeff Smith says:

I really like Condor products. Looks like a beast.

Andy Ho says:

Darn! That is some gnarly piece of wood there. I wouldn’t baton on that wood with my knives because I love my knives too much. Hahaha! Honestly I personally felt that the eco parang is a much better chopper for the jungle.

Leigh Fletcher says:

another machete on my list of things i need in my life, did an alright job on the iron wood, Australia has some of the hardest trees in the world, not something that we are proud of, just makes camping more difficult, do you know how the Australian ironwood trees made it all the way to Hawaii?

shovelhead8 says:

Me like em big knife. Large cool factor when you pull that out of your pocket. Thank you for the test and review, Gabe

Bushcraft Sweden says:

Nice looking Machete and review. Just came by random to your video and since I was paddling few days ago for the first time this year after the ice start breaking up and free some open water, I found this weather contrast with your vid rather interestingly funny.. then I got caught with your review and watched it all.. and subscribe..bit curious to see if I can find out some of the tools I use in boreal forests here get the jungle approval 🙂 take care, greetings from Sweden. wondering especially about the Skrama on iron wood 😉

Bushcraft & Survival CR William Chaverri says:

Nice review, is the same shape than Martindale Golok, I guess is a copyright issue no to use the name, that kind of tool was used by England army by many years, the Regiment (SAS) copy Parang and Golok sty¡le from south pacific since 50’s.

waldorf statler says:

And an another great machete review . this machete and the jungolo are on my list . would great to see you testing a crkt chanceinhell 12″ . aloha from frosty germany .

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